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(Farktography) Farktography Theme of Farktography Contest No. 350: "Straight Out of Camera". Details and rules in first post. LGT next week's theme   ( divider line
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2012-01-18 08:00:34 PM  
Welcome to Farktography!

This Week's Theme: "Straight Out of Camera"

: Any subject but no post-processing allowed, not even cropping. (Resizing a file to fit Fark's data requirements is fine.)

We ask that before submitting your photos you read and adhere to the following submission rules, including but not limited to the following:

- Submissions must be photographs; screen captures do not count as photographs.
- You must be the original photographer of your entry. Do not submit anyone else's photography as your own.
- You are only allowed to enter a photograph once. Do not submit the same photo to another contest later.
- You may enter 3 photos in each contest as long as each photo is of a different composition.
- Please post each photo separately so they can be voted for individually.

Ideally, your photograph should be presented as taken, with as little alteration as possible either digitally in-camera or in your image editor during post-processing. No selectively applied digital effects! No removal or addition of image elements, no spot treatments, and no HDR images, please.

With few exceptions (red-eye removal, sensor or scan dust removal), modifications to the original photograph must be made evenly across the image.
See the rules for more information on acceptable modifications, or check in at the Farktography Forums.

Legal: All photographers submitting photos to this contest are the legal copyright holders for the photos submitted and the photos are not to be considered free for any other use without written consent from the submitting photographers.

To have your photo website listed on the Farktography home page, please send your Fark username and url to admin(at) and we'll get you up forthwith. (also, indicate if you're willing to share your photographs for use as source images in PhotoShop contests)

- Drop by the Farktography Forum (for chatting, critique, techtalk and so on)

- Image hosting sites can be found here.

- Stats can be found here.
2012-01-18 08:00:50 PM

Flower Power!
Barrel zoom long exposure

2012-01-18 08:00:51 PM
Wachusett Reservoir
Clinton MA

2012-01-18 08:00:55 PM  

farm8.staticflickr.comClick for Flickr^
"Crash, Boom, Bam"

2012-01-18 08:00:58 PM  


/taken twelve days ago...
2012-01-18 08:01:00 PM

2012-01-18 08:01:29 PM

2012-01-18 08:01:34 PM

15 second exposure

2012-01-18 08:01:37 PM  
2012-01-18 08:01:41 PM  

farm8.staticflickr.comClick for Flickr^
"Spilled Kool Aid on the Sky"

2012-01-18 08:01:46 PM

2012-01-18 08:01:50 PM

2012-01-18 08:02:00 PM  

Huge (new window)

2012-01-18 08:02:02 PM
La Luna
2012-01-18 08:02:03 PM
Purple Canal
A canal in Amsterdam, after the sun set - taken at 1000 ISO to get enough light in the sensor, the purple colour was surprisingly natural. Exif posted @ flickr.

2012-01-18 08:02:14 PM  
2012-01-18 08:02:24 PM
Click for Bigger (new window)

2012-01-18 08:02:26 PM  
2012-01-18 08:02:28 PM  

farm8.staticflickr.comClick for Flickr^
"As If A Thousands Nerds All Cried Out at Once"

2012-01-18 08:02:30 PM

Night Lights
30 second exposure

2012-01-18 08:02:35 PM

2012-01-18 08:02:49 PM  
2012-01-18 08:03:02 PM

2012-01-18 08:03:11 PM
Click for Bigger (new window)

2012-01-18 08:03:11 PM

Not Black & White. Just a very grey winter day!

2012-01-18 08:03:16 PM

A Day of Protest

2012-01-18 08:03:40 PM
Big Ben and Bus
Setting a bit lof a longer exposure time, I was able to capture Big Ben and a bus in the same image. My original intent was to do a multiple exposure so you could see through the bus, but my tripod refused to go low enough...

2012-01-18 08:03:47 PM

Click for Bigger (new window)

2012-01-18 08:03:55 PM  

Largest (new window) This was taken within a minute of my almost identical shot in Desolation

2012-01-18 08:03:55 PM
Star Destroyer @ Star Wars Exhibit in Lafayette
2012-01-18 08:04:07 PM

2012-01-18 08:04:13 PM

2012-01-18 08:04:21 PM  
Taken from my back porch this afternoon.
2012-01-18 08:04:30 PM  

biggest (new window)

2012-01-18 08:04:58 PM

2012-01-18 08:04:58 PM

2012-01-18 08:05:04 PM

Bored at work Monday night.

Canon G10 in Wide Jpeg Mode

2012-01-18 08:05:25 PM

I Spy a Slug on the Toadstool!

2012-01-18 08:05:32 PM
North Wales Sunset
All pics from Point n shoot Fuji Finepix AX.
AKA the travel camera

2012-01-18 08:05:32 PM
Smashed Drop
I got some macro tubes in the mail about 2 days ago - set up for some water droplet photos just for fun. Haven't gotten anything stunning yet, but this is the best of my first attempt.

