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(Chicago Sun-Times)   Man wrongly imprisioned for 15 years busted for heroin possession. Term 'wrongly' no longer applies   ( divider line
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2001-11-07 09:12:19 AM  
30 packages...what a dumba$$

Haw Haw Haw
2001-11-07 09:38:54 AM  
Har, Har, Har

2001-11-07 09:39:38 AM  
Don't be so quick to judge. A person whom you spent 15 years training to be a criminal is not likely to be "rehabilitated" in 18 months.
This is truly sad.
Flame on!!!!
2001-11-07 09:41:17 AM  
All right! Chicago now has their own version of Rodney King!! Huzzah!!
2001-11-07 09:48:55 AM  
I apslaud the person for getting out their and jumping in to crime again with both feet. Bravo. Prison must not have been such a bad place after all.
2001-11-07 10:08:44 AM  
Are they going to give him credit for the 15 years he's already served? They should.

(Unless he likes the daily anal rapes, that which case he wouldn't mind getting a fresh new sentence)
2001-11-07 10:17:40 AM  
I guess he really likes those glazed donuts in prison.
2001-11-07 10:29:42 AM  
he got 15 million and yet he still farks with selling drugs? idiot.
2001-11-07 10:29:53 AM  
Let the man go, he's already served 15 years. Obviously the prison system couldn't even keep an innocent man from turning to a life of crime when he got out. Sounds farked up.
2001-11-07 10:36:21 AM  
This kinds of stupidity deserves prison time...!!! Hell Yea!
2001-11-07 11:01:51 AM  
Is he gonna share a cell with Nate Newton?
2001-11-07 11:08:41 AM  
Well if your gonna do some time atleast make it worth it! I mean the farker got arrested for drugs and they didnt even mention public intoxication. What a lamer...


What is the world coming to when crackheads are arrested sober.
2001-11-07 11:34:58 AM  
Gotta hate those accidental search warrants.
2001-11-07 12:18:34 PM  
He was wrongly imprisoned, an innocent man turned criminal after FIFTEEN years. Gee, I wonder if any normal person could maintain their innocence while getting butt bumped by bubba.

I say this guy should get a "get out of jail free" card and be done with it.

Or just give hime 15 years credit on future crimes.
2001-11-07 12:43:08 PM  
Chilly Willie:

"get out of jail free"? credit on future crimes??

How about "credit" to Rape your loved ones.... yea right..I thought so.....

thanks for coming!
2001-11-07 01:56:06 PM  
Let's see YOU sit in jail for FIFTEEN YEARS and come out with that attitude.
2001-11-07 02:44:50 PM  
Hey, Willie, I am with you on the Fifteen years.., BUT the drug charge is totally unrelated, he needs to do time for that.., that's my point,..
2001-11-07 03:20:43 PM  
Have any of you seen Blow? He went to prison with a masters in innocent and came out with a doctrine in dumb a$$. Idiots have all the luck they just can't stay out of jail long enough to enjoy it!
2001-11-07 03:35:17 PM  
I work with people like this daily, they do a few years, then out for a few months or days / weeks., and back in...

As a human's we want to do what we would like right now, and worry about consiquences later..,, well that way of thinking will always leave your nuts in a sling..

I hate it when that happens
2001-11-07 05:21:10 PM  
The jerk is a farking idiot. He's got 15 million and he's trafficking drugs? What a farking loser! I don't know about you guys, but I'd take my 15 mil, move to farking Cozumel, build myself a luxurious private compound, hire armed guards and enjoy my farking life doing exactly as I motherfarking pleased. Fark selling dope. Sorry, I have a 'I got mine, get your own' attitude. Probably why I'll never be rich!
2001-11-07 06:28:25 PM  
this guy is a jackoff... he may have been not guilty of what they locked him up for... but his latest actions prove he was guilty of something back then and he paid the piper.......

throw 'em back in and let the buttfarkers have him back.
2001-11-08 03:49:01 AM  
Probably got caught on purpose. This outside life is scary, at least Bubba makes me feel like I'm home.
2001-11-22 10:27:38 AM  
life suddenly seems fair
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