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(Yahoo)   Bubble bursts for eBooks. Al Gore surrenders (after all, he invented those, too)   ( divider line
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10471 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Oct 2003 at 12:54 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-12 01:29:58 AM  

Someone tell me again why we're just supposed to forget about Al Gore's lie?

Everybody who says that Gore said he invented the internet is a liar.
2003-10-12 01:30:15 AM  
Setinotathome: I spend way too much [of the college's] bandwidth at that group.

/not to mention.. others.. I mean... other tech ebook groups... yeah... that's the ticket!
2003-10-12 01:30:20 AM  
Dumb idea to start with - besides technical stuff that needs to be transportable, it ignored the main benefits of physical books: PEOPLE LIKE HAVING THEM. Show me someone who reads books, and I bet they have bookshelves with nice, physical specimens.

ON the other hand, for computer texts, e-books rule.
2003-10-12 01:31:09 AM  
Al who?

/already forgotten
2003-10-12 01:31:23 AM  
Setinotathome: The first three are pretty badass, in my opinion. King did a great job. Book four is one of his newer books... I'll leave it at that.
2003-10-12 01:32:08 AM  
shhh, 1st rule about newsgroups
2003-10-12 01:32:43 AM  
This looks like a good resource for anybody who actually cares about the Truth of Gore's record on the internet.

Instead of mocking the guy, you guys should recognize his prescience.
2003-10-12 01:33:39 AM  
Bugger, I submitted this with a less funny headline:

Maybe paper books aren't destined for the scrap heap after all. People who thought otherwise (both of them) shocked and awed
2003-10-12 01:34:27 AM  
I've been meaning to pull that down next. After I finish The Reality Dysfunction and then the new Wheel of Time (like a train wreck, I have to keep watching til it's over)
2003-10-12 01:35:16 AM  
There's this new fangled place called the library where with a card, one can read books.

Here's the catch...all the books are free. Pass it along...
2003-10-12 01:35:30 AM  
E-books are great! Thousands of books for a little space on your hard drive versus a wall of paperbacks. My personal wall is what got me started. Now I can actually find what I'm looking for, and the wall is not growing. Given a decent reader -microbook, for example- and a proper platform. it is quite convenient. An it even compensates for aging eyes. I currently use a laptop, but handhelds are also popular. one of the key ingredients is a small number of 'open' formats and a reader capable of handling them all.
2003-10-12 01:36:31 AM  

As per Snopes, his words:

"During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country's economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system. "


Did he *mean* he created the Internet? No. Did he *say* he created the Internet? Yes.

Politicians are held to what they *say* every day. It's no different in this case.
2003-10-12 01:36:35 AM  
Setinotathome: I'm scared to ask what the second is.
2003-10-12 01:38:07 AM  
So Iraq *does* have weapons of mass destruction, then?
This sword cuts both ways.
2003-10-12 01:39:08 AM  
Yotta: Yep yep. PDFs never really went well with my Palm; only has 8 megs, and my SD card is for my digital camera... I liked either HTML or plain text. As for readers, I like either QuickOffice, or PalmReader..
2003-10-12 01:39:52 AM  
For those King fans, anyone get a copy of The Plant? I missed it...
2003-10-12 01:40:13 AM  
Felgraf I have no idea if Iraq has WMD. I do know what Al Gore said, though.

Thanks mostly to the Internet.

2003-10-12 01:41:39 AM  
RickTheVote: Someone tell me again why conservatives keep mindlessly parroting the same stupid bullshiat?
2003-10-12 01:41:50 AM  
Mrs_Pottymouth: Nope, can't say I have... the only "new" stuff I've read is his e-book only text, can't remember the name... and I saw The Green Mile with the girlfriend, if that counts.
2003-10-12 01:41:56 AM  
I love ebooks.
Stealing books makes reading fun.