2012-01-18 08:05:37 PM
2012-01-18 08:05:50 PM

2012-01-18 08:07:00 PM

this is at a local park. no i don't know either.
2012-01-18 08:07:03 PM

Scratched into the wall at my work.

2012-01-18 08:07:03 PM

2012-01-18 08:07:07 PM  
He let me get closer but this is zoomed out a bit.
2012-01-18 08:07:12 PM

Green Apple Time

2012-01-18 08:07:13 PM

Gormley Sculpture, Crosby (North of Liverpool)

2012-01-18 08:07:20 PM
(pic pops to embiggen)

30-second exposure looking roughly easterly
from my driveway.

2012-01-18 08:07:53 PM
2012-01-18 08:08:12 PM

Drain pan strainer.

2012-01-18 08:08:45 PM  

Self Portrait

2012-01-18 08:08:56 PM

Cavern Club, Liverpool
New Year's Eve 2011/12

2012-01-18 08:09:13 PM

2012-01-18 08:10:35 PM
(pic pops to embiggen)

Taken one night in November looking at the sunset.

2012-01-18 08:11:05 PM

2012-01-18 08:11:51 PM
Tool to make the stitches

2012-01-18 08:12:55 PM
Bunch o'buttons

2012-01-18 08:13:14 PM
(pic pops to embiggen)

It's fun playing with Daddy's laptop.
Disclaimer: No harm to the laptop during the taking of this shot.
Daddy's smart about computers and was aware this was happening.

2012-01-18 08:16:06 PM

A Happy Accident from Rochester, NY's Aqueduct
Couldn't possibly reproduce it, but it looked cool in the viewscreen after I shot it, so I kept it.

2012-01-18 08:17:12 PM

A view of the Basilica di Santa Maria Novello in Florence, Italy from our hotel terrace.
I had wanted to use a shot of Brunelleshi's Duomo, but this shot is so much more colorful.
(This was also the direction of sunset. The hotel had the terrace locked when I tried to get up there for sunrise.)

2012-01-18 08:18:05 PM

A vegetable stall somewhere in Florence, Italy.
This shot's been waiting for this contest since I shot it.
If ever a shot came out in-camera the way it looked in my head, this one was it.

2012-01-18 08:18:41 PM

(pops to larger)

Three weeks ago in Mopsy's front yard. 8 mm fisheye.

2012-01-18 08:19:25 PM

(pops to larger)

Peoria TT Motorcycle Races
Remember people - don't drink and drive.

2012-01-18 08:20:09 PM
Hot and salty

2012-01-18 08:20:50 PM

(pops to larger, creepier)

Creepy baby head shot through a water droplet suspended below a glass shelf.

2012-01-18 08:20:58 PM

A My Little Pony vomited Rainbow Brite's birthday cake all over my camera sensor

This was originally a bunch of Christmas lights at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Shot is SOOC other than resize, taken with a homemade lens using a cookie press die as a shaped waterhouse stop.

Bigr at Flickr

/Delete my last, please.
2012-01-18 08:24:19 PM

Monarch Butterfly
2012-01-18 08:25:37 PM

Purple Cyclamens
2012-01-18 08:26:15 PM  
The Tiniest Sliver

The very last bit of crescent before the new moon in October 2011.
2012-01-18 08:28:10 PM  
Rest in Peace, Friend

Beatlejuice graveyard effect courtesy of 90mm tilt-shift lens.
2012-01-18 08:29:35 PM  
Louisville on a Misty Night
2012-01-18 08:31:02 PM  

Baltimore Art Fair

/Bigger (new window)
2012-01-18 08:32:57 PM  

Macro Leaf

/Bigger (new window)
2012-01-18 08:34:57 PM  
Mask litter
2012-01-18 08:36:11 PM  
DC, Union Station
2012-01-18 08:36:19 PM

Japanese Princes Bush

Big Island, Hawai'i

Bigr at Flickr

2012-01-18 08:37:14 PM  
Monkey Judy
2012-01-18 08:38:21 PM  

Sunset on the Billy Goat trail in Great Falls Park

/Bigger (new window)
2012-01-18 08:39:52 PM
Broadripple Carousel

1/5 second exposure with camera braced on a railing - 8mm fisheye.

2012-01-18 08:42:48 PM
Well, it's a pretty glass ceiling.

Dale Chihuly installation at the Indianapolis Children's Museum. 8mm fisheye pointing straight up.

2012-01-18 08:46:57 PM

Dinosphere at the Indianapolis Children's Museum. 16-85mm VR Nikkor f5.0, hand held 1.3 sec exposure.

