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2001-11-08 01:30:08 PM  
2001-11-08 01:36:50 PM  
I agree porkgod - boobers!
2001-11-08 01:36:53 PM  

2001-11-08 01:36:55 PM  
Good! I hope that cigarettes cost $20 a pack in a year. That way kids can't afford them. Tax them out of existence.

And PorkGod, trolls stink.
2001-11-08 01:37:44 PM  
2001-11-08 01:37:52 PM  
I really wish they's make it illegal. I smoke. it's probably the only way I'll quit.
2001-11-08 01:39:04 PM  
StrongBad I agree ... I daied a smoker it was like kissing ASS
2001-11-08 01:39:44 PM  
I ment dated
2001-11-08 01:40:51 PM  
prices have nothing to do with how much people smoke... it's an addiction, you can cut corners elsewhere. but hey, at least the state's making some cash off them. damn, I'm glad I quit. and I'm glad they don't tax pot. ha!
2001-11-08 01:41:22 PM  
Kerouac yes ... Quit ... think of how much money you'll save ... that can put towards a good addition like herion or crack.

Just kidding
2001-11-08 01:41:37 PM  
Of course the government's job is to micromanage our lives through taxes.
2001-11-08 01:43:46 PM  
Prices have a lot to do with it, Dude. As the price of cigarettes rise, teenage usage goes down because they can't afford them. Kids can't afford to blow $20 a day on smokes.
2001-11-08 01:44:14 PM  
Heroin? crack? are you nuts?

I'm gonna start the spiffiest scorpion habit ever.
2001-11-08 01:45:02 PM  
I quit in February cause a pack in DC in a bar is $5.50.
Mind you not much more than a pint of beer around here.
2001-11-08 01:45:48 PM  
This is great, raise the tax on cigs to $5 a pack, then let the manafacture charge what they want on top of that. Smokers will pay any amount for their cigs. Keep my taxes down smokers, please smoke more!
aaaahha ha ha ha ha!
2001-11-08 01:45:59 PM  

Thank you for stating the obvious.
2001-11-08 01:46:51 PM  
It's been that much for a couple years now in California...
2001-11-08 01:47:11 PM  
They should double that price and fund healthcare with the cash, also, tax the shiat out of alcohol for the same reason....BRING BACK THE SIN Tax!!!..

Now that would be the only way I would be in favor or legalizing pot... tax the fark out of it..!! HELL YEA
2001-11-08 01:47:34 PM  
Even though I don't smoke, and I don't live in Washington, this just sounds like another way to create revenue for the state.

We have something similar in New York. A police officer can pull you over at any time, through a loophole in a seat belt law. Anyone under 16 must wear a seat belt, and anyone in the front seat/driver's seat must also wear one. The police reserve the right to pull you over at any time to check your car, and hence, search it as well.

Protecting the people from themselves... it is total shiate. I don't think that people should be forced to wear a seat belt... except kids. Taking money for it is just plain [image from too old to be available].
2001-11-08 01:48:13 PM  
Vinylgrooves why wait ... do it not ... cold turkey. My wife did it (befor i meet her) ... My dad did zyban ... wirked for him
2001-11-08 01:48:55 PM  
What do they mean *now* costing $5? A pack has been that much here in Seattle for a couple of years now if you buy one at a bar or grocery store.

Blah, I need to quit anyway.
2001-11-08 01:49:05 PM  
I decided to smoke only after sex, that's how I quit. Seriously, smoking is nasty, and people shouldn't smoke. But $5 a pack??? Shouldn't this be labeled asinine? I say that because I don't know what PSA means. SOMEONE TELL ME!!!!!
2001-11-08 01:50:24 PM  
Eli -

I wouldn't have stated the obvious if it weren't for Dude, saying the opposite.

prices have nothing to do with how much people smoke...
2001-11-08 01:50:38 PM  
Heh, you guys are silly. Cigs are about 5 bucks over here in California (bout 4.50 for camel filters, 5 bucks for camel 100s).
2001-11-08 01:50:52 PM  
The new [image from too old to be available] tag is [image from too old to be available]
2001-11-08 01:51:12 PM  
We all have bad habits ... I have to stop mine ... I love to snort anthrax .. just can not get enough.

I stink
2001-11-08 01:51:30 PM  

Cold turkey is indeed the way to go.

I've heard horror stories from friends who took Zyban and suffered side-effects of EXTREME depression. They basically said that if they had the choice between smoking forever and getting cancer or taking Zyban again, they'd choose the cancer.
2001-11-08 01:55:21 PM  
I recommend cold turkey. It's worked for me several times, and I plan on using it when I quit again.
2001-11-08 01:57:29 PM  
I would like to propose I-777 a 35% tax increase on all fatty foods, Although I don't know much about being obese I would imagine that if you couldnt get a big mac for less then $3 it would deter fat people from getting fatter

It seems silly, but I see no difference lets punish everyone that does anything harmful to themselves...

a 40% tax on all pop albums
a 75% tax on all chick flick rentals

etc etc
2001-11-08 01:58:05 PM  
Wintermute, your from NY? Central NY perhaps?
2001-11-08 01:58:22 PM  
FalconRed I have heard hte same .. not for everyone ... there are many other options ...

