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(Some Lincoln Farker)   Lincoln, NE, Fark party. Link goes to list of bars. Where should we meet?   ( divider line
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934 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Oct 2003 at 2:37 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-09 01:55:27 PM  
2003-10-09 01:57:53 PM  
Hoo farkin' ray! 'Bout time!

Barrymores is always a good start.
2003-10-09 02:37:49 PM  
2003-10-09 03:15:48 PM  
Chuck E. Cheese
2003-10-09 03:26:18 PM  
Should I even bother organizing a Grand Rapids Fark party, seeing that the threads don't get much respect?
2003-10-09 06:50:06 PM  
Meet at the "secret" Lincoln gay bar. You know you want to.
2003-10-10 02:44:10 AM  
For a good-sized group, Old Chicago in the Haymarket is always good, though I'm not sure if a Lincoln Fark party is gonna qualify as good-sized, heh.

Any bar on O Street works for me.

/is a drunk-ass college kid
2003-10-10 02:47:23 AM  
2003-10-10 02:47:35 AM  
2003-10-10 02:48:09 AM  
2003-10-10 02:52:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-10 02:58:22 AM  
When are we doing this?
2003-10-10 03:04:50 AM  
Lets make it some place so that non-21 and over farkers can go too
2003-10-10 03:05:44 AM  
Somewhere slow would be a good start, easier to find people. Sandy's is usually pretty slow on the weekends and it's downtown.

However, if it's a game day, nowhere downtown is slow. Nowhere in town is slow.
2003-10-10 03:14:29 AM  
2003-10-10 03:15:05 AM  
meet at ed's house
2003-10-10 03:38:59 AM  
I'll even drive in from Hastings for this! Would someone email me and let me know when and where we are going? I really like the Library Lounge out Southeast of town, but anywhere downtown, even Q or Panic are fine with me.
2003-10-10 03:41:22 AM  
I saw her standin' on her front lawn just twirlin' her baton
Me and her went for a ride sir and ten innocent people died

From the town of Lincoln Nebraska with a sawed-off .410 on my lap
Through to the badlands of Wyoming I killed everything in my path

I can't say that I'm sorry for the things that we done
At least for a little while sir me and her we had us some fun

The jury brought in a guilty verdict and the judge he sentenced me to death
Midnight in a prison storeroom with leather straps across my chest

Sheriff when the man pulls that switch sir and snaps my poor neck back
You make sure my pretty baby is sittin' right there on my lap

They declared me unfit to live said into that great void my soul'd be hurled
They wanted to know why I did what I did
Well sir I guess there's just a meanness in this world


Someone had to. Good song.
2003-10-10 04:15:48 AM  
What we should do is have an Omaha fark party! Oh wait..It's this Saturday..and I posted the thing.. It's late..I'm confused..and possibly retarded.
Hope all goes well at the Lincoln party whenever you guys decide to have it. 'Bout time Nebraska got represented on this fark thingee!
2003-10-10 04:28:55 AM  
Okay. No more beer for me. I thought it was a list of bras the first time I read the headline. Doh!
2003-10-10 04:38:56 AM  
Big john's Billiards.

Cheap drinks and something to do besides just talk to what amount to total strangers thus making conversation much easier. **nods**
2003-10-10 05:44:01 AM  
heh, was going to say Crane River but it's gone and being turned into another brew pub at the moment. Doc's would be a good choice as well as Barrymores. The only place i know of that allows 21 and under (that isn't a bowling alley or full restraunt) to enter the door is YiaYia's but they are primarily a pizza place that just happens to have the most diverse collection of beers one could find behind a bar. Count me in if it's anytime from Oct 28 to Nov 3 (finally getting some vacation time). Heck, just count me in when ever it's scheduled to happen i'll be there and down a few with fellow Lincoln farkers. :P

/hope to be done working graves on weekends soon.
2003-10-10 08:29:05 AM  


Big John's Billiards
2003-10-10 08:31:53 AM  
When is a Denver party?
2003-10-10 08:42:49 AM  
Old Chicago .. Crane River.... would be kool.... but if you pick the Q then count me out.
2003-10-10 08:44:31 AM  
I would recommend BC's or Duffy's. Didn't know Fark was hitting Omaha AND Lincoln. Terrific.
2003-10-10 08:49:48 AM  
If you want to hit a place that underager-s can go to, Yia Yia's is wonderful. Pizza and a bazillion beers on tap.
2003-10-10 09:39:09 AM  
I'd vote for Old Chicago, talk crap AND drink Lithuanian beer!
2003-10-10 09:52:47 AM  
How about the 90210 Peach Pit, aka Main Street.
2003-10-10 10:03:19 AM  
hey lincoln, wanna adopt me? I'm not really into the omaha noon fark fun.

oh yeah, go to the watering hole for drinks.

great wings, and my sister in law is a bar wench there.
2003-10-10 10:07:35 AM  
That Web site is outdated and missing many bars.