/Broken spirit from English classes
2003-10-12 01:44:13 AM  
HowlingFrog Are you calling me a conservative?
2003-10-12 01:45:41 AM  
Before you guys condemn ebooks and people who read them idiots, try them on a PocketPC. I've read about 30+ ebooks on my PocketPC so far and I'm still going strong.

I originally bought my PPC for the usual business crap, appointments, notes, email, etc. I saw the MS Reader app. and figured I would give it a shot. I was hooked after that.

One of the features that sold me on ebooks was being able to click on a word and pull up its definition. I also like being able to carry 20+ books around with me in a unit smaller than a paperback.

When I moved to Hong Kong and traveled to other cities in that region having a ready supply of books was great.

I think the biggest reason ebooks aren't taking off is that there isn't a decent reader device. My PPC is great, but I don't know many people willing to shell out $300+ for one if all they want to do is read ebooks.

If someone can make a device with a color screen a bit bigger than a PPC for a reasonable price I think they'll have a winner.

Anyway, count me in the Pro-eBook camp
2003-10-12 01:45:44 AM  
sniperwolf - that was the bullet one.. can't remember the name - but where the kid went hitchhiking? Apparently, he released a non-finished short story called The Plant, but I haven't seen it yet. Green Mile was great (doesn't count, but great) as was Stand by Me... but I really want to see the short story that no one can find :(
2003-10-12 01:48:19 AM  
Mrs_Pottymouth: Yep, it was the same. And like you, I cannot find the unfinished short story. :(

All this talk has made me want to read The Stand again... that, or It..
2003-10-12 01:50:25 AM  
Digging up Al Gore jokes? The republicans must quaking in their boots after running our country into the ground.
2003-10-12 01:51:03 AM  
It was one of my favs, but I LOVE the abriged version of the Stand
2003-10-12 01:52:12 AM  
RickTheVote - yes.

Are you telling me that I stuck my foot in my mouth again?
2003-10-12 01:52:35 AM  
The reason why it [The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy] was published in the form of a micro sub meson electronic component is that if it were printed in normal book form, an interstellar hitchhiker would require several inconveniently large buidlings to carry it around in.

--Douglas Adams in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (paper edition)
2003-10-12 01:52:55 AM  
WarWolf didn't they have one of those book sized devices awhile ago. I thought that was a good idea at first but I think it disapeared. You could count me in on that count though. A book sized devide able to store many many books.

Sort of like my PC with many many games and mp3s I haven't played or listened to.

Not being sarcastic, it's the truth.
2003-10-12 01:57:05 AM  
HowlingFrog - yes. I wish Bush wouldn't have sued Gore for the presidency, I don't think the Gore administration would have done the same horrible things to this country.

I'm just a really, really big fan of the Gore argument. Rarely do I hear people argue about what Gore meant. They argue that he didn't *say* he created the Internet. Even Snopes does it.

And he did say it.
2003-10-12 01:59:50 AM  
I recall reading something awhile back about "electronic paper"... looks like paper, but you could store ebooks on it.
That could be cool.
2003-10-12 02:03:59 AM  
RickTheVote - at least I'm barefoot.

I think it was more clumsy wording on Gore's part than deceitful intention. He did push for the funding that allowed the internet to become what it is today.

I'm not a fan of his, but I think that quote was really blown out of proportion.
2003-10-12 02:06:03 AM  
Yeah I think I remember that device...RocketBook or something I think. I thought it sucked because it had a greyscale screen and the resolution wasn't that great. I think it was expensive also, and only able to read certain proprietary formats.

I've been impressed with MS Reader on my PPC. They do something special to the text to make it nice and sharp. I have yet to get eyestrain reading books on my PPC. I can't read anything on the computer though. I need to be able to kick back on the couch or in bed and read.

