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(NYPost)   William Shatner denies farting in front of Leonard Nimoy   ( divider line
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9658 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Nov 2001 at 5:09 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-06 05:13:40 PM  
ew Shatner farts!
2001-11-06 05:14:35 PM  
This belongs in the great book of "Who Cares?"
2001-11-06 05:15:41 PM  
"To boldly go"
2001-11-06 05:16:10 PM  
at least the captin's log wasn't involved
2001-11-06 05:17:23 PM  
...which resembled the flatulence that can result from the roiling of gases in the intestine or stomach...

We get it. You had us at "flatulence".
2001-11-06 05:17:39 PM  
whoa, Funky_Thrasher is in some kind of time warp
2001-11-06 05:18:37 PM  
Ya, but what is Leonard Nimoy's side of the story?
2001-11-06 05:19:00 PM  
Spock: "Captain, sensors are detecting large amounts of what appears to be 'Dirty Fart' eminating from the bridge.
2001-11-06 05:20:09 PM  
oh well. Shatner always was a dick.
2001-11-06 05:23:16 PM  
Dogsoul - We'll have to ask Nimoy that when he comes back around.
2001-11-06 05:24:55 PM  
"The sound... was somehow caused by "cables" that became "entangled" in a device known as a "jib arm" that held a "camera""

I used to think I knew what these "words" meant.
2001-11-06 05:24:56 PM  
Is there a real video clip or an mpeg or avi of this somewhere?
2001-11-06 05:28:33 PM  
What's even funnier is the seriousness with which they reported it...I could see this on E.T. as "Late Wind -breaking News"
2001-11-06 05:29:38 PM  
Spock-"Beam me up now,fer crissakes.Kirk crapped his pants."
Kirk-"That'll help you to live long and prosper,mutha fugger!"
2001-11-06 05:32:15 PM  
I'm so happy to see that the NY press is back to reporting typical news items like this.
This article proves we're winning the war on terrorism.
SHATNER FARTS! (War coverage, page 36.)
2001-11-06 05:32:33 PM  
At least he wasn't singing.
2001-11-06 05:32:33 PM  
Kirk - Set course for... Uranus.
Spock - Uranus is large and gassy is it not?
Kirk - Yes... It is.
2001-11-06 05:35:13 PM  
screw shatner!!!!!!!
2001-11-06 05:35:55 PM  
Shatner is the past tense of shiatner, so something is definitely up with his digestive system.
2001-11-06 05:36:38 PM  
Goku - Ok! I got a thing for that man and I don't even care if he farted. He's still a long as you can swim, you can date him!
2001-11-06 05:37:02 PM  
The truly sad thing about this story is that it's probably going to _improve_ sales of the video.
2001-11-06 05:39:01 PM  
pathetic as hell, how desperate do you have to be to run this drivel. investors better jump ship like the rats they are.
2001-11-06 05:42:02 PM  
Dog's Hole?
2001-11-06 05:42:07 PM  
thats not what i meant CABOOZY you freak!!!!!
2001-11-06 05:42:30 PM  
2001-11-06 05:44:24 PM  
Feral-kiwi - man... have you heard him sing?
My Shatner list (most to least preferred):
- farting (ugh)
- singing (ouch)
- writing (FLEE!)

... at least his farts can't be that much worse than anyone else's ...
2001-11-06 05:46:03 PM  
I happen to love what William did with Fear of Pop (Ben Folds project) I think he has a style of his own and a velvety voice. Excuse me while I change my panties.
2001-11-06 05:47:42 PM  
Trouble with Tribbles? More like the Trouble with Burritos.
2001-11-06 05:48:16 PM  
I ... um ... call invocation on the great & benevolent Drew, a.k.a. "the all-seeing": dude, when are we going to catch up with Funky_Thrasher? Wazzupwithat?

