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(NYPost)   Fatal Alaska bear mauling was taped. Tape hits the Internet in three... two... one...   ( divider line
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25171 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Oct 2003 at 9:46 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-09 09:49:09 AM  
He just wanted a pic-a-nic basket
2003-10-09 09:50:53 AM  
I was brought up on TV, not radio!
2003-10-09 09:51:07 AM  
lol I knew there was going to be a video of this. Can't wait to see it.
2003-10-09 09:51:23 AM  
I hate going to the mall.
2003-10-09 09:52:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-09 09:52:55 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-09 09:53:35 AM  
my money is on the bear.
2003-10-09 09:53:55 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-09 09:54:57 AM  
if one more person says "blah blah in 3...2...1.." im gonna go crazy
2003-10-09 09:54:57 AM  
bah shoulda read article first, well I guess I could always hear it.
2003-10-09 09:55:32 AM  
The Ranger isn't going to like this, Yogi.
F*ck the Ranger, Boo-boo. I'm eating him anyway.

I don't want to hear this. I can barely stand to hear my dog eat his dog chow.
2003-10-09 09:55:41 AM  
Heard it went kinda like this:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-09 09:56:09 AM  
Play dead, play dead!!! ahhh!!!

Let me tell you, there are a lot of ways to die... and that would be one of the ways I would most definetely try to avoid.
2003-10-09 09:56:46 AM  
he should have just remained calm and punched the bear in the nose
2003-10-09 09:57:18 AM  
Tragic, but it proves once again that no one is an "expert" when it comes to animal behavior. Get well Roy!
2003-10-09 09:58:24 AM  
Internet, nothing. It will be on Fox probably by tonight.

"When Bears Attack" tonight, followed by Game 2 of the ALCS!
2003-10-09 09:58:39 AM  
Feskan goes crazy in 3,2,1...
2003-10-09 09:59:38 AM  
Speaking of which, where is the tiger attacking Roy tape?
2003-10-09 10:00:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-09 10:00:54 AM  
couldn't resist
2003-10-09 10:01:36 AM  
It'll be like BumFights. Of course, it will probably attract the attention of PETA. "Will somebody please think of the bears?"
2003-10-09 10:02:15 AM  
Sounds like the farking Blair Witch to me.
2003-10-09 10:05:13 AM  
I'm an animal "expert" and here's my opinion - *never* trust anything that is either bigger than you, meaner than you, or has the ability to kill/eat you.

Follow this simple rule, and you should be OK for the most part.
2003-10-09 10:06:15 AM  
I can never remember; do you play dead when getting attacked by a dear? Or is that a mountain lion? What about gorillas? With some animal you're supposed to yell and make yourself look bigger. I have no idea which one, though.
2003-10-09 10:06:35 AM  
Ten Inches

That apartment sounds like a great deal.....I'm actually tempted to call about it
2003-10-09 10:06:48 AM  
Yeah, where IS the tape of Roy and the tiger? Them, and the bear too, will end up on "When Good Pets Go Bad"
2003-10-09 10:07:26 AM  
Treadwell changes his name to Treadwell On My Girlfriend While I Mosey On Down The Mountain in 3...2...1
2003-10-09 10:08:26 AM  
If anyone's keeping score at home, they might want to add that eagle almost taking out Derek Jeter during the pre-game intros last night.

/Animal Kingdom consiracy
2003-10-09 10:09:23 AM  
Ho hum. Maulings are so out.
2003-10-09 10:09:24 AM  
Yeah, where IS the tape of Roy and the tiger? Them, and the bear will be on "When Good Pets Go Bad"....or is it "When Animals Attack"?
2003-10-09 10:09:55 AM  
WOW...not only do audioedits suck, they're dangerous, too!!!
2003-10-09 10:13:05 AM  
People get bitten by their own dogs periodically, and this git thinks he "knows bears"

RIP. Hope he didn't breed.
2003-10-09 10:13:21 AM  
"We're here, we're queer, we don't want any more bears!"

/Springfield Bear Patrol
2003-10-09 10:13:40 AM  
You know, on reflection, I nominate this guy for a Darwin.
2003-10-09 10:13:45 AM  
I hear he's doing very well at acting dead right now...

/hey... why's it all warm in here all of a sudden? And who's the guy with the pitchfork?
2003-10-09 10:13:51 AM  
Best to just leave them alone in the first place.
2003-10-09 10:14:10 AM  
the Inernet ???

Hooked on phonics did not work for this poster !
2003-10-09 10:16:15 AM  
Dammit! Let the bears pay the bear tax!!!
2003-10-09 10:16:34 AM  
Someone needs to post this for an Audio Edit

/No I am not serious. Being eaten alive has to be the worst way to die
2003-10-09 10:17:04 AM  
Yar har har, Cletus! We got them thar new fangled Inernet!
2003-10-09 10:19:29 AM  
While I'm up here I think I'll call my ma.
2003-10-09 10:20:04 AM  
Friggen Country Bear Jambourou going on here!

Damn Imagints!
2003-10-09 10:20:46 AM  
The one thing that could have saved his ass, he wasn't allowed - a firearm. I used to deal with Alaskan's on a pretty regular basis, and there's good reasons they can't stand people from New York or California. The tourists go home, they live there all year round. They have to go find the bear which has now developed a taste for human flesh, and hope they got the one that ate the tourist. This means disembowling the bear to see if someone is inside. The truely horrifying thing though was the girlfriend who watched her bf get eaten, and then saw the bear turn on herself...
2003-10-09 10:22:13 AM  
Remember the Onion's point counterpoint "Woooo Bears!" vs. "AAAAGH! Bears!"? One guy was a football fan and the other guy was getting mauled.
2003-10-09 10:22:49 AM  
I found the transcript of the tape:

Bear: *crunch crunch swallow*
2003-10-09 10:22:57 AM  
Hey yeah that's true, Roy finally got his comeupins.
2003-10-09 10:23:42 AM  
lol sneech
2003-10-09 10:25:18 AM  
:) Sneech
2003-10-09 10:27:27 AM  
soft on the outside, crunchy on the inside
2003-10-09 10:27:50 AM  
OK, call me a coward, but i really dont think i ever want to listen to this.
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