2012-01-18 08:56:27 PM  
Told myself I'd start entering the Farktography contests if I bought an new camera... so here we go...
Oak Point Park, Plano TX - Bigger @ Picasa (new window)

2012-01-18 08:58:57 PM
Oak Point Park, Plano, TX (earlier in the year) - Bigger @ Picasa (new window)

2012-01-18 09:02:20 PM
Sierra Mts, California. Onboard Virgin America Airbus bound for San Francisco. Bigger @ Picasa (new window)

2012-01-18 09:15:39 PM

Black Bear Road

"You don't have to be crazy to drive this road...but it helps."

2012-01-18 09:19:08 PM

Balloonar Eclipse

2012-01-18 09:39:53 PM

Stream in the Smokies.
4 sec. exposure with 2 stop ND filter (I think).

Link (new window)

2012-01-18 09:44:01 PM  

Writing Desk

/pops to original
2012-01-18 09:45:43 PM  

Grand Finale
(Pops Larger)

Somewhere in the Marin Headlands. 30 second exposure, f4@ISO100. I did a single flash fire mid-way to bring out the foreground.
2012-01-18 09:45:50 PM

Arches at Sunrise

Turret Arch framed by North Window Arch, Arches National Park, Utah.

2012-01-18 09:46:36 PM  


/pops to original
2012-01-18 09:49:11 PM  

Ludington, MI Lighthouse

/pops to original
2012-01-18 09:50:01 PM

Water lily reflection

Link (new window)

2012-01-18 09:59:48 PM

Low light portrait working on using fill flash in very low light.

Link (new window)

2012-01-18 10:11:29 PM  

The Blue Hour
(Pops Larger)

4/10th second exposure, f7.1@ISO100
2012-01-18 10:17:42 PM

Rocky Mountain Gelding
2012-01-18 10:17:55 PM  
West Baden Hotel.

Biggie at Flickr (new window)
2012-01-18 10:29:22 PM  
Christmas Tree at the West Baden Hotel

Link (new window)
2012-01-18 10:44:25 PM  
2012-01-18 11:14:27 PM  

**Delayed post due to SOPA solidarity

I saw a photoshop of this and got to thinking "How can I do it for real?" some dollar-store supplies later, I got it. Similar to, but different frame from that used in "Classic: B/W" this past summer. Pops bigger/new window

2012-01-18 11:15:07 PM  

**Delayed post due to SOPA solidarity

Flower, sunrise at the Heritage Center, Downtown Phoenix, pops bigger/new window

2012-01-18 11:15:51 PM  

**Delayed post due to SOPA solidarity

Sunset silhouettes after a dust storm, east Mesa, Az, pops bigger/new window

2012-01-18 11:24:06 PM
2012-01-18 11:52:28 PM  

Joshua Tree


2012-01-18 11:54:08 PM  

Dimly lit Christmas Program ;) (^)

2012-01-19 12:03:15 AM
2012-01-19 12:04:26 AM
2012-01-19 12:04:50 AM

Pops to lightbox

2012-01-19 12:05:19 AM
2012-01-19 12:06:48 AM

2012-01-19 12:07:30 AM

2012-01-19 12:08:56 AM

2012-01-19 12:09:26 AM

Pops to lightbox

2012-01-19 12:10:50 AM

2012-01-19 12:21:46 AM

one of my dogs hoping someone might stop to pet her
2012-01-19 12:22:35 AM

candid at a wedding
2012-01-19 12:22:44 AM
2012-01-19 12:24:30 AM  
2 of 3

Click goes to Flickr.
2012-01-19 12:26:04 AM
2012-01-19 12:26:46 AM
2012-01-19 12:28:49 AM
SOOC 1/3
2012-01-19 12:30:21 AM  
3 of 3

Click goes to flickr
2012-01-19 12:33:09 AM
Beefy SOOC 2/3
2012-01-19 12:33:55 AM
2012-01-19 12:34:27 AM
Kanky Taxis SOOC 3/3
2012-01-19 12:41:20 AM

Rarely post in these threads and hope its okay.
2012-01-19 12:55:59 AM

At Rangiroa
2012-01-19 01:00:18 AM

sunset over Tahiti
2012-01-19 01:02:10 AM
2012-01-19 01:09:06 AM  

I am loving the entries so far. Nicely done!

