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5298 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Nov 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-09 12:07:52 AM  
w00t, I'm going to bid!
2001-11-09 12:08:04 AM  
Wonder what Wil will think of this?
2001-11-09 12:08:15 AM  
Woohoo! Get 'em Wil!

2001-11-09 12:09:50 AM  
Hey Wil. Did you get to touch her boobies?
2001-11-09 12:10:08 AM  
Where can I get a sweater like that? Oh yeah... travel back to the 80s.
2001-11-09 12:12:38 AM  
Not to be rude...but who, besides Debbie or Wil, would want that picture?
2001-11-09 12:15:35 AM  
Well, we could get Debbie on here, KD could pick up the photo, and then we'd have a weird Fark/celebrity menage a trois photo thing going...

2001-11-09 12:20:38 AM  
wow, major eighties flashback. gotta chill on the nutrasweet.
2001-11-09 12:24:07 AM  
Question, are they still "candid shots" if they're looking into the camera and posing?

2001-11-09 12:30:35 AM  
Notice how you can only see *ONE* of Wil's hands..... ahem.
2001-11-09 12:30:45 AM  
Man, damn non-friend of mine put my email on "deborah" gibson's fan mail and "Team Deborah" email list. She so pathetic she actually tries to get her fans (all 4 of them) to go out and do her promotion for her by handing out stupid postcards and such. Sad.

But the guy that put me on her email list hates both deborah gibson and wil wheaton. If I can get him drunk and get his eBay password and put in a bid on this in his name, I'd totally get him back. Gotta get to work on this. Maybe I'll put a keyboard buffer on his computer.
2001-11-09 12:32:16 AM  
heh i forgot my ebay password. i'm gonna buy these. Wil, what's up with the hair dude?
2001-11-09 12:35:03 AM  
heh heh remembered my password.

go Deuxquis!
2001-11-09 12:36:03 AM  
if i win the auction i'll be sure to make them available for some PS action.
2001-11-09 12:37:08 AM  
" real as it may seem, it was only in his dreams..."
2001-11-09 12:50:10 AM  
Wheaton drinks sprite?
Wheaton drinks sprite!
2001-11-09 01:01:43 AM  
I think Bevis said it best....."uuhhhhh.....what the hell is that?"
2001-11-09 01:01:54 AM  
so this was like um......10 years ago or more? Wow, lil kids just hangin' out...wondering which will sell out first........GO DEBBIE!
2001-11-09 01:06:05 AM  
bwahahahahah.... hahaha.... haha... hehe... ahhhhhh
2001-11-09 01:11:34 AM  
awwwwww... aren't they cute?
2001-11-09 01:17:27 AM  
So . . which is which?
2001-11-09 01:47:55 AM  
See, back in the 80's some people really liked Debbie Gibson (she was my age, lighten up). And then Wil was being seen with her... And that was why some of us *ahem* didn't really appreciate Wil back then. (no offense, I got over it, really....) :)
2001-11-09 01:59:20 AM  
Ummm, no offense, Wil, but shouldn't we file this under "Who Cares"?? Debbie Gibson made me ill back in the 80's, and those images just rehash the feeling. I guess Debbie, herself, was probably pretty cool. But that bubble-gum pop star image is just pure trash.
2001-11-09 02:01:29 AM  
she has the fashion of my ex. the crazy look in her eyes to boot.
man i love crazy poon
wil [TotalFark]
2001-11-09 02:06:49 AM  
Some notes about these pictures:

Contrary to what you may think, I did NOT steal that sweater from Bill Cosby. I bought it myself, at Buffums.

These pictures were taken at Universal Studios, here in Los Angeles, when I was hosting the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, way back in like 1988 or 89, I think.

I was the host, Debbie was a performer. She was really, really cool to me, and wasn't afraid of the sweater...good thing I didn't show up representin' the BATMAN.

I had a crazy crazy crush on her, but I *so* didn't rate...I think I was 15 and she was 18? Maybe we were 16 and 19, or something...but if you've seen any of my pictures, circa 1989, you know what a complete tool I was, in the fashion department, and, even then, the comforting jingle of 2d12 was never far from my sweaty, nervous, geeky I was never anywhere *near* her "league". But she did invite me to some parties she had here in LA, and I went to each of them, forever "Ducky".
2001-11-09 02:09:47 AM  
I cannot believe Debbie Gibson still dresses 80's! I've just had a total eclipse of the brain. I can't fathom continuing to wear the same clothes styles for two decades. I dress the same as I did in the 80's? I think I'd better keep my mouth shut...
2001-11-09 02:14:30 AM  
"the comforting jingle of 2d12 was never far from my sweaty, nervous, geeky hand..."

Now, Wil....was that a rip on role-playing gamers? Or is it just me?

Always good when you can rip on yerself. Hell, I just started playing a new D&D campaign with my friends of their lates 20's and early 30's just two months ago. Yeah, I know....geek alert!

At least I don't try to speak that's just fakring stupid.
2001-11-09 02:15:56 AM  

2001-11-09 02:20:38 AM  
(Pulled from

"When's the last time you looked at your bookmark file? I mean, really looked at it, and realized that most of your bookmarks have gone unused for months?

I did that this morning. Holy crap. I had close to 40 bookmarks that I couldn't even remember bookmarking. So, after cleaning them up, I got to thinking...I'm getting bored with my regular sites. Which is good, because I'm reading more books, seeing more of my family and seeing more sunlight.

