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(ESPN)   Cubs beat Braves, BoSox beat A's, and Colts score 21 points in four minutes to complete weird sports trifecta   ( divider line
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7249 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Oct 2003 at 9:06 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-07 02:03:44 PM  
The penalty against the Bucs was legit, so says the NFL.​ports115 5EDT0170.DTL
2003-10-07 02:07:33 PM  
Summabob, your elegant and incisive words are an inspiration to all of us, and remind us of a more innocent time when baseball was baseball.
2003-10-07 02:09:44 PM  
haaaiiilll yes
2003-10-07 02:30:19 PM  
I agree with loudmouthsoup. I cherish the goodness we can see in the sweet smile of a child as reflected by SummaBomb's comment. Enjoy the game you rascal!
2003-10-07 02:32:16 PM  
"All your rings are belong to us."

even those used cokrings with the ooze all over them
2003-10-07 02:51:06 PM  
If Derek Lowe's "gesture" was obscene, than so was Kirk Gibson in 1988.
2003-10-07 02:51:09 PM  
Stebain, no, I read the buildings across the street from Wrigley Field -- specifically, the building on Sheffield Avenue that houses the Lakeview Baseball Club, which posts the "EAMUS CATULI!" ("Go Cubs!" in Latin) message alongside the "After Championship" Cubs code AC05895 (it was "AC145895" two weeks ago) under the building's rooftop bleachers.
2003-10-07 02:53:05 PM  
I know this is late, but Nightsweat, who the holy hell is Carl Yazniewski???
2003-10-07 03:08:48 PM  
Cubs vs Red Sox in the World Series:

After all these years, who sucks less and who will continue sucking?!!??!!??!
2003-10-07 03:12:46 PM  
Winning a league pennant and then losing the World Series? That's a pretty interesting definition of "sucking" you've got there, Karma Police.
2003-10-07 03:25:23 PM  
Go Yankees! Go Jeter!

More importantly, this has been a superb post-season so far. Regardless of who wins, this has been a wild ride.
2003-10-07 03:54:55 PM  
I agree that the important thing is to just enjoy the games. It's all fun to trashtalk the other teams' fans... heck that's what fark is for, imho.

I remember in '99 ... sure the RedSox got flattened in the ALCS, but man what a fantastic ALDS it was ... 79 runs combined in 5 games, coming back from 0-2, Sox scoring 23 runs in one game.

I'm feeling the same way now ... if we beat the Yankees, great. If not, then the best team won and good luck Marlins or Cubs, Boston will be behind you.
2003-10-07 04:22:09 PM  
Being from Indy, that colts game was a masterpiece of of rube goldberg proportions. I was so stunned by OT that I could hardly celebrate.
2003-10-07 04:36:20 PM  
Maybe now everybody can end this crap about Peyton Manning being unable to win the big games?
2003-10-07 04:38:29 PM  
SummaBob, wtf?

Heh, I'm an O's fan so I hate both boston and new york. So I have to come up with some way to cheer for one or the other, right?
Azz [TotalFark]
2003-10-07 04:53:01 PM  
I'm sure all yankees and their fans remember this play during the 99 ALCS. Yankees didn't tag offerman, and he was called out... Hmmmm... Can you say bribe?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-07 04:53:44 PM  
I don't know why anyone thinks that baseball in the old days had less taunting and disrespecting. It has been around forever. As I have heard, Ty Cobb was one of the worst people for this. He even said stuff to his own teammates.

2003-10-07 05:28:49 PM  
"Go Yankees! Go Jeter!"

If you liked the gesture that Derek Lowe gave the A's, just wait for the circle jerk on jeter when the red sox take the series.
2003-10-07 05:43:26 PM  

Madden is a fossil who barely knows where he is from time to time. Never forget how he advised the Pats to run out the clock and go to overtime against the Rams.
2003-10-07 05:52:06 PM  
Yankees vs Marlins, let the other two watch and reflect.
2003-10-07 05:52:34 PM  
Crap I am nervous for tonights game. Now that I have thought about it, though. If the Sox win and the Cubs lose, I am pulling for the Sox all the way. (When I stayed in Boston, even Sox fans were super nice to me because I am a Cubs fan, so we had an understanding of each other).

If the Sox lose, I am pulling for the Cubs, but if they lose GO MARLINS!!!!! I just can't cheer for the Yankees. I have nothing against them as people or players, I just can't cheer for em.

/Go Cubbies
2003-10-07 06:42:06 PM  
okay, so here's how it works - i'm in chicago, but my dad's family is from baltimore, so:

screw the yankees and the red sox (go orioles!).
screw the colts (a pox on the irsay family! a pox, i say!).
screw the bucs (go bears!).
screw the yankees or the red sox (go cubbies!).

did i miss anything?
2003-10-07 09:20:46 PM  

screw yourself.
2003-10-07 09:50:27 PM  
billeguerriero: Circle jerk on Jeter? Does that mean the last one to blow his load has to...ugh...I hate to even consider the possibility...EAT Jeter? God damn, that's a disturbing thought.
2003-10-07 11:31:05 PM  
sure yellow fever, right after i get done with your sister.
2003-10-08 10:32:03 PM  
Chances are, even if the Cubs or Redsox don't get into the 2003 World Series, they'' still get in a World Series

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