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(CBS News)   Iowa police dealing with quantum suicides   ( divider line
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21685 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Oct 2003 at 12:21 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-09 12:22:29 AM  
2003-10-09 12:23:49 AM  
If I lived in Iowa, I'd kill myself too...
2003-10-09 12:25:09 AM  
that would be "one". Who ever heard of half a suicide?
2003-10-09 12:25:17 AM  
Living in Iowa? Understandable. In California? Definitely.
2003-10-09 12:25:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

these guys could help those kids...
2003-10-09 12:26:09 AM  
teen suicide don't do it!

2003-10-09 12:27:15 AM  

The headline refers to entanglement.

Another instance of entanglement can be found in the crazy homeless people walking around large cities. You think they're talking to themselves, but they're actually talking to homeless folks in other parts of the country, insidiously plotting their hostile takeover.

tinfoil hat:

2003-10-09 12:28:24 AM  
c'mon, people! We're behind Lithuania, for god's sake!

/probably time for me to go to bed now
2003-10-09 12:29:06 AM  
I for one welcome and invite our new homeless over lords

/end threadjack

That kid had a problem deal with it, not act like a little wussy and end it all
2003-10-09 12:29:08 AM  
I don't understand why these teenagers are so farking stupid! They are killing themselves now! OMG my friend committed suicide! And they want to kill themselves too?!
Is the stupid virus spreading faster? Don't they understand that there is another way to reacting to death, like I dunno grieving over the dead? Sheesh!
2003-10-09 12:30:41 AM  
Hey gang, I know what can solve our financial problems! Let's all kill ourselves!

You go first.
2003-10-09 12:31:36 AM  
I like Iowa.
2003-10-09 12:31:46 AM  
Damn our Police are stupid....
Anyway There is going to be a Zero Tolerance rule for killing yourself now...

/Living in Des Moines
2003-10-09 12:33:12 AM  
we need to flash these kids ahead to freshman year of college when they find out they make new friends and only talk to the old ones on AIM like twice a month.
2003-10-09 12:33:17 AM  
This reminds me of that Monty Python Skit where all these people start killing themselves..
2003-10-09 12:33:49 AM  
hmm, i thought that was a good solution

al, why haven't i leaped yet?
2003-10-09 12:36:40 AM  
Aren't all suicides quantised? You have an alive state, and a dead state. There are non stable states in between (although there are unstable ones that involve a lot of gagging, twitch or quitly bleeding).

What? A bus ticket? No thanks, I have my own way of getting there.
2003-10-09 12:37:17 AM  
I think we got one of them kids who was bullied retaliating with like insane telepathic mind powers.
/tinfoil hat missing, using waxpaper hat.
2003-10-09 12:38:18 AM  
All of this because of some crazy accident which killed a few of their classmates. But then I knew a few kids who went to Lincoln, lots of crazy shiat going on there.

/Also lives in Des Moines
2003-10-09 12:38:30 AM  
I think this refers to people who commit suicide in closed containers. Cuz' you know, you don't if they're dead or alive, then you gotta open the box, and then there's the uncertainty principle, and stuff.

/got nothing
2003-10-09 12:42:30 AM  
"This reminds me of that Monty Python Skit where all these people start killing themselves.."

I would not mind going thru the streets of Iowa (?) yelling, "Bring out yer dead, bring out yer dead."
"But I'm not dead yet ..."

2003-10-09 12:44:35 AM  
Thank Iowa if you have ate today.
2003-10-09 12:47:11 AM  
Maybe they all saw that movie that makes you die one week later.

2003-10-09 12:47:13 AM  
2003-10-09 12:48:41 AM  
first: i really enjoyed the headline.
second: people have used that little move where they go "/XXXX" at the end of their post 8 times already. It is getting out of hand.

