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1479 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Nov 2001 at 1:45 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-06 01:48:02 PM  
This explains so many things about Alabama
2001-11-06 01:48:49 PM  
This explains everything.
2001-11-06 01:49:34 PM  
Damn, beaten to the punch :^)
2001-11-06 01:50:20 PM  
"I guess the worst situation I can think of is a storm or -- in light of what we're dealing with today -- a terrorist threat."

A storm?!?!
2001-11-06 01:51:22 PM  
If people would quit fighting and stalling the Yucca Mountain storage site, the problem might be solved! Now we wouldn't want any more boob-o-lanterns, would we??
2001-11-06 01:51:32 PM  
I guess they can always send it to new Jersey or Indiana...
2001-11-06 01:54:32 PM  
2001-11-06 01:54:52 PM  
Import several giant rugs from India, you can fit a lot of radioactive waste under those.
2001-11-06 01:54:56 PM  
Afghanistan - The worlds Nuclear Waste Depositiry
2001-11-06 01:56:10 PM  
At a glance I missread the title as "Alabama running out toxic waste". Silly me.
2001-11-06 01:56:14 PM  
Maybe they can put it all in a bunch of tires and drop them in Afganistan. Let them brag about that.
2001-11-06 01:56:39 PM  
Why be so negative?"
2001-11-06 02:02:04 PM  
I've been to Dothan, AL. Toxic waste might just improve the gene pool a wee tad, and it sure as shiat would be an improvement on the nightlife. (Being irradiated vs. hotel bar with peanut-themed decor)
2001-11-06 02:02:20 PM  
Heh, the nuclear disposal sites are run by a company called "Envirocare". Amusing.
2001-11-06 02:07:11 PM  
/Cheer glow-in-the-dark trailer trash
2001-11-06 02:09:06 PM  
Who can take your trash out
Stomp it down for you
Shake the plastic bag and do the twisty thingie do?
The Garbage Man!
[Garbage Men] Ê Yes the Garbage Man Can!
[Homer & Garbage Men]
The Garbage Man can
And he does it with a smile
And never judges you
[Marge] Ê Who can take this diaper?
[Garbage Man] Ê I don't mind at all!
[Chief Wiggum] Ê Who can clean me up before the big policeman's ball?
The Garbage Man!
[Garbage Men] Ê Yes the Garbage Man can
The sanitation folks
Are jolly friendly blokes
Courteous and easygoing
[The Edge] Ê They'll mop up when you're o-
[U2 & Garbage Men] Ê -ver flowin'!
[Bono] Ê And tell you when your arse is showing!
[Apu] Ê Who can?
[Sideshow Mel] Ê Who can?
[Ned Flanders] Ê Who can?
[Oscar the Grouch] Ê Who can?
[All] Ê The Garbage Man can!
[Bart & Lisa] Ê Coz he's Homer Simpson, man!
[All] Ê He cleans the world for you!
2001-11-06 02:09:51 PM  
There are just WAY too many jokes for this Headline. Gad, my head is starting to hurt already...
2001-11-06 02:17:10 PM  
I guess they can always send it to new Jersey or Indiana...

Nah. We here in Jersey have enough to deal with, what with NYC's medical waste washing up on our beaches and all. Plus, Newark Harbor is already *so* beautiful as it is! (grunt)
2001-11-06 02:23:22 PM  
completly (sp?) off topic:
what's felching?
2001-11-06 02:23:51 PM  
Roll Tide! ha ha ah. By the way, nice Orange Bowl a couple of years ago.
2001-11-06 02:27:05 PM  

You know what would improve the gene pool here in Dothan, AL? Stay whereever you are now.
2001-11-06 02:27:29 PM  
felching is frowned on in 'bama...
2001-11-06 02:28:06 PM  
K: I'm not sure that felching can be described in the comments. Its mere description is likely to get modded off. I'll try - I may not even be completely correct.

I think felching is when you leave a DNA sample in the back door, and it gets licked out afterward.

Anyone have a different take?
2001-11-06 02:28:39 PM  
"I guess they can always send it to new Jersey or Indiana."

