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(Christianity Today)   Are the Cubs cursed? Here comes the theology.   ( divider line
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7773 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Oct 2003 at 7:40 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-17 01:22:56 PM  
Funny stuff.
2003-10-17 01:49:49 PM  
Is it possible for us to get one of Miami's Haitian born residents to put a little curse on the Yankees? The world would thank them greatly.
2003-10-17 01:56:14 PM  

That would require sacrificing chickens. Pamela Anderson would be all over you for that.

\off to kill some kittens instead.
2003-10-17 01:56:16 PM  
We joke that the Cubs are cursed, but as Christians there are instances where we see curses. What does the Bible say about it?

Welcome, Christians, to the 21st century. Please leave your imaginary sky-god at the door as you enter.
2003-10-17 02:26:10 PM  
Is it possible for us to get one of Miami's Haitian born residents to put a little curse on the Yankees?

I've already put in my call to Auntie Poulet.
2003-10-17 02:28:34 PM  
Bah, this won't have any effect on me and my Derek Jeter voodoo doll.

\pin to the crotch
2003-10-17 02:30:18 PM  
I wonder If these Christians know Wrigley is right by Boystown in Chicago? My guess is they would use that to explain the curse.

"The cause of the curse is the proximity to the heathens!!"
2003-10-17 03:39:00 PM  
The Cubs aren't cursed, they just suck. Seriously, if Gonzalez doesn't bobble the grounder, it's a double play, and the Cubs go to the World Series. If Dusty Baker doesn't leave in his starting pitchers an inning longer than he should, the Cubs go to the World Series.
2003-10-17 06:24:34 PM  
Please. Go. Away.

The Cubs have never been cursed. They have, however, had the likes of Durham, Gonzalez, Baker, Prior, Wood and other career chokers.

Go White Sox
2003-10-17 07:45:59 PM  
God chose the Marlins because Florida joked for Bush. Chicago voted for Gore.
2003-10-17 07:46:03 PM  
There is good evidence that God hates the Red Sox.

However, there is no evidence that God even acknowledges that the Cubs exist.
2003-10-17 07:48:14 PM  
2003-10-17 07:48:23 PM  
I wonder what Bevets take on this article would be....
2003-10-17 07:49:45 PM  
God chose the Marlins because Florida voted for Bush. Chicago voted for Gore.
2003-10-17 07:49:48 PM  
I suppose the ball tipper has given the goat the all clear?

(The real Cubs curse story)

If you don't know "The rest of the story"'\, I'll find a link to the "real" Cubs curse. Goat and all.
2003-10-17 07:50:31 PM  
2003-10-17 07:51:06 PM  
It looks like Fark's regular expression parser is working!
2003-10-17 07:52:10 PM  
Steve Bartman says there is no such thing as a curse.

I don't beleive him.
2003-10-17 07:53:25 PM  
Bite me!
2003-10-17 07:53:40 PM  
I guess there's nothing magical or superstitious about christianity
2003-10-17 07:54:30 PM  
From what I gather their pitcher, Kerry Wood, isn't quite good enough.

Sure, blame it all on Woods.
2003-10-17 07:55:24 PM  
Obituary Notice:

The FARK cliche here_comes_the_science died this Friday afternoon in a FARK thread about the supposed Chicago Cubs curse. It is survived by Ben Afleck. The cliche is being laid to rest at FARK Cliche Acres between Bubb Rubb and the plot reserved for Admiral Akbar.

rest in peace
2003-10-17 07:55:50 PM  
the glory of Chicago, which is not quite the capital of the baseball world

Or anything else, for that matter.
2003-10-17 07:56:07 PM  
...human nature is attracted to superstition, the same as it is repelled by the gospel.

Wait... maybe I'm a little confused. What magazine is this, and who is this guy representing?

Oh, I don't know .. maybe .. SATAN?

church lady
2003-10-17 07:56:25 PM  
Ok, let's try to avert a flame war here. Please, don't insult someone's religion just for the sake of being an asshat. I'm fine with people not agreeing with religion, but putting down something that someone bases their life on is really low.
2003-10-17 08:00:15 PM  
"Here comes the SCIENCE" -Ben Lo
2003-10-17 08:02:34 PM  
"They just need to work harder and acquire some better players."