2003-10-09 12:48:44 AM  
The puzzle game Lemmings has been blamed for the recent deaths, as well as penguins, sausages, and the letter B.
2003-10-09 12:49:04 AM  
Never would've happened in Urbandale. No one cares enough.

/ex-Des Moines highschool student
2003-10-09 12:49:43 AM  
10 times now
2003-10-09 12:49:56 AM  
I say allow it to happen... More pizza for me.
2003-10-09 12:50:26 AM  
/this is getting out of hand, dammit!

/oh yeah.

/sorry about that, my bad.

2003-10-09 12:51:07 AM  
/yeah, what the hell is that "/" thing? seriously, where did it come from? i hate it. almost as much as "733t" or whatever. TYPE ENGLISH
2003-10-09 12:51:21 AM  
well done Sod A Dog.

My brain just exploded.
2003-10-09 12:54:54 AM  
Hey, I like Iowa too and I'm not just saying that because I live here. But Des Moines is pretty weird.
2003-10-09 12:55:52 AM  
Schrdinger is using people now?
2003-10-09 12:58:23 AM  
is it necessary for me to point out the problems with the english in what you typed? this is the internet. in a forum people generally type like they speak and throw in a few more shortcuts.

/sick of telling people that language is evolving and pointing out we no longer speak middle english
2003-10-09 12:58:44 AM  
2003-10-09 12:59:40 AM  
2003-10-09 01:00:01 AM  
Suicide is like the eighth most fun thing to do in Iowa. I'm just sayin', is all.
2003-10-09 01:00:41 AM  
2003-10-09 01:01:27 AM  

IS that better Microwavable?
2003-10-09 01:01:36 AM  
started out as


if memory serves, an old IRC way of adding your name to a comment.

Such as

/me says you're an idiot.

would be

/DarthBrooks says you're an idiot.

Get it?

/DarthBrooks gets it.

/now hackneyed
2003-10-09 01:02:06 AM  
this article is creepy. suicide becomes a high school fad. somehow, this is MTV's fault.

anyway, check this. there was a college student in my neighborhood who was very near graduation not too long ago. upper-middle class white kid. his parents financed his eduation, of course - they sent him personal checks to cover tuition once a semester. around $12,000 a year, they sent him.

only he dropped out after his first semester. but he never told his parents. he would go home for the holidays and summer and lie about his enrollment. and he'd still pocket their checks, living like a king on campus, no worries, plenty of money to cover him.

so flash forward to the weekend of senior graduation. his folks come up to his place for the ceremony . . . only to find him dead. hung himself. now, i'm not sure if it had everything to do with the swindling of his parents (how do you explain THAT?), but its a pretty sad case regardless.
2003-10-09 01:02:43 AM  
__ Samson __
2003-10-09 01:04:39 AM  
louiedog -

evolving my ass. just how do you pronounce "/" then? "Errggghph?"

sorry, but after hearing a girl actually say "L O L!" in conversation last week i've got a new pet peeve.
2003-10-09 01:05:14 AM  
2003-10-09 01:05:16 AM  
I think we should abandon even bothering to talk about these stupid kids. Obviously, we 1.) don't care, and 2.) have been attempting to threadjack this from the very beginning anyway.

\ti kcuf
2003-10-09 01:07:46 AM  
wow, my first threadjack. may as well enjoy it before it is deleted.

Darthbrooks, I am familiar with the etymology, but just think it is over/misused. sorry to interrupt.

2003-10-09 01:09:07 AM  
what's your damage loudmouthsoup?
2003-10-09 01:11:46 AM  
In democratic Iowa, suicide kills you!

/got nuthin'
2003-10-09 01:12:32 AM  

written language isn't the same as spoke language

they each have limitations that the other doesn't

"/" started as an indication an action or a piece of information you wouldn't normally be saying verbally.

it's gone a little farther than that now, but i can deal with that.

i agree about that girl saying "l o l" is stupid. i don't see a use for that in spoke english, it's pointless. but i think it's completely separate from the "/"
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