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(WTSP)   Delta flight forced to land after two unruly first class passengers demand food and champagne   ( divider line
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2012-01-16 11:30:08 AM  
I'm confused. Fark has taught me that all problems on airplanes are because of small children.
2012-01-16 11:30:36 AM  
As a Delta gold medallion flyer and frequent drunk, I can assure you that Delta doesn't carry any champagne.
2012-01-16 01:37:34 PM  

thamike: dready zim: thamike: You know who else through a fit over not getting free Champagne?

What is your understanding of the sentence "I threw a brick through the window"?

You know who else liked grammar?

Probably somebody who had had enough coffee before typing.

Coffee? What is this mysterious elixir of which you speak?

/Didn't catch the brick through the window either.
2012-01-16 01:38:02 PM  

digistil: The_Sponge: I've been cut off from beverage service while sitting in first class on an America West flight back in 2004, so I'm really getting a kick out of these responses.

Seriously? I've always wondered if that happened, but never knew. Did they cut you off because of unruliness or because of cheapness (they being too cheap to offer more)?

Seriously. I was flying to Vegas for a bachelor party and paid for my upgrade.

One thing that didn't help was the fact that we took off around 8AM, so when the flight attendant asked what I wanted to drink, she was a tad shocked when I asked for a beer.

During the flight, she kept asking if I wanted another one, and I kept saying yes. IIRC, she always asked first. So after 4 or 5 beers, I asked for a Scotch, and she told me she would get it, but it would be my last.

She maid a point of mentioning that I was being quiet and polite, but there was the whole liability issue. I understood where she was coming from, so I just enjoyed my buzz and kept reading the sports page.

/Uncool story bro.
2012-01-16 01:43:04 PM  
I fly delta a lot. Coach of course sucks and they pay no attention to you. But I've always gotten food in first class and never been cut off from booze. One flight from Seattle to NYC I counted and was given 10 whiskey and waters. They had to have been shiat faced for the crew to turn them down.
2012-01-16 01:54:10 PM  
Obviously these passengers have never flown on a US based carrier before. For if they had, their expectations would have been drastically lower.
2012-01-16 02:34:40 PM
European you say? Chapagne, you say?
2012-01-16 03:38:17 PM  
They should just ziptie the offenders to their seats and stick socks in their mouths for situations like this. Why should their assholery impact me?
2012-01-16 05:40:50 PM  

Lligeret: m3000: Why would anyone pay money to fly Delta?

Because it is better than American, United, and Frontier by a long shot (fark Frontier way to ruin the best airline out there), and Southwest or other discount airlines that do not suck do not fly the places you are going.

and I'm not sure when they started doing this... but now they appear to have reasonably attractive flight attendants on board. (of course my current sample size is only 6 flights on 2 routes... but still)

oh, and like DanZero posted.. they have the BEST safety video by far.
2012-01-16 10:45:53 PM  

nonzero: [ image 500x496]
Bring me champaign and a sledgehammer!

/you could have an aeroplane flying
//if you bring your blue sky back

Except he was singing "Willow Farm" from "Supper's Ready."
2012-01-16 11:02:07 PM ?
2012-01-17 05:22:23 PM  

m3000: Why would anyone pay money to fly Delta?

Now that's very good question.
Family of employee, non rev.
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