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(The Smoking Gun)   This week's Mugshot Roundup features geriatric facial tattoos, 18 year old twins, runny mascara, and one hell of a uni-brow   ( ) divider line
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29592 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Dec 2011 at 7:19 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2011-12-12 11:15:13 PM  

SonOfSpam: cowgirl toffee: After the movie... I wondered what happened to Howard the Duck.

[ image 285x355]

First thing I thought of too, and I haven't even seen the damn movie.

I was hoping for the Daffy Duck "bill spinning around the head" thing.
2011-12-12 11:15:57 PM  
This threads better than most PS's
2011-12-12 11:16:32 PM

And this is why I will never, ever get a tattoo. Even if I relented on that, I would never get a facial tattoo unless I became a Maori warrior.
2011-12-12 11:18:07 PM  
Huh...picked the wrong about you just imagine it was the old guy? This one demonstrates how I would never have a weirdly misshapen head and face. Some females believe I have reneged on that, but I'm sticking to my guns.
2011-12-12 11:25:28 PM  

Mini Ditka: [ image 587x465]

/I'm no Gunther Cunningham

/I mean minnkat, I'm no minnkat

Nicely done!
2011-12-12 11:35:04 PM
2011-12-12 11:35:31 PM
2011-12-12 11:43:50 PM  
Arrested for littering, drug possession, and driving under suspension.
Littering and ... Littering and ... Littering aaaannd
Smoking the reefer
2011-12-12 11:45:36 PM
2011-12-12 11:46:24 PM

Plan? There ain't no plan.
2011-12-12 11:54:26 PM

Is that the guy from Seether?
2011-12-12 11:56:27 PM  

OK. Say it.

Go on. Say it.

We won't let you go until you say the line.

Hogaaaan! No prisoner escapes from Stalag 13.

Great. Now get the Fark out of here you lousy Nazi Drunk!

2011-12-12 11:59:21 PM
2011-12-13 12:06:31 AM
2011-12-13 12:30:13 AM  
I have to say, Duff McKagen has taken pretty good care of himself over the years.
2011-12-13 12:55:07 AM  

Myk Ox: This threads better than most PS's

Mugshot threads always have lots of good work.

Also, bring me 7 and 15, but not until I've paid the hotel in cash and hid my real ID in my car a few blocks down. it's gonna be a wild ride tonight.
2011-12-13 01:05:44 AM  

Sliding Carp: [ image 500x625]

Plan? There ain't no plan.

Wow, now that I look at him again, he DOES look just like Pig Killer! Nice one.
2011-12-13 01:18:16 AM  

tap... tap... tap...
2011-12-13 01:37:21 AM
2011-12-13 01:39:57 AM  

Tsar_Bomba1: libranoelrose: [ image 587x465]

tap... tap... tap...

[ image 497x373]


minnkat: [ image 500x667]

The Fark Troll mascot!
2011-12-13 01:41:26 AM
2011-12-13 01:56:39 AM  
Got sloppy. This is the version that should have been posted.
2011-12-13 01:57:42 AM  
The twins are cute. But for all you Brain Trust children out there wanting, or already have facial tats, I give you #5 and #6.
2011-12-13 03:29:10 AM
2011-12-13 03:35:44 AM  
2011-12-13 06:08:47 AM  
Pot possession. Open container. fark the USA.
2011-12-13 08:31:35 AM  
Right Said Fred has reallllly gone down hill.
2011-12-13 08:37:27 AM  
Didn't know lilo was a triplet why haven't we heard about these two till now.
2011-12-13 09:29:23 AM  
Looks like a typical round up from any "Occupy" encampment around the country.
2011-12-13 10:59:14 AM

Isn't that Pastor Dave from that 70's show?
2011-12-13 11:11:18 AM  

Sir Fappsalot: Looks like a typical round up from any "Occupy" encampment around the country.

You're stupid on Fark, or everywhere you go?

some people are asshats and will never see that about themselves
2011-12-13 01:21:57 PM  
This level of crazy generally doesn't survive to this age

3 standard deviations from the mean

5 standard deviations from the mean
2011-12-13 01:49:11 PM  
Sir Fappsalot, hit the nail right on the head.
2011-12-13 02:19:45 PM  
I'd tear the bottom right out of this chic.
Don't even need to bother with bathing her. I'd just lick her clean. Then dirty her up again.
2011-12-13 03:52:00 PM  

Sir Fappsalot: Looks like a typical round up from any "Occupy" encampment around the country.

2011-12-13 04:19:29 PM  

SonOfSpam: [ image 500x625]

Lots of good stuff this week, but I had to call out SonOfSpam's lipstick diva make-over thingy. I laughed out loud and snorted uncontrollably when I scrolled down to that part of the page. Luckily I'm not at work today so I didn't embarrass myself. :)
2011-12-13 04:24:05 PM  

proton: [ image 640x800]

I've always thought Vin had WAYYY too much unibrow!
2011-12-13 05:16:53 PM  

MeinRS6: [ image 500x625]

Buttercup knew in her heart that her true love Wesley would rescue her from jail before she was forced to marry Humperdink.

WESTLEY... WESTLEY... it has a 'T'!!!!!

/have fun stormin the castle!
// brutesquad.
2011-12-13 05:41:23 PM  
Sir Fappsalot:

Awesome Username:

/Oh yes, there's voting
2011-12-15 09:09:00 AM

Goonies never say Die!
2011-12-15 10:52:47 AM
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