Oh, come on...we have enough genetic defects with the inbreeding in this state.
Just dig the big hole in Nevada, bury it, and get on with it. Although, I know there is a lobby here that doesn't even want it to CROSS Indiana in transport, let alone actually put it here! :)
2001-11-06 02:30:37 PM  
in the backdoor of your gay lover....I think the gay part is a salient issue for homophobes everywhere
2001-11-06 02:30:52 PM  
Maybe they can force all those redneck christian idiots to eat it.
2001-11-06 02:36:43 PM  
"I think felching is when you leave a DNA sample in the back door, and it gets licked out afterward."

DNA does that mean you throw a couple of hairs in someone's house and lick their floors? ;)
2001-11-06 02:37:17 PM  
Try Google Image Search, even more informative...
2001-11-06 02:40:45 PM  
How can they tell?
2001-11-06 02:43:42 PM  
Whut, they done used up all the trailer parks?
2001-11-06 02:52:22 PM  
Yeah, I, too would have thought that storing it in trailer parks would solve the problems. Apparently not enough trailer parks! (SCARY THOUGHT!!!!)

-he who stacks pork
2001-11-06 02:58:04 PM  
uhm, ewwww!
2001-11-06 03:00:48 PM  
What about Forrest Gumps house?

Its in Greenbow, AL .. thats in the county of Greenbow.
2001-11-06 03:02:40 PM  
Could also explain two-tone Tony. Never mind, wrong state.

-goo goo gajoob
2001-11-06 03:11:06 PM  
[Insert state name here] running out of space for toxic waste!
[Insert state name here] redneck jokes run amok.

Face it, your state has just as many trailer parks and backwards shiat as Bama. Have you ever been to Georgia? Atlanta and Savanah (sp?) are the only reason they don't rename it to New Mississippi.
Kentucky? I know a lot of you Farkers are from up there. Don't go about screaming about how backwards we are. I've been through the Midwest a few times. Everyone would make fun of it too, but it's just too depressing. It goes on and on.
2001-11-06 03:19:11 PM  
I believe North Carolina has more trailer homes per capita than any other state, but we call 'em manufactured homes, so our dear displaced yankees can sleep at night
2001-11-06 03:22:18 PM  
I come from a tropical island.

Let the jokes continuuuuuuuue!
2001-11-06 03:22:27 PM  
[Insert state name here] running out of space for toxic waste!
[Insert state name here] redneck jokes run amok.
[Insert state name here] rednecks run amok.
2001-11-06 03:25:24 PM  
Bama? You call your state "Bama" and wonder why people make for of you/it?
2001-11-06 03:38:59 PM  
Just like calling Arizona, Zona (fark the cats!). Or California, Cali. Don't get your panties all in a bunch fuknutz.
You can at least come up with better ways to make fun of my home state.
2001-11-06 03:40:29 PM  
I could, but its not worth the effort. :)
2001-11-06 03:41:34 PM  
And for the record, I agree.. Fark the cats.. Any respectable Arizonan prefers the Sun Devils.
2001-11-06 03:46:29 PM  
Arizona and Arizona State make me laugh. If it wasn't for basketball where would they be (and that really only applies to Arizona). Their football programs blow ass. Pac 10 can jiggle my left nut.

Now if you want to see a REAL reason to dog Alabama, look at this article. This is farking pathetic. Makes me sad to say that I graduated from Auburn.

2 AU frats suspended for racial Halloween costumes
2001-11-06 03:52:25 PM  
this place. this is a bad place.
2001-11-06 04:01:29 PM  
That you, John Coffey?
2001-11-06 05:31:44 PM  
Sounds like Alabama needs to adapt Arkansas' motto: Thank God for Mississippi!
2001-11-06 05:55:48 PM  
Aaack! I can't get "Dueling Banjos" out of my head, now!!
2001-11-06 07:33:21 PM  
Political correctness is ruining this country. BTW..Has anyone tried West Virginia yet. Plenty of mountains to store that stuff in.
2001-11-06 07:46:45 PM  
Yeah, just give it to Canada. Wait, I live in Canada. Don't give it to Canada. Send it to the inner part of the Afghanistan military core.
2001-11-06 09:24:39 PM  
What does a 13 year old girl in [Insert state name here]say?

"Git off me daddy, yer crushin my smokes!"
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