I do have a ton of hardback books and paperbacks, but I move a lot and lugging them around gets old quick. I've downloaded ebook versions of books I own and have re-read them on my PPC. I'm a total convert.
2003-10-12 02:07:16 AM  
I wish Bush wouldn't have sued Gore for the presidency, I

uhhmm... it was algore who filed the first lawsuit...
2003-10-12 02:08:18 AM  
WarWolf: ClearType? Same thing that's embedded in XP. Works fine for LCDs, craps up text on my 20" CRT on my desktop.
2003-10-12 02:12:09 AM  
Explain to your children that the reason they'll never be middle class or own a house is because Al Gore exaggerated his achievements.

DO NOT mention anything about rigged elections, corporate conflicts of interest, drug abusing pundits, the fossil fuel industry, homophobic latent homosexuals, racism, rampant militarism, bloodlust... In fact, just leave out the whole Republican party. I doubt it will exist much longer anyhow.
2003-10-12 02:14:43 AM  

Did he *mean* he created the Internet? No. Did he *say* he created the Internet? Yes.

Not quite but I know what you're saying. It was worded in an awkard way. What he REALLY says is he "took the initiative". Lots of laughs there, I know.

"in creating the internet" is ambiguous. I'm not going to argue this any more because any rational person who has done five minutes worth of research knows what he meant. While Gore was pushing for high performance networks as a senator, Bush could have given a shiat. He probably doesn't even know how to browse the web.

The worst part about it was the whole campaign to portray Gore as some kind of chronic liar. And people mindlessly parroted the talking points.

Oh yeah, and e-books will never replace books.
2003-10-12 02:16:53 AM  
Yeah, does turn text into blurry crap on CRTs. But on LCDs its like night and day.

It's weird, I can read for hours on my PPC, but if pull up the same book on my PC, I'm like fark this, and walk away.
2003-10-12 02:19:28 AM  
Headline writer is a moron.
2003-10-12 02:20:16 AM  
The Plant actually has a slight connection to the Dark Tower series, but you will have to read Black House to see the connection.

Try googling for it.
2003-10-12 02:23:24 AM  
WarWolf: Heh.. I read 1982 on my PC, in PDF, and couldn't pull away, same for tech books...

prufrock2: Nifty... Will do.
2003-10-12 02:23:51 AM  

Regardless of ambiguity, anyone who disputes that Gore spoke/said the following words lacks rationale:

"I took the initiative in creating the Internet"

/will argue that point until the end of days
2003-10-12 02:28:06 AM  
The joke would be funnier if the original quote being referenced was real, and not just a repub joke repeated so many times that a podunk media org picked it up and corporate media repeated it again and again until everyone believed it happened.
2003-10-12 02:32:29 AM  

The joke would be funnier if the original quote being referenced was real

Has the meaning of the word "real" changed since I last checked?
2003-10-12 02:32:48 AM  
I'm not an Al Gore fan, but him claiming he invented the Internet is taking things out of context.
If you want to dump on Al Gore, do it for his book Earth In Balance. If you're an insomniac who has run out of Sominex and booze, this will put you out faster than a brick to the head. I don't know if there's an e-book version.
2003-10-12 02:34:26 AM  
I wonder how many people realize that the Senate appointed Bush before the Electoral College could be engaged? That's right, all those maps and charts showing Bush and Gore neck-and-neck were bull.

I love that map that shows the states that voted for each candidate, and it looks like Bush swept the country. Bush swept Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, etc. These states have ridiculously low populations, yet receive electoral votes. Gore won the popular election, and if Diebold hadn't supplied a system for rigging the election, he would be president.

It could be argued that Gore ditched the election by choosing a Jew running mate. I dare you to doubt that there's an anti-Jewish sentiment in the USA, especially in the midwest and south. Back this up with the fact that Gore refused to run in '04, despite overwhelming odds of success, and it looks like Gore dances on the same puppet strings as Bush.
2003-10-12 02:34:30 AM  
ComaToast: You know what puts me out? Shakespeare. And Asimov.
2003-10-12 02:38:45 AM  
Rutherford B. Hayes invented porn. True story.
2003-10-12 03:04:38 AM  
Bubble? What bubble?
2003-10-12 03:08:50 AM  
Poster = idiot.
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