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(Rocky Mountain News)   Librarian refuses request to fly American flag. "String of Penises" art exhibit is OK.   ( divider line
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2001-11-08 08:37:47 AM  
Your tax dollars at work.

I love art but cocks on a clothing line is not art.

The artwork is part of an exhibition sponsored by Safehouse, which assists women and children who are victims of domestic violence. The exhibit, "Art Over Domestic Violence," has been on display at the library gallery since Oct. 19.

Thats right showing children cocks on a clothing line is a greatway to show them how to be good fathers. What a bunch of retards.
2001-11-08 08:38:51 AM  
Some people have really messed up priorities....
2001-11-08 08:42:30 AM  
When did libraries turn into art galleries, particularly for controversial art? If someone wants to display this sort of stuff in a gallery where those who go know what they're going to see, great. If I'm going to the library to look up a book, I don't want to have that stuff forced on me.
2001-11-08 08:46:14 AM  
"Men find this disturbing, but women find it amusing," Ripley said.

Yet, if someone had designed some "art" that featured vaginas instead of dicks, this would be an affront and demeaning attack on women.
2001-11-08 08:49:39 AM  
Golly-gee Beav, you got that right. And as Media said "Penises on a string" is a great thing for children to see.
2001-11-08 08:50:40 AM  
KongFuZi says: "easier to make ceramic schlong than to make ceramic coont"
2001-11-08 08:50:43 AM  
"Yet, if someone had designed some "art" that featured vaginas instead of dicks, this would be an affront and demeaning attack on women."

Aren't double standards great, Beav?
2001-11-08 08:52:59 AM  
Double dildo work-out videos are great.
2001-11-08 08:53:59 AM  

It makes so much sense to drape a flag beneath a glass ceiling which was probably put there for aesthetic purposes as well as to provide light. The ceramic penises may be over the top, but I do agree that violence against women is a problem, or at least recognition of it is. I pointed out to a cow-orker that the place I'm living, a midwestern town with maybe 50000 people had a higher murder rate than my (Canadian) home town of about 250000 people. "Oh, I think they count domestic violence towards the total though"

As for being a "waste of tax-payer money", the library most likely didn't commision it or even rent it, rather they are displaying it. The libraries where I grew up always had something on display, sometimes it was local artists, other times it was themed exhibits. Sometimes the exhibits even caused *gasp* contraversy.

It didn't say that the library directory tossed the other American flags in the building in the rubbish, just that she objected to draping this particular one.

2001-11-08 08:58:03 AM  
Beav, here's how it works:
A woman making art using penises : fighting "inequality"
A man making art using penises : a perv or gay
A woman making art using vaginas : freedom for women
A man making art using vaginas : sexist

sounds like a double standard to me...
2001-11-08 09:02:03 AM  
:::The whole point of the exhibit is to make people think about domestic violence," Ripley said.:::

How in the world does this make people think about domestic violence. If anything, it makes people think about wanting to have sex. Bunch of retards. Like someone above said, it's a Library not a Art Gallery.
2001-11-08 09:02:42 AM  
Sometimes the exhibits even caused *gasp* contraversy.

Libaries are places were mostly young school children go to takeout books. If you want contraversy go to an art gallery or play.

Domestic violence affects far less people then any other crime in this country. Just because you had a retard as a father or see it on Lifetime does not mean its a big problem. Weak women should get off their ass and place their degenerate husband in jail. I do not feel bad for some moron who stays with someone who beats the crap out of her.
2001-11-08 09:03:59 AM  
I didn't get too far into the article before I heard the smacks of ultra-feminism. Either we're dealing with a nasty case of the bull-dykes, or someone's seriously messed up in the head.
2001-11-08 09:05:03 AM  
There is nothing more stupid and pointless than modern art.
You should see the shee-ite in this years Turner competition (UK arty-farty thing). There is a bare white room where the lights turn on and off, a dusty garage, and loads more stupid shiat.

I`m sure there is a link out there someone could submit, i can't be arsed.
2001-11-08 09:06:17 AM  
The human wang is a beautiful thing.
2001-11-08 09:08:31 AM  
Oh wait! I've found the problem:

By Lynn Bartels and Julie Poppen, News Staff Writers

Probably after they rode to work in their SUV. Reminds of the SNL skit where the college frat guys wish for 2 chicks to make out so they can watch.
2001-11-08 09:09:58 AM  
This isn't art. It's politics. One could say that Britney Spears is more of an artist than the pedants who cooked up some of the described stuff at the library.
2001-11-08 09:10:09 AM  
what a nut job this lady is. who want's to see cocks being strung from some wire
2001-11-08 09:11:26 AM  
Boulder Pubic Library.
2001-11-08 09:12:38 AM  
"Modern art" is an oxymoron.

("Oxymoron" is a funny word. Sounds like acne medicine for dumb teenagers.)
2001-11-08 09:13:17 AM  
Any truth to the rumor that Loreena Bobbitt is a patron there?
2001-11-08 09:25:47 AM  
"Fifty years of planning doesn't cut it when you have a string of penises," he said.

what a quote...
2001-11-08 09:29:39 AM  
Thought while observing "penis line"
"Hmmm Domestic violence is wrong. Ah, but the root of the problem is phallic. So men must be evil. I... should... chop off all the penisis I find and attach them to a clothesline"

Oh, and I'm just about tired of the damn flag being on everything. It wouldnt bother me if it weren't so blatantly commercial.
2001-11-08 09:31:12 AM  
Could someone please explain the difference? Unless... let me take a guess. Is it that the penis can often represent positive values, as well as some negative ones?
2001-11-08 09:39:07 AM  

Libaries are places were mostly young school children go to takeout books. If you
want contraversy go to an art gallery or play.