( ... do you ever incarnate the Internet Oracle, BTW?)
2001-11-06 05:57:25 PM  
who really cares.... but, for the record... HE FARTED!
2001-11-06 05:58:50 PM  
France surrenders.
2001-11-06 06:00:19 PM  
Why the unholy fark is this news?
We really don't need to hear about this little squabble out in the real world...
2001-11-06 06:01:46 PM  
whoever smelt it dealt it.
2001-11-06 06:03:25 PM  
Captain Kirk is here to fart on the people of Afghanistan
2001-11-06 06:06:37 PM  
Damn it Jim, I'm a medical doctor not a gastrologist!
2001-11-06 06:06:55 PM  
Hey, he's old now!
It happens, you know?
2001-11-06 06:07:08 PM  
This must make Wil Wheaton smile, since Shatner is always such a farging bastige to him.
2001-11-06 06:07:29 PM  
I did not have sexual relations with that green woman.
2001-11-06 06:17:32 PM  
Blame it on the Tribbles
2001-11-06 06:18:39 PM  
I think we need a new tag: "The Shat"
Did y'all know ge have a LOT of money to MacGill University so he could have building named after him? I can see it: "Yeah, I got class in the Shat/ the Captain Kirk in fifteen..'
2001-11-06 06:25:50 PM  
Another name change, Wil: Now it's "WILLIAM FARTING SHATNER!"
2001-11-06 06:30:32 PM  
I tell you guys... he did fart. I heard the sound byte on the radio a few weeks ago.. he did seem to pause.. like he was aligning his arse for a fart (Or trying to prevent it) ... then "Prrrrrpp !!" and conversation continued...

Jib Squeak, eh ?

Highly Unlikely.
2001-11-06 06:45:12 PM  
do vulcans fart, i wonder?
2001-11-06 06:45:28 PM  
audio link, please! we all must hear Shatner sharing his pork & beans with Nimoy.
2001-11-06 06:51:55 PM  
perhaps holding in all that gas is what makes them so uptight and logical

where e'er you be,
let your wind go free

that's what my great-grandmother used to say
2001-11-06 06:51:58 PM  
Jib Squeak.
Barking Spider.
Stepped on a Duck.
Thunder Storm Rolling In.
House Settling.
Cracked My Coccyx.
This Chair Needs Grease.
Pardon My French.
2001-11-06 06:52:48 PM  
This is the most beutiful thing I have ever seen...
2001-11-06 06:55:47 PM  
(sung to the tune of Springsteen's "Everybody's Got A Hungry Heart")

Everybody's gotta burp and fart
Everybody's gotta burp and fart
Else your insides will be blown apart
Everybody's gotta bur-ur-urp and fart

Everybody's gotta burp and fart
Everybody's gotta burp and fart
You eat your chili and you take your shot
Everybody's gotta bur-ur-urp and fart

(saxamaphone solo)
2001-11-06 07:11:21 PM  
........well...uhhh..How Bout...them...Yank.....I mean Diamondbacks?boobies.
2001-11-06 07:14:19 PM  
Whoever denied it supplied it.
2001-11-06 07:22:20 PM  
"You did it Kirk! Answer me! Don't wait for the translation!"

"I have, at times, passed gas."

"You are sentenced to life imprisonment on Rura Pente."

"Don't worry, Bones, Spock knows where I am. He'll just follow his nose."
2001-11-06 07:23:12 PM  
Hee! Like the George Carlin routine....

"Say there's 2 people in the elevator,and one of them farts...EVERYBODY knows..."