But I had this idea: Post one link that you like, that isn't already on this site, that hasn't been posted by someone else. Maybe it will give all of us someplace new to look at. I'll send the coolest one to fark, where it won't get posted."

See, Drew....even Wil knows he can't get something posted! Damn, we grew too big, too fast. Well, if we didn't, I probably wouldn't've ever gotten here.
2001-11-09 02:23:15 AM  

Jeanette: Funny, I have a CD called "Gag Me With a Spoon". I got it in Milwaukee when I lived there and worked at Best Buy. It's a slew of 80's pop songs covered by 90's local Milwaukee bands. You should here it, it's actually quite interesting and quite well done.
2001-11-09 02:24:59 AM  
It has a great cover of Devo's "Whip It!", done by Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans (as far as my memory serves). Slowed down to about half the speed, and the lyrics are chanted to the music. I LOVE IT!
2001-11-09 02:26:48 AM  
Devo is the greatest band of the 80's.

have you seen the videos?
wil [TotalFark]
2001-11-09 02:27:55 AM  
MisterSym:Now, Wil....was that a rip on role-playing gamers? Or is it just me?

No way, was a confession.

The only reason I don't still play D&D is lack of people to play with...not that it stops me from buying all the new world books when they come out...the new Forgotten Realms is rad.

That's right, I said rad. You wanna start something, tough guy? Try this one on: biatchin' Awesome.

Long live the 80s! Nobody puts Baby in a corner!!!
2001-11-09 02:39:23 AM  
The Karate Kid says:
[image from too old to be available]
"Hey, don't mess with the 80's buddy!"
2001-11-09 02:41:41 AM  
Wil, have you heard of Neverwinter Nights? Should be out soon.
2001-11-09 02:44:57 AM  
Wil: I'm not too much for the Forgotten Realms stuff, but I'd have to agree that the new system is completely - yes, folks, I'm gonna say it, too - RAD.

Hey, if you're ever in Chicago, and want to sit in for a session with us, just drop me a line.
2001-11-09 02:51:10 AM  
*****even then, the comforting jingle of 2d12 was never far from my sweaty, nervous, geeky I was never anywhere *near* her "league".******

For some reason I thought Mr. Wheaton was using "2d12" to refer to his genitalia (2 twelve sided die = his testicles at that point in his pubertal development). If you take it that way, he either meant that his balls were just too small for miss gibson (he was too immature), or he could never keep his hands off of them (we all beat off a lot at that age, and with a lot less provocation than standing next to miss gibson) and this was a turn off for her.

It's late and I probably misinterpreted what he was saying, but I will forever use 2d12 to refer to my balls from now on.
2001-11-09 02:55:35 AM  
Gonadotron: "It's late and I probably misinterpreted what he was saying, but I will forever use 2d12 to refer to my balls from now on."

Holy shiat, you had me rolling for at least a minute!
2001-11-09 03:00:33 AM  
"Get over here and roll 2d12, baby"

2001-11-09 03:03:32 AM  
"Hey, Gonadotron, you coming out to dinner with us?"

"Give me about 15 minutes, I'm gonna roll 2d12 before heading out."
2001-11-09 03:15:52 AM  
Gonadotron: "...(2 twelve sided die = his testicles at that point in his pubertal development)..."

So, what you're trying to tell us is that you have the balls of a 12-year old boy?

Maybe we should start using 2d20? Can't use 2d100...then we'd be assessing the balls of an old pervert. And I just did not want that image in my head.
2001-11-09 03:25:52 AM  
nah it was something about the shape of the 12 sided dice and the fact that they were jingling comfortably. He must have meant his balls. no other explanation.
2001-11-09 03:27:20 AM  
i do, coincidentally, have the balls of a 12 year old boy. But this is good, because I am only eight years old.
2001-11-09 03:45:57 AM  
I already got a good tasting of the 80s (that decade I've spent years of therapy to block out) while watching Donnie Darko in theaters. And I was so proud to wear the sweater I got at Christmas while in 2nd grade. w00t!
2001-11-09 04:45:55 AM  
I think I know why Wil doesn't get many scripts. He still smells like Electric Youth.
2001-11-09 05:05:33 AM  
Wil, I thought you were great in terminator 2.
2001-11-09 06:20:13 AM  
I also had a major crush on debbie. *hangs head in shame*

I also still have a tube of electic youth perfume hanging around somewhere.
2001-11-09 06:33:39 AM  
When I saw those pictures, I could only think one thing: God, what an awful, awful decade, a crime visited upon the Earth.

I too have the balls of a 12-year-old. In a jar under my bed.
2001-11-09 06:39:21 AM  
My god. I go through the same problems with my husband. He doesn't play D&D (or GURPS) and yet he buys the books ALL the time. "But you don't even PLAY!" I tell him. He doesn't listen.

And btw... I TOTALLY forgot about Electric Youth perfume. Holy crap was that bad.
2001-11-09 06:54:19 AM  
Charon: I thought we'd settled it. It's not "the balls of a 12-year old". It's "2d12". Remember this.

Rainewalker: I can understand his obsession with purchasing the books. My guess is that he, as I did for the last few playless years of my life, hopes to one day begin playing GURPS (which just so happens to be the most fabulous, well-balanced, and most detailed RPG that exists today) or D&D, so he buys the books to keep up with the newest editions. I did this for years until I started playing again.
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