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(Nature)   Beer and obesity: A cross-sectional study   ( divider line
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7629 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Oct 2003 at 4:06 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-09 10:15:25 AM  
where do you sign up for these studies?
2003-10-09 11:24:05 AM  
Conclusion: It is unlikely that beer intake is associated with a largely increased WHR or BMI.

I don't know if BMI would be accurate. I want to see liver density scans. When I was taking my biology classes, we had to look at cadavers. The instructor had a 45-pound liver that was taken out of a woman who weighed 110 pounds when she died.
2003-10-09 02:58:56 PM  
Here comes the science...
2003-10-09 03:11:03 PM  
Is this about how beer makes you sleep with fat chicks?
2003-10-09 03:31:46 PM  
It's nice to finally see a link to a real scientific study, one in which the methods and design are propertly reported in addition to the conclusion...
2003-10-09 04:09:29 PM  
The positive association between beer intake and WHR was stronger in men with BMI below the median level (regression coefficient 0.002/1 l of beer per week) than in men above median BMI (coefficient 0.001),

I've been saying this for years.
2003-10-09 04:09:54 PM  
"here comes the science"
2003-10-09 04:12:34 PM  
At 160 calories a can, it's not helping you lose weight.
2003-10-09 04:13:06 PM  
reading it feels like a hangover. phhhbbbtthhhtt.
2003-10-09 04:13:25 PM  
Huh? This isn't news.
2003-10-09 04:14:46 PM  
wait just a minute there, on all the beer advertizements the people are fit and happy. This recent study leads be to believe there are people who think the beer companies are trying to fool us. I'm telling Ashcroft.
2003-10-09 04:14:46 PM  
99 bottles of beer on the wall,
99 bottles of beer,
drink 5 down,
add 2 more pounds,
94 bottles of beer on the wall.
2003-10-09 04:17:00 PM  
Tbyte, The fact that eating to much makes you fat isn't news, but people understand that even less than about beer. Or the fact that you really should get some exercise.

/Meanwhile every man thinks he's a few sit ups away from being Mr America... Bitter humor from someone who's actually in shape.
2003-10-09 04:17:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-09 04:19:52 PM  
-actually- in shape? or a few situps away from mr america?
2003-10-09 04:23:07 PM  
You guys ever notice Drew never appears on threads about fat people.
2003-10-09 04:23:46 PM  
Now who can argue with that?
2003-10-09 04:23:47 PM  
HipShot -

You so smart! I impressed!

Actually, I've thought the whole "beer makes you fat" thing was a bunch of nonsense. I've known plenty of people who drank their body weight in beer weekly (almost literally) who were quite thin. It's the chips and snacks and such (when taken in excess and with no exercise) that are the more likely culprits. In my opinion.

Nice to see this examined scientifically.
2003-10-09 04:25:27 PM  
D@mmit.... I get to read about juvi deliquence,resilience
and boring stats all day to get my M.S. yet you Farkers get to read about weeners and and beer to get your M.F. (Masters in Farking)

I say to you good day!
2003-10-09 04:26:48 PM  
/Saw that coming....
Works out 3-4 times a week for at about an hour.
4 hours of martial arts a week
4-5 hours archery
Misc exercises for several more hours...
Body fat =5% I think normal is 6-12 for a guy?? Anyone who knows chime in
Trying to do fencing too, but it clashes w/ the other activites.
/Right now I'm on the journey, think I'll be lifting how much I want to by late november, but just set new goals then....
2003-10-09 04:27:28 PM  
There's a sandwich in every beer.
2003-10-09 04:29:23 PM  
Wait a minute.

On the fat sex thread, we got all kinds of gross pictures of women.

Now on the beer belly thread, we don't get any gross pictures of men???

I call foul.

Or everyone here is a beer belly guy.

/hippy, liberal, fair play rant :D
2003-10-09 04:29:32 PM  

There's a sandwich in every beer.

Wow. Talk about efficient. I knew I shoulda been buying the "chunky" style.
2003-10-09 04:33:36 PM  
You know, I cannot believe nobody approved my Jarome Iginla link. For shame, Fark, For shame.
2003-10-09 04:33:59 PM  
Blue Dog
There's a sandwich in every beer
Althouh liquids do get digested different than solids (Scientist's haven't worked that out yet) I think you're having small sandwiches... (130 cals?)
2003-10-09 04:34:43 PM  
The mean weekly beer intake was 3.1 l in men and 0.3 l in women.

Come on, that's a beer every 3 weeks for the average woman in this study, and one every other to every third day for the everage man. I drink more than 3 beers just on one night in the weekend. Something either screwy about their sample or Czechs don't drink much (or drink stuff besides beer).
2003-10-09 04:35:40 PM  
Every night that I go on a bender, I end up weighing like 5 lbs less the next morning. Take that!
2003-10-09 04:37:43 PM  
Hunter you need to chill out & have a beer.
2003-10-09 04:37:54 PM  

It's more like, if I'm drinking on the weekend, I go through somewhere between 12-20 beers in a night. Granted that's kinda high, but in any given week my GF and I go though at least 5 cases of beer.