What the hell is Zymurgys? (not the word, the bar)
2003-10-10 10:09:36 AM  
WHEN is the farkin' party? I, too, would make the trip from little ol' Hastings.

Let me put in a vote for Jia Jia's to begin with - I miss their pizza - and then we can finish up later just about anywhere else. There's only 25 or so bars to choose from downtown within walking distance ...
2003-10-10 10:18:48 AM  
OK, yeah, we definitely need a lincoln party... I heartily recommend the old chicago at south point, as well as crane river... but the best would have to be right outside my window as I type this, Legends. Wayyy out on 84th and Holdrege, but they've got good burgers, foosball, recliners, and internet access.

What more could you ask for?
2003-10-10 10:21:06 AM  
Yee Haw! I vote for Doc's, but only because I work right next to it. (I'm lazy.)

But then again, Luxowell brings up a good point that his bar wench sister-in-law works at The Watering Hole. Maybe we can score some freebies there.

And yes, Luxowell, come on down to the Lincoln party.

Now, when are we planning on having this thing, and will we need to bring condoms?
2003-10-10 10:26:21 AM  
Yeah, I forgot to ask when this might happen... next week?

Oh, and for those who don't know, the gay bar is called simply the "Q".

Which would attract a lot of star trek geeks, but I imagine the trekkie-gay overlap is next to nil.
2003-10-10 10:35:19 AM  
OH YEAH! Finaly a FARK party in Lincoln. I vote Legends! Without hesitation. Samwise knows what he is talking about, HDTV projectors, Internet, recliners, food, beer, and as long as we get some women out there, one could one ask for nothing more.
2003-10-10 10:39:38 AM  
LINCOLN! Here's a farking clue: get in the car and drive to Minneapolis. Who would want to go to a party in Lincoln?
2003-10-10 10:44:56 AM  
Samwise ...

Hey ... when is Mystic Cat?
2003-10-10 10:45:54 AM  
I vote for LEGENDS!

How about next week, Wednesday night, say about 8:00?
2003-10-10 11:13:43 AM  
Wednesday at 8 sounds good for me, but if we want the Hastings folks to be able to come, we should do it on a friday or saturday.

OAS AAS LLS, Dino... Kitty is december... uhm... 6th? Saw this year's schedule, and promptly forgot it.
2003-10-10 11:47:03 AM  
Well, I see we're not getting very far with this Fark party. As I figured, no one will ever be able to agree on a bar.

Let's just have it at my house. I have a big backyard. (Just kidding--don't you dare show up on my doorstep.)

Seriously, Friday or Saturday night. A weeknight isn't fair for the out-of-towners or people like me who work for a living.

Any bar is ultimately acceptable (even though I will biatch if it's a pansy ass no-smoking bar).

Pick somewhere and make it either a Friday or Saturday.

/the wise old woman speaks
2003-10-10 12:00:06 PM  
I need to see this year's schedule, Samwise. When is black? Have I missed it?
/hoping not
2003-10-10 12:15:05 PM  
Next weekend works for me - Oct 17 or 18. Again, I go with Legends. Or someplace downtown. Basically, any place that serves booze. I'm easy. And I mean that.
2003-10-10 12:26:20 PM  

I'm stuck in freakin' FRESNO and a Fark party is going on in my hometown! AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!


YiaYia's would be sounds good now and it's 9:22 am here!

Barrymore's can either be empty or full, depending on when you go

O'Rourke's or Duffy's on a weekday might be a good choice.

I can't believe that Crane River more Zlate Pivo (Czech-derived brew) for Mofo.

And I'm so glad that nobody suggested the Rail.
2003-10-10 12:31:56 PM  
My vote is for starting at Woody's Pub on O Street or Old Chicago in the Hay Market. Both are large and easy to find. Actually, I think Old Chicago in the Market is the best idea. Parking on or around O can be atrocious on weekends and also we should meet at a place for under 21s incase any show up. After that we can either move down O St hopping (or crawling) along. BTW PsychoLaurie, I hope you make it. I'm from Hastings originally too.
2003-10-10 12:34:19 PM  
What does "OAS AAS LLS" mean, fratboys?
2003-10-10 12:39:43 PM  
Good idea, Kahran. Woody's or OC sounds great.

Doc's should be on the menu, I like the Haymarket and they mix a pretty good cocktail.
2003-10-10 01:14:39 PM  
Hmmm. Drinkin with Lincoln.
2003-10-10 01:17:19 PM  
Anyone work with ITI?
2003-10-10 01:55:48 PM  
So is there someone out thee who is actually going to make a decision or are we all going to get drunk by ourselves and call it a party like those Minnesotans.
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