Are there any smoker out there with kids

If you smoke around you kids and espesily infants, i would like to see you slip in a puddle of helen keller disease and fall of cliff

Yes Im bitter ... I lost a uncle to Lung cancer
2001-11-08 01:58:38 PM  
1 pack a day- $5.00
365 days a year, $1825.00
1 week rent of Oscar Mayer Wienermobile- $1700.00

hmmmmm.....It just don't make no sense to smoke.
2001-11-08 02:00:24 PM  
StrongBad: Yes, yes they do. Thanks for letting me know.
2001-11-08 02:00:48 PM  
Not to mention that smoking cigarettes and cigars ought to be an environmental crime of sorts, right up there with driving a car, having a campfire, barbecue, etc. etc. etc.

-he who stacks pork
2001-11-08 02:00:53 PM  
YOu know what pisses me off ... Drivin down the street ... you see this hot chick ... and then you see her smoking ... Yuuuuuiiiikkkk ... Makes me puke
2001-11-08 02:04:01 PM  
Smoking is sick and it looks gay.
2001-11-08 02:04:31 PM  
You know what pisses a lot of people off? Sanctimonious, illiterate preachy know nothings like tek jerk
2001-11-08 02:04:35 PM  
Leopold Porkstacker Dont talk Ill of he barbecue ... Love to the BBQ thang ...

2001-11-08 02:05:18 PM  
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-08 02:06:07 PM  
Wanna know why I love the winter?

Because in the winter, I get to see friggin PATHETIC people huddled together outside freezing their asses off (multiple times a day) to get their nicotine fix, and then they come back in and biatch about the cold.

Then, the people with common sense laugh at them. It's great.
2001-11-08 02:06:43 PM  

HAW HAW HAW!! So many people bash smokers! I find it rather amusing actually. I smoke. I love to smoke. I have been enjoying the smooth, satisfying flavor that only Marlboro brand cigarettes can offer for over 8 years now. If I see one more "truth" commercial, I am going to puke. My point is, I know that one day my habit will kill me... as do all smokers... it's a risk that I am willing to take. Three products made this country what it is today... Alcohol, Tabacco, and fire arms... that is why I am in charge of the Farkistan ATF.

2001-11-08 02:07:27 PM  
Kerouac: I can't speak for you here, but how many people smoke pot when that's illegal? It doesn't matter to them apparently. So I don't know if that would work. For anyone except you :).
2001-11-08 02:07:59 PM  
i agree with Eli. If people want to smoke let them. We have informed everyone of the consequences of smoking. Tax increases are unfair to the smokers and to the industry. They might as well start taxing alcohol. However they wont because they know there would be a revolution if there was as much tax on beer as there is on cigs.
2001-11-08 02:08:16 PM  
Hardyzl said it best.

And Runnyshiat just like his name, has shiat pouring out od his mouth.
2001-11-08 02:09:02 PM  
Good! I hate those pieces of shiat. They smell like shiat make the people that use them look and smell like ass. Every time someone flicks one of those burning things out their window in front of me on the freeway I want to run their stupid farking ass off the road. I think I'm going to lobby to legalize that, if it's not already.

Thing I hate most about those shiats is they don't kill quick enough.
2001-11-08 02:09:21 PM  
Cigarettes at $5/pack is still WAAAAAAYYYYYY cheaper than the equivalent amount of pot.

Oh yeah, JustaddWater for president. I support that tax package!

In NC, they refuse to tax cigarettes any more than they already do. They also subsidize the farmers who are having so much trouble selling the shiat they are thinking of closing the tobacco markets.

Instead they tax alcohol like crazy to make up for all the money they are shelling out. Oh, did I mention they had to raise the sales tax because they are BROKE.

2001-11-08 02:09:34 PM  
There's nothing I'd rather do than smell like shiat, have rotten garbage breath, get exhausted walking to the mailbox, have yellow teath and get to pay thousands a year for it!
2001-11-08 02:12:30 PM  
Fb- THe worst smellers of sig smoke ... Girls in High School ... Nothing agains woman ... Love'em ... but why did the chick in HS stink so bad after smoking ... I mean real bad
2001-11-08 02:12:38 PM  
I smoke and I'm all for it. I also think we should tax the hell out of gasoline and use the money to build denser neighborhoods and public transportation infrastructure.
2001-11-08 02:15:16 PM  
I seem to recall in high school that preppy type smokers also wore too much cologne and perfume to cover up the stink. The combination of cheap HS perfumes and cigarettes is one of the most foul odors in the universe. My nosehair is still growing back.
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