too much news(?)for one day......
2001-11-06 07:24:40 PM  
"Beam me up Scotty" JUST DON'T FART ON ME!!!!!
2001-11-06 07:24:48 PM  
McCoy: Something crawled up your ass and its dead Jim
2001-11-06 07:26:59 PM  
Shatner farted on Nimoy??? Shatner should have shiat on Nimoy!!!
2001-11-06 07:34:18 PM  
There is no bad publicity.
2001-11-06 07:46:06 PM  
2001-11-06 07:50:58 PM  
verttttttttttttttttttttt who cares
2001-11-06 08:01:52 PM  
Too much ass sex for Will?
2001-11-06 08:21:31 PM  
That's "musical fruit".
2001-11-06 08:34:48 PM  
Scotty: Captain! I'm detecting a plasma discharge! It's a core breach!
Chekov: Farts were invented by a Russian.
Uhura: Open your own damned hailing frequency!
Worf: If I could breathe, I would kill you where you stand.
Picard: We surrender!
2001-11-06 08:49:08 PM  
Kirk:Spock....I....heard.........something strange....what's, it was me?......Spock you have stated...many times that....Vulcans are above emotion...................what was I talking about?...Oh yes, you have said that Vulcans are above showing forms of emotion...but you never said.... ANYTHING... about not exibiting bodily functions....I say it was you!!You who...created that flatulent sound!!!
Spock: That would be completely illogical Captain. Unlike yourself, with a bunch of crappy albums 4 sale as well as crappier commercials and guest spots in movies, I have NO work Captain, none. Therefore I want, no need this video to sell. To take away from its validity as an essential addition to any Trekkie's collection would be completely unsound in judgement...I need another beer, take five.
2001-11-06 09:01:56 PM  
Nimoy: I smell dick. Did you burp?
Shatner: No, I farted.
2001-11-06 09:10:46 PM  
WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAhahahahha ha ha hmmm..oh.

also there is this!
been around a while, but still as funny as ever..
2001-11-06 09:32:28 PM  
WHAT? Vulcan's don't fart?????
2001-11-06 09:43:00 PM  
Man, talk about an asshole.

2001-11-06 09:53:30 PM  
2001-11-06 09:59:17 PM  
Did he make that "K- K- K- Khaaaaan!" face?
2001-11-06 09:59:30 PM  
I heard the audio clip of this a few weeks ago on the Howard Stern show-- Howard played it repeatedly for about 5 or 6 minutes. I'm no camera tech, but it sounded like a bodily omission to me.
2001-11-06 10:35:23 PM  
"bodily omission"

2001-11-06 11:20:16 PM  
"bodily omission"? Is that when you can't find your ass with both hands in your back pockets?
2001-11-06 11:33:28 PM  
Dear God, has no one an audio link of this they can share???
My life will not be complete until I hear Shatner float an air biscuit.
2001-11-06 11:33:39 PM  
omission, emission, omisssion, emission (I promise to practice until I get this right, guys)

That is pretty funny...

Well, I guess I'd rather be known as an amusing idiot, than an overly-opinionated frustrating one. Things could be worse, much much worse.
2001-11-07 12:03:52 AM  
Good link. I want a pic of Shatner's smiling face as he let it fly. Funny stuff. *taps pencil on table*

~ Pinky ~
2001-11-07 12:13:51 AM  
Feral-kiwi: You have a good point- I hadn't thought about it quite like that. I can see the amusement of making beligerant, ignorant remarks and basking in the chaos that ensues- especially with some of the heated debates that I've seen occur on this site. We could make it a game- a greatly engineered comment, coupled with stratgeic throwing a gernade...BAM! and duck as the wildfire of angry farker posts come tumbling in. Mwahahaha.

As far as Shatner goes, I'll get out my raid.
2001-11-07 02:41:15 AM  
Ever notice that in a relationship, true intimacy is achieved when both partners can comfortably pass gas in each other's company?

Early in the morning, waking up. Those are the most musical of farts.

My ex and I would lay in bed early on Saturday mornings, tooting away.

I would jokingly refer to ourselves as "The Trumpeters of the New Dawn".

She got the house and the car. I got the boot.
2001-11-07 04:12:55 AM  
Tucci:: She got the house and the car. I got the boot.

Yeah, but if that was a Saturday morning ritual, the house still stinks. You win.
2001-11-07 09:18:46 AM  
Tucci: She got the house and the car. I got the boot.
You cut the car in half?

2001-11-07 07:41:09 PM  
Headline taken from The Kindling

Area Man Smelled It, But Adamantly Rejects Notion That He Dealt It
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