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(LoveMae) Boobies Fark exclusive: A pretty blonde waking up next to you (not safe for work)   ( divider line 224
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514135 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Oct 2003 at 8:50 AM (11 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-13 01:42:43 AM  
Thank You!!!!!!
2003-10-13 01:56:11 AM  
life is grand
2003-10-13 01:58:11 AM  
2003-10-13 02:01:09 AM  
Holy crap, this may be the best internatter pr0n i've ever seen...
2003-10-13 02:14:32 AM  
must find nsfw pics of this one
2003-10-13 02:31:00 AM  
I dont know what places people work at... but I would imagine this is on the NSFW side...
2003-10-13 02:39:53 AM  
no nip, no lip...sfw?
2003-10-13 02:45:30 AM  
One bad case of sticky keyboard comin' up!

/snicker, he said comin...
2003-10-13 03:05:36 AM  
2003-10-13 03:07:17 AM  
It finally loaded, and I have to say...

She's a Barbie. I mean, gorgeous, blonde, and has absolutely no pussy. They really make good looking mannequins these days.
2003-10-13 03:22:22 AM  
I have a body like that.

In my basement.
2003-10-13 03:38:27 AM that's a lot more like it
2003-10-13 03:39:27 AM  
you can almost see her virginia!
2003-10-13 03:57:34 AM  
If its a boobies post for Fark, it should never be safe for work.
Hence, this is nice, but as it is SFW. Its not enough.

/Was this not discussed in the recent past?
2003-10-13 08:58:46 AM  
The blonde I woke up next to looked better than that.
2003-10-13 08:58:46 AM  
Very nice.

As for SFW/NSFW, I think it's kinda of a grey area series...nothing strictly speaking that is "illegal", but I'm not sure I'd want any female co-workers or my boss seeing me have a peek either.

2003-10-13 08:58:53 AM  
Great, Now my hands are covered in population paste...
2003-10-13 09:00:41 AM  
I would like to put my penis inside her vagina.. but it looks like she doesn't have one
2003-10-13 09:01:26 AM  
"population paste"

How has Fark managed to get this exclusive page?
Can we expect more?
2003-10-13 09:01:32 AM  
Kinda on the scrawny side, but I'd hit it, and prolly break it.
2003-10-13 09:03:08 AM  
I go to sleep next to and wake up next to a hot blonde every day. Natural blonde, and yes, they're real.

Jealousy ensues.
2003-10-13 09:04:11 AM  
but I'd still hit it.
2003-10-13 09:06:55 AM  
So in the past two days we've had a woman with no boobies, and a woman with no pussy...what's the world coming to?
2003-10-13 09:07:43 AM  
Someone give her a sandwich.
2003-10-13 09:07:52 AM  
Hmmm sounds quite lovely.
2003-10-13 09:07:56 AM  
i prefer more back, more rack - but i ain't about to say i wouldn't hit it.

unofficially, with the data available, i'd definitely hit it.

though i'd like to get a view of the goods before i make an official statement. [it] might be tucking for all we know.

/weak plea for nsfw.
2003-10-13 09:08:29 AM  
I'm curious....just how much did Stare magazine shell out to have this posted? On the main page? On a Monday morning?

Any guesses? I'd say $350.

Nest time Stare magazine, gimme some nekkids to stare at. kplsthx.
2003-10-13 09:09:41 AM she a Farkette?

Is she going to brave entry into this sausage fest?


I go to sleep next to and wake up next to a hot blonde every day

Hey! Golden Retrievers don't count! Hee, hee! Ha ha!

/just jealous.
2003-10-13 09:09:42 AM  
2003-10-13 09:11:19 AM  
She's a very pretty girl.The kind you don't bring home to Mother!
2003-10-13 09:11:57 AM  
Ah, these silly sites with their ever-so-clever right-click disabling script... why do they even bother?
2003-10-13 09:12:58 AM  
Now THAT'S camel toe!

*Donnie says, "My pants are tight.".
2003-10-13 09:15:30 AM  
AT least she doesn't look like a Bimbo. So often when they try to make Blondes look sexy all they achieve is the Bimbo look
2003-10-13 09:16:38 AM  

Are you related to Shiunji Watanabe?
2003-10-13 09:16:38 AM  
Great personality too!!
2003-10-13 09:22:58 AM  
Might be SFW for some of you, but my boss'd kill me if she walked up and saw this on my screen.

Panties pulled into crotch = NSFW

In any event, very nice.
2003-10-13 09:23:24 AM  
2003-10-13 09:23:48 AM  
Now THAT'S camel toe!

*Donnie says, "My pants are tight.".

Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie!
2003-10-13 09:25:51 AM  
I am NOT impressed.
2003-10-13 09:26:27 AM  
damn it...i have to change out my keyboard now
2003-10-13 09:27:00 AM  

My thoughts exactly when I saw this.
2003-10-13 09:27:58 AM  
Ummm.... yeah.... I guess.

Nice ribs.
2003-10-13 09:28:52 AM  
Bad skin.
2003-10-13 09:31:50 AM  
that's one nasty 'ho. Yuck.
2003-10-13 09:32:06 AM  
She's okay - not very impressive though...
2003-10-13 09:32:13 AM  
Man, some honey-basted sticky ribs WOULD be good right now...
2003-10-13 09:33:09 AM  
Cute, but I'd prefer no hardware in the bellybutton.
2003-10-13 09:35:38 AM  
Not trying to kill the buzz here, but she kinda looks...twelve...
2003-10-13 09:37:56 AM  
Pretty face, but the body of a 13 year old. Call me when she hits puberty.
2003-10-13 09:38:38 AM  
Skeletor called: he wants you to stop ogling his sister.
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