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(Some Guy)   Sniper Training: How to Assassinate a Prairie Dog   ( divider line
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3894 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Nov 2001 at 6:55 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-07 07:01:19 PM  
2001-11-07 07:05:15 PM  
Kinda like the Taleban.
2001-11-07 07:15:43 PM  
2001-11-07 07:18:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-07 07:28:27 PM  
no pictures?!?!
2001-11-07 07:28:55 PM  
I actually prefer prairie dog fishing, you get your favorite rod, put a 3/4 ounce sinker and a treble hook on and sling it out near their hole, when one comes by SET THE HOOK BABY when you get them close enuf pop a cap in there ass.
2001-11-07 07:34:32 PM  
I think this guy washiat in the head by a can of silly string.
2001-11-07 07:42:36 PM  
here's a picture (video actually):

Exploding Varmints Part 1
2001-11-07 07:48:49 PM  
Credit where credit's due folks:

Cruel Site of the Day 07-NOV-2001
2001-11-07 07:55:47 PM  
Anyone ever play the old Prarie Dog Hunt Pro?
2001-11-07 08:01:48 PM  
This is nothing new, Grandpa used to pay us 2 bits for prarie dog bodies, they are a huge problem on ranches. Stupid cows end up with broken legs. I grew up in Oklahoma, **ducks the obligatory inbred jokes** and my .22 was my buddy.
The whole group of us cousins used to run around with guns and there was NEVER an accident or injury related to it.
2001-11-07 08:03:17 PM  
Whoa...You deliver faster than Dominos...
2001-11-07 08:22:17 PM  
Around here there are plenty of places you can shoot real prairie dogs and lots of us still do. re: virtual hunting: The old DOS game, Prairie Dog Hunt (I and II) is too fast for humans on a real new superfast computer. At least too fast for drunk humans. Played on a 386 or older 486, it's like slo-mo. When you hit one with a 44 mag, the head explodes in slo-mo and the damn blood cloud seems to hang in the air for 5 seconds or so. Also the scream is way longer. And when you shoot that rabid sucker right in his open mouth with a shotgun, the blood fills the screen. Real p-dogs just die.

Oh dear, am I running off at the mouth again?
2001-11-07 09:19:24 PM  
Can anyone say...Peta?
2001-11-07 09:24:10 PM  
"License to kill gophers by the government of the United Nations"
2001-11-07 09:24:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-07 09:48:28 PM  
2001-11-07 10:14:05 PM  
I can see Dolph Lundgren in a movie about sniping prairie dogs.
2001-11-07 10:33:17 PM  
Bah! Everyone knows that the proper targets for army/fire snipering are babies! For they are too sassy! Remember, always look for "good deals" on snipering equipement
2001-11-07 10:42:36 PM  
look goddamit, my 2nd cousin is a prarie dog and i jus' don't think it's right
2001-11-07 11:01:20 PM  
I have a brother who keeps gerbils, don't think I would use them for targets though, they seem real close..,
It's kinda spookey the way he looks at them, I think they're afraid of him.
2001-11-07 11:03:05 PM  
I went to sniper school. Graduation exercise was 40 targets from 300 to 1200 meters. First thing I noticed on the range was the dogs and goats that had been put on leashes near the targets. I never knew that a goat could take more than one body shot.
2001-11-07 11:13:56 PM  
Hey Kernal, how'd you get a press feed from the "Man fires on US base in Qatar. US military turns him into a fine red mist" incident??
2001-11-07 11:26:26 PM  
There is a whole sport built around this-it's called varminting. There are rifles built for it; in fact, they are often the same as police and military sniper rifles, only they are chambered in different calibers, like 25-06 or 22-250. Sniper rifles are usually .308 Winchester.

People use them to vaporize small animals like prairie dogs at 4 or 5 hundred yards.
2001-11-07 11:37:45 PM  
Strange indeed. The instincts of rednecks. Last time I checked, prarie dogs weren't considered as dangerous snipe material. Oh that wacky wacky food chain thingy!

-he who stacks pork
2001-11-07 11:44:36 PM  
Loved it !!
Can't apply it to the groundhogs in the back yard though, too many neighbors.
2001-11-07 11:53:27 PM  
Holy rodents, Batman!
2001-11-08 01:16:03 AM  
A guy at a firearm store showed me some ammo that fires silent. The only thing you hear is the action of your weapon. He said it was perfect for sniping varmints. The only down side is taht the range is cut.
2001-11-08 08:23:32 AM  
Until they bring out commercial railguns, i`ll stick to Unreal Tournament.
2001-11-08 08:33:38 AM  
This guy must have been "city folk".

What healthy corn fed country boy hasn't killed varmits by the score? I learned all about efficient killing methods, aiming, how to skin and gut animals, how to kill without a gun, etc... and it was all just good clean country fun.

The women folk don't like it much, though.
2001-11-08 11:56:55 AM  
What farking prarie dogs? It's easier to go to beirut. More fun, too.
2001-11-08 01:29:44 PM  
Krik81 - it is Quake 3 Arena/Team Arena that has the railgun. I'd settle for an Unreal Tournament flak cannon though!

-he who stacks pork
2001-11-09 11:54:48 AM  
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