Spoken like a true baseball expert.
2003-10-17 08:06:39 PM  
Who gives a Fark? Baseball stinks - it's football season
2003-10-17 08:07:26 PM  
"Here comes the sermon" would have been teh funni3rzor
2003-10-17 08:07:39 PM  
OneHandClap - Why only one hand? Killing kittins while thinking of the virgin Mary with the other?
2003-10-17 08:08:39 PM  

Um. OneHandClap. What exactly is wrong with pointing out silliness based on religion vs. pointing out other silliness? Especially since nearly every religion has built-in judgment and proselytizing toward non-participants.

Sorry, no. If you don't want to hear contradictions, you picked the wrong basis of life. Hearing disparaging remarks toward one's religion should be expected when they have a silly religion.

2003-10-17 08:09:19 PM  
Where did Here Comes the Science come from?
2003-10-17 08:10:16 PM  

I was kinda hoping he would say that they are cursed, and have dozens of pages explaining how and why, somehow including a link to Pokemon and FreeBSD.

We need a new theology kook. Really now-- I haven't seen any Jack Chick or CAPalert or the likes in a while, and I know it's not because there's a shortage of kooks out there. I guess they just don't have the stamina to stick to the kookery for any length of time.

2003-10-17 08:11:56 PM  
Im having fun sending satanic images and messages to the editor of that site!!

2003-10-17 08:15:43 PM  

And, regarding the above post I made, I'm not attempting to insult anyone's religion, just the ways in which they express it.

Though, in terms of religions, I do prefer the ones that have a fully detailed built-in response anytime someone says "I am god" that simultaneously makes them think that YOU are weird and agrees with them.

(Ponders the grammar of the previous sentence for a moment, and decides it's probably best not to delve into it.)

2003-10-17 08:16:08 PM  
If there was a god, give me a good reason why his all lovingness would curse anyone, especially a bunch of lovable little bear cubs???
2003-10-17 08:16:38 PM  
well, two words...go Marlins.
2003-10-17 08:18:07 PM  

They're still there, but for some reason, no links are posted any more. People still submit, though.
2003-10-17 08:19:44 PM  
I'm lazy and don't feel like Googling.
Someone explain to me about the billygoat curse thingy.
2003-10-17 08:20:01 PM  
Man, I hate the way some christians refer to non-christian religions as "ancient superstition" when in fact, christianity has no more credability than the other religions do. I wager to say that if the powerful and influencial Rome didn't end up using christianity as a means of passively subjugating the populace, that religion would have fallen into obscurity like all the others.
2003-10-17 08:27:53 PM  
Dude, check this out! We are animals. There is no afterlife or magic. That is all in your imagination. The end.
2003-10-17 08:34:21 PM  
"Here Comes The Science" is from a retarded shampoo Ben Assneck did in Europe, that was never supposed to be shown in the USA.

Right before Mr Voice Over Man explains the benefits of said shampoo, BenLo looks into the camera and yells "Here Comes The Science!"
2003-10-17 08:36:25 PM  
The sad part is that these guys think they're serious. *laughs*

"HA-HA! 1918!!!" Tygerlander
2003-10-17 08:36:25 PM  
Are the Cubs cursed? No, but the frogurt is.
2003-10-17 08:37:34 PM  
The Curse is in direct proportion to their suckitude.
2003-10-17 08:44:53 PM  
If they knew how to kill Jebus, there would be no Christianity.

See, Jebus was a werewolf... isn't it a silver bullet that kills them?
2003-10-17 08:45:28 PM  
That's bad...
2003-10-17 08:52:55 PM  
So we don't have to worry about the Cubs being cursed?

No, they just have to work harder and acquire some better players. From what I gather their pitcher, Kerry Wood, isn't quite good enough.

2003-10-17 09:04:09 PM  
So God hates the Cubs? Why aren't they in Cincinnati then?

I wonder what their stance is on wrestling's curses.

2003-10-17 09:17:34 PM  
Feh, no Bible scholars here. It's kinda straightforward:

Revelations 6:9

And the Chicago Cubs shall be cursed to never win the biggeth one.
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