If a non-staunchly-christian-conservative says something should be done "for the children" these same people make fun of it with the Limbaugh whine "for the chiiiildren".
2001-11-08 09:52:17 AM  
CleverBlonde, the "value" of the penis image your talking about is based on your cultural view. It can represent many things to different people.

Some cultures see it as symbolic fertility/life affirming image. I dunno exactly how the US sees it, but my guess is that Americans don't see it that way. More likely, we like to not see it at all.

2001-11-08 09:54:06 AM  

I'm sorry, but this does more strongly relate to children than most screaming liberal issues. A public library can be (and usually is) a significant location in the education of children, and not merely an entertainment source. You can't shut it off or change the cahnnel like TV. Pseudo-art garbage has its place in any gallery that finds an audience for it, but not in a place of learning for young people.

I'll bet there would be a greater uproar if one of those paintings had simply had arms hanging on the clothesline; let's not forget that this is a picture of dismemberment and the attendant violence.

Those people with any horse-sense in this picture are keeping their mouths shut because you can't expect the public to respond to reason anymore. Anytime an established figure disapproves of anything women do no matter how stupid people just assume that this must be a criminal supression by a heavyhanded Patriarchy. Mindless anti-establishment cattle are still cattle.

It must be nice to have total immunity.

2001-11-08 10:04:27 AM  
I love how i can still get up to the minute columbine news from them. Good to see a news organization milking an old standard.

i agree with Flignir: Public libraries are not the place to push the creative envelope- art galleries are. Hell, if only for the fact that the audience at a gallery would be more receptive to what a person is doing than little johnny checking out Charlotte's Web for a book report.
2001-11-08 10:04:33 AM  
I want a picture of that art so that I may be amused or disturbed.
2001-11-08 10:25:47 AM  
Sounds like a big case of penis envy . . .
2001-11-08 10:35:01 AM  
Penises are more important to America than the flag is.

For this country to survive we penis weilding Americans must copulate with our women.
2001-11-08 10:41:10 AM  
"She is stunned at the outcry over a piece of art that features 21 ceramic . . . ummm . . . men's appendages, which are displayed on a clothesline in the library. It's entitled "Hung out to dry." "

Why last week we had twelve dead babies and a crack smoking grandma displayed and we didn't get a single complaint.
2001-11-08 10:44:52 AM  
I pledge allegance to the phallic clothesline.....
2001-11-08 11:04:33 AM  
What's the harm in children seeing penii? Don't half of them have one themselves? Would you have them believe they don't exist? Yeesh...
2001-11-08 11:38:25 AM  
Uhm-hm, Feetza. Just because half the world has a penis doesn't mean you won't get arrested if you go about adangling. Especially if you do it in front of children.
2001-11-08 11:39:15 AM  
Two thoughts:
1) I want to know if they got all the wrinkles out or will they have to be ironed?
2) "No dear, they're corn cobs"??? I foresee many years of therapy for that poor child!
2001-11-08 12:20:32 PM  
goddamn boulderites, i swear, they are so stupid. damn town is full of trustafarians and middle aged hippies. Colorado kicks ass, but bouler sucks ass.
2001-11-08 12:22:05 PM  
Careful Adrock you might insight the Boulderites to riot.
2001-11-08 12:43:28 PM  
I can't believe nobody has yet proposed the obvious solution: a string of red, white, and blue penises.
2001-11-08 12:47:55 PM  
now thats what i call a salute
2001-11-08 12:49:23 PM  
Yep, all of you who think this is a bunch of crap should actually go to Boulder. This is par for the course. Boulder and the prevailing attitudes there are so hypocritical and riddled with double standards that it amazes me to find out that everyone there is not schizophrenic. What a wretched place. My favorite part is the kids who come from the fantastically rich families who sit on the street and stink and beg for change. Ick... Boulder sucks...

As a general rule middle aged hippies are bad. They are so liberal but don't want any one messing with them. They want everyone to have the right to do anything they want until it messes with them. The "liberals" who demand all sorts of laws and control in the city of Boulder sound alot like Republicans to me.
2001-11-08 01:14:48 PM  
This is a cool thread. The more people post, the fewer posts there are.
2001-11-08 01:18:56 PM  
Very true SnipDaddyDad. Good thing I saved all the 'questionable' posts. I'll be e-mailing them to Drew later.
2001-11-08 01:21:29 PM  
So displaying 21 dismembered phallases in a public place is art but displying my single real one in the same location would get me arrested under an obscenity statute?
2001-11-08 01:32:27 PM  
2001-11-08 01:33:33 PM  
I'll get it right sooner or later Moderator.

Please tell me what to say.
2001-11-08 01:43:17 PM  
a-hyuh! "hung out to dry..." NOW I GET IT! (clapping & guffawing like a spaz) yeHUH yeHUH yeHUHHHH!
2001-11-08 02:10:13 PM  
wow --- one of my posts was deleted -- and I did not say anything bad about fark or moderator.. in fact was in support...

never have seen this before --- interesting...
2001-11-08 02:16:14 PM  

It don't suggest that it is wrong for Children to see art containing depictions of genetalia. Rather, it should be up to the parents to decide...and not at the cost of skipping a trip to the library.

Speaking of Liberal Boulder Republicans. Nothing bothers me until it bothers me. What's wrong with that?

2001-11-08 02:19:10 PM  
Yeah, I think I've had multiple posts deleted in this thread. And none of them were for content!! Rather, I made the mistake of mentioning a deleted post. Ah, whatever, free(ish) speech is better than none at all. I'll start griping after I start paying Drew & Co. for their excellent services.
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