People taking surveys lie.
2003-10-09 04:38:00 PM  
VesuviusDC -

Or maybe a serving of Czech beer is really big!
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-10-09 04:38:21 PM  
I don't drink beer so somebody out there needs to drink 6.2l per week.
2003-10-09 04:39:07 PM  
Gotcha well covered ZAZ
2003-10-09 04:39:16 PM  
mmmmm.... beer sandwich....

/running to the fridge
2003-10-09 04:40:41 PM  
spicyitalian is that from dehydration alone or do you use the Boot & Rally technique.
I know in highschool before I built up a pretty big tollerance I had abs of steel.
Nothing better then dry heaving for the abs.
2003-10-09 04:40:59 PM  

Done and done.

So far I have not found the science.
~Soul Coughing

2003-10-09 04:41:16 PM  
Hunter_1984 "I think normal is 6-12 for a guy??"

"Normal" for someone without a visible gut is like 8 (for very slim people) to 14 (for very wide people).

A "normal" person with a gut is more like 20-25% fat.

Have you been measured at 5%? 3-5% is competition level for body building contests, usually gained through a month or more of dieting before the contest. It's something only ectomorphs can typically maintain year round - ectomorphs who weight train and do cardio for 3 hours a week.
2003-10-09 04:41:36 PM  
Zaz ... me either, so make that
Still sounds low from what I've seen....
I didn't read the whole article, so by mean weekly intake do they mean cases, or did they specify a single beer?
2003-10-09 04:49:21 PM  

I'm guessing it's mostly dehydration, since I physically cannot do the technicolor yawn. But's it's also in spite of the fact that I drink about a half gallon of water through the night for hangover prevention.

2003-10-09 04:49:29 PM  
So I've been asking my friends hwo many beers they drink. None of us have guts (most of us are runners). The responses:

Me: prob 8-15 per week (plus the occasional martini)
Friend 1: 10-30
Friend 2: 8-20
Friend 3: 5-10 (he drinks martinis are such though)

Are we a nation of drunks, or do the Czechs lie?

If we get 20 people in here to fess up to their average weekly beer consumption, we have a p-value enough for a random survey.

Fess up!
2003-10-09 04:51:17 PM  
Fooshnik measured at 5% at my school (MTU) Eating habits are consuming more food than most people think I could fit, so I would guess it's just metabolism..
2003-10-09 04:54:39 PM  
I found the article much too short (MTS). In the future (ITF), please post longer articles filled with meaniless scientific jargon (MSJ)...
2003-10-09 04:54:48 PM  
Vesivius you don't know your statistics....
First this isn't random, its farkers who choose to exam the comments...
Secondly random survey that would be a survey consisting of random questions... A survey of randomly selected people is what I think you meant even if it's not true..
2003-10-09 04:55:22 PM  

I'll fess, no prob.
Weekdays: between 6-12 probably 3-5 days a week
Weekends: between 10-22 more than likely Fri and Sat...
so, in the area of 38 to 104 a week...but I drink light beer mostly
2003-10-09 04:55:25 PM  
VesuviusDC: OK,you're on. 10 beers a day, 160#, 5' 10". 41 years old,no gut. Wife and I ride 10 miles a day on bikes. Should be easy to get your p-value in this thread. ;)
2003-10-09 04:56:25 PM  
Here's a some research for ya:

1. I don't drink beer
2. I'm fat

Study complete.
2003-10-09 04:58:31 PM  
You mean my 12 pack a night regimine ISN'T the cause for my weight gain? Phweeeew, thank farking God!
2003-10-09 05:01:15 PM  
Hunter I do know my statistics. That was a joke foo.

Plus, all the so called "Random Populations" can be biased in one way or another if you look hard enough.

I'm questioning their "random sampling".
2003-10-09 05:08:39 PM  
"Random" population??? What choosing to exam every say white or black depending on the "random?" (That's odd)
Considering a population examination looks at every member of itself. If one guy doesn't answer its then a sample; even with a million people or more...
But yes, random samples aren't... Unless they come up with a scheme to roll a fair die, choose out of every member... (LOL) In which case this would have spent years just picking the people because computer random() is actually repetitive...
Either way it's amusing.
2003-10-09 05:10:44 PM  
Once again, i point out the formula...

Calories in > calories burned = weight gain.

SO, you can have naturally thin people who drink beer and gain weight, and you can have naturally fat people who abstain.

MAYBE they should have had people who were skinny and fat drink a set number of beers a week, without changing food intake or workout routines, and see if they gained weight or not. Then you would know how much beer contributed to weight gain.

This ain't rocket science.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-10-09 05:11:09 PM  
Like safeinsane, I'm overweight (but not legally considered "obese" any more, I think) even though I don't drink beer.

The unit is liters, not "beers". In other words, the males in the study drink one pint per day on average and the females are too embarrassed to admit that they drink.
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