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(The Smoking Gun)   This week's Mugshot Roundup features geriatric facial tattoos, 18 year old twins, runny mascara, and one hell of a uni-brow   ( divider line
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29601 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Dec 2011 at 7:19 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2011-12-12 07:54:37 PM  

MeinRS6: [ image 500x625]

Buttercup knew in her heart that her true love Wesley would rescue her from jail before she was forced to marry Humperdink.

Nah, she is waiting for Patrick Dempsey to pick her up on a lawn mower.
2011-12-12 07:54:43 PM  

Current Resident: [ image 500x625]
[ image 330x400]

I think he looks like a young Dubya.
2011-12-12 07:57:25 PM

I'd load up their bowels.
2011-12-12 07:58:02 PM  

What ever became of Gilligan???

2011-12-12 07:59:04 PM
2011-12-12 07:59:28 PM

2011-12-12 07:59:49 PM
2011-12-12 08:00:16 PM

Arrested for possession of an open container.

Open container of what exactly, Beetlejuice?
2011-12-12 08:01:23 PM

"Arrested for urination in public, resisting an officer."

2011-12-12 08:01:27 PM
2011-12-12 08:02:39 PM  

Active introvert: This, my children, is why you should never get tattoos on your face. Not only with you look like a moron when the tattoos are fresh but when you get old, it just looks bad.

2011-12-12 08:04:04 PM  

AdolfOliverPanties: [ image 175x265]

Who knew Tebow was a germaphobe?

Im glad I wasnt the only one who saw Tebow in that pic.
2011-12-12 08:05:57 PM
2011-12-12 08:06:55 PM  

Somacandra: [ image 500x625]

My thoughts exactly.
2011-12-12 08:07:27 PM  

rebelyell2006: [ image 640x480]

I don't get there something different here?
2011-12-12 08:13:24 PM
Are You A Wizard?
Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

2011-12-12 08:13:49 PM  
I would bet my next six paychecks that #14 (Mr. Overly-Red har & beard guy) is a dumbass juggalo (yeah I know that's redundant).
2011-12-12 08:14:05 PM  

Gyrfalcon: rebelyell2006: [ image 640x480]

I don't get there something different here?

Accidentally hit the enable voting button.
2011-12-12 08:16:57 PM  
Gold caps, or does he just have yellow teefers?
2011-12-12 08:18:35 PM
2011-12-12 08:20:47 PM  
Sorry, #11 is Macaulay Culkin in drag...someone with skills, please verify....
2011-12-12 08:20:53 PM

"Draw me like one of your French girls..."
2011-12-12 08:21:31 PM  
Yeah, what's with all the gritted teeth this week? Just getting ready for an overanxious cellie?
2011-12-12 08:21:42 PM  

libranoelrose: [ image 600x750]

I love it!!!

/*starts furiously brainstorming*
2011-12-12 08:22:03 PM
2011-12-12 08:24:51 PM  

Mini Ditka: I love it!!!

Thanks MD!

Parasitic_Spin linked to a whole bunch of those. Try to use it whenever there's a mustache.

Anyone seen her around lately?
2011-12-12 08:28:36 PM
2011-12-12 08:34:52 PM
2011-12-12 08:35:52 PM  

hneftafl: What ever became of Gilligan???

[ image 380x270]

[ image 500x667]

2011-12-12 08:39:43 PM
2011-12-12 08:48:05 PM  
am I the only one that thought #6 was going to be the unibrow referenced in the headline?
2011-12-12 08:49:40 PM
2011-12-12 08:50:03 PM  
Do you folks like coffee?

REAL coffee? From the hills of Columbia?

2011-12-12 08:53:15 PM
2011-12-12 08:54:34 PM
2011-12-12 08:59:28 PM

Bathe her and bring her to me.
2011-12-12 09:02:16 PM  

libranoelrose: [ image 600x750]

Here come the nightmares!!!
2011-12-12 09:04:51 PM  

eudemonist: [ image 640x370]

I'd load up their bowels.

The one on the left is giving me that "come hither" look.
2011-12-12 09:06:31 PM
2011-12-12 09:08:43 PM
2011-12-12 09:08:47 PM  

Poo_Fight: [ image 500x625]

Bathe her and bring her to me.

I don't know man, she looks like Macaulay Culkin with a wig.
2011-12-12 09:08:56 PM  
#16 looks like he is being ass-raped.
2011-12-12 09:09:32 PM
2011-12-12 09:09:50 PM  

AdolfOliverPanties: [ image 175x265]

Who knew Tebow was a germaphobe?


/glad I wasn't the only one.
2011-12-12 09:10:27 PM
2011-12-12 09:12:57 PM
2011-12-12 09:13:33 PM

You know, i get that prison tattoos aren't always of premier caliber, but WTF is this? It looks like just random lines and shapes> Some of them overlapping, some colored in. Just a hodge podge of what-the-fark-ever. I mean, look at the shape around his one eye and the shapes on his neck.
2011-12-12 09:16:45 PM
2011-12-12 09:17:16 PM
2011-12-12 09:20:34 PM

Funny, I thought Lloyd Bridges was dead.
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