Lightbox(new window)

4 sec shutterspeed. I am posting this one even though it is a "bad exposure" according to the EXIF data.
2012-01-19 01:09:08 AM

and rain on the water at Raiatea
2012-01-19 01:14:41 AM

2012-01-19 01:15:25 AM

2012-01-19 01:16:09 AM

2012-01-19 01:20:04 AM

Lightbox(new window)

Extension tube macro.
2012-01-19 01:34:26 AM
this lil guy would pop up and look at me then vanish then pop up a foot closer and look at me, then vanish.. i was nervous.
2012-01-19 01:34:38 AM

Lightbox(new window)

Taking advantage of the light near sunset (AKA the magic hour).
2012-01-19 01:36:30 AM
this lil guy was along a sandy road and when we stopped to take a picture he decided to run up a small pine tree to hide 3 feet off the ground in plain sight.
2012-01-19 01:38:14 AM
apparently it was a little too cold for the dish soap to stay in it's natural state.
2012-01-19 01:38:28 AM

Tony, standing in some great light.
2012-01-19 01:39:10 AM

A ladybug in greyscale? Never saw one before!

2012-01-19 01:48:41 AM
South Point Tree
This tree has been flagged by the intense winds at South Point on the big island of Hawaii. 1/3, Pops.

2012-01-19 01:50:09 AM
Green Pool
This little pool near Hilo is a gathering place for many types of wildlife. 2/3, Pops.

2012-01-19 01:51:21 AM
Hualalai Sunset
The sunset from this very evening from the top of Mauna Kea, looking out towards Hualalai and Kona. 3/3, Pops.

2012-01-19 02:57:10 AM  
Polaroid of my brother:

Technically straight out of the scanner! This is the new black and white film from the Impossible Project. It's more of a sepia though honestly. Still, it's fun to shoot polaroids again!

2012-01-19 03:03:58 AM

Delta IV launch at Cape Canaveral
2012-01-19 03:06:24 AM
2012-01-19 03:10:26 AM
2012-01-19 03:36:11 AM
2012-01-19 03:38:04 AM

"I can't believe this is happening"
2012-01-19 03:56:43 AM
2012-01-19 03:58:01 AM
2012-01-19 04:24:06 AM  

Decrepit Pilings in Half Moon Bay

Clock the image for a larger image in a new window.
2012-01-19 04:28:45 AM  

Under an Old Pier, Half Moon Bay

Click the image for a bigger image in a new window.

I took a very similar shot at the same location for a previous contest. But that photo was taken a couple of years before this one.
2012-01-19 04:31:03 AM  

San Simeon Pool Room

Click the image for a larger image in a new window.
2012-01-19 05:31:38 AM

white footed mouse in my bird seed container
2012-01-19 05:32:53 AM

Sunrise, Lake Lillinonah
2012-01-19 05:34:47 AM

Block Island
2012-01-19 05:50:12 AM

Backyard berries
2012-01-19 05:55:23 AM

Sunny rainshower
2012-01-19 07:42:10 AM
From the projection booth, Paramount Theater Anderson, IN
2012-01-19 07:43:08 AM
2012-01-19 07:45:32 AM
2012-01-19 08:12:44 AM  
Thanks for deleting my previous post, Mr. or Mrs. Mod. Would you be so kind to do it to my other one right above this one, so I can enable voting on that one too? Thanks.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, midnight, with the ground wet from an unseasonably warm winter rain the week before Christmas.
2012-01-19 08:14:19 AM

Arcos de la Frontera, during Living Nativity Scene at Christmas.
2012-01-19 08:16:24 AM  
Reposted from above, as I forgot about voting Please delete, Mods? You're the bestest.

Dachau concentration camp, low aperture setting, through the gate from the crematorium to the bunk house road leading to the assembly yard.
2012-01-19 08:33:44 AM
2012-01-19 09:07:11 AM
Ofu Island, American Samoa: long exposure at first light while riding through the National Park in a villager's truck.

2012-01-19 09:13:28 AM
2012-01-19 09:14:34 AM
2012-01-19 09:15:56 AM

Zoo Boo at the Indianapolis Zoo.
2012-01-19 09:22:28 AM  
2012-01-19 09:24:28 AM
Flowers on the University of Chicago quads.

2012-01-19 09:26:17 AM
Building at the University of Chicago. And yes, my camera chose this orientation, I didn't rotate it.

2012-01-19 09:42:44 AM

Self portrait. Dragged shutter. Nikon S5 little pocket camera in "Party Time" mode
2012-01-19 09:42:54 AM


This was originally a bunch of Christmas lights at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Shot is SOOC, taken with a homemade lens using a cookie press die as a shaped waterhouse stop. Conveniently enough, the plastic flower around the lightbulb was of the same shape as my aperture, allowing for perfection in shape-matching bokeh.

Bigr at Flickr

2012-01-19 10:38:03 AM  
Linked because it is NSFW

(Two naked women cooling off in an inflatable pool)
2012-01-19 01:03:53 PM
2012-01-19 04:32:56 PM
2012-01-19 04:35:35 PM
2012-01-19 04:40:36 PM
2012-01-19 11:48:54 PM

Hanalei Bay, Kauai
2012-01-21 01:33:47 PM
Illinois Sunset
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