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561196 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Oct 2003 at 12:21 AM (11 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-06 03:59:14 AM  
Yakivegas: You still here? It's not everyday I run into someone from Yakima on Fark.
2003-10-06 04:07:42 AM  
The little pearl necklace thing she's wearing really makes it for me.
2003-10-06 04:20:45 AM  
You asked for it....

[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-06 04:24:24 AM  
Looking at the pictures again, these really don't seem to be that out of the ordinary. I've seen her in pics before without adequate nipple coverage.
2003-10-06 04:24:44 AM  
Britney's various (and varying) implants are a little down on this page here ->
2003-10-06 04:26:16 AM  
Oh yes indeed. Nice way to start a Monday.
2003-10-06 04:40:48 AM  
the best boobs money can buy
2003-10-06 04:42:56 AM  
She looks like this girl I boned once! OK I didn't bone her but I could of. ok I couldn't have boned her but OH FARK IT.... I would lick Britney where she wee's.
/Working while drunk from the night before RULES!!!
2003-10-06 04:58:00 AM  
2003-10-06 12:40:42 AM nomales

2003-10-06 12:37:13 AM Machtyn

Here's one virgin saying he would definitely not hit it. What a whore. (Why am I in here? Because I like to laugh at the comments.)

1. Virgin, yea buddy, not by choice Im sure.
2. Whore? Yea but she also has more money than everyone you know.
3. Get out of your parents basement, and get out and enjoy.
4. I bet you fap like a pro, and did to that pic. Dont lie, we all know it.

Why is it so hard to believe that some people wouldn't actually whore themselves to some slutty pop-queen? I wouldn't want to hit Britney, any more than I would a porn star that got famous from doing hundreds of hardcore movies.

2003-10-06 05:10:55 AM  
Yeh but what has she done for mankind. I mean look at Bruce Willis.....

/nothing.. sorry.. oh and Id hit it again and again and again...
2003-10-06 05:11:29 AM  
Jesus loves you Magic.
2003-10-06 05:14:33 AM  
Ok, Magic. I'll bite.

First, I doubt Ms. Spears has had many more men than the usual hottie. Does this make her a whore? Maybe. It depends on your definition. But, I have yet to see her in "hundreds of hardcore movies."

If she's getting some, good for her. Hell, I like a girl who knows what she's doing.
2003-10-06 05:31:32 AM  
But, I have yet to see her in "hundreds of hardcore movies."

Perhaps I was exaggerating, but still, I would not hit it, any more than I would hit Augulaira or however the hell you spell her name.
2003-10-06 05:33:00 AM  
Besides, she's just about average compared to all the girls that live around here, and many of them don't need several hours of photo editing to look super-super-super-super-duper hot.
2003-10-06 05:39:51 AM  
Magic - your talking tokens are revoked!
2003-10-06 06:01:45 AM  
Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

2003-10-06 06:02:53 AM  
That girl is going to plump up like a ball park frank within the next few years.

Oh, she won't....she'll just lipo enough fat out of her ass to keep a soap factory in raw materials for a year.

Seriously, the images are either fake or she's wearing little fake nipples. I mean, c' can see that she's got a bra on. You ever seen nipples like that thru a bra?

The funny thing is the only way she can keep the limelight on her is acting like a little lesbo-ho and snogging Madonna. Personally, I think she's on the last seconds of her 15 minutes.
2003-10-06 06:08:00 AM  
Damn, site closed. Did somebody get a copy of those?

I hope the guy was on a flat rate for hosting up to the point they got cut.
2003-10-06 06:22:23 AM  
Exactly how long is 15 minutes of fame? 5 years? 10?
2003-10-06 06:44:20 AM  
I fock Britney Spears in a second. And I'm 39 yrs old. But, DAMN! For a 22 yr old chick she sure does have a shatload of baby fat!!

I guess One Fierce Camel Toe decided to shut up than put up. My guess is she's a dude anyway.

Boy, THAT sounded weird.
2003-10-06 06:52:46 AM  
hostile projectiles!!!!
2003-10-06 07:09:33 AM  

I just want to point out that there is a difference between dressing "sexy" to arouse the interest of potential male partners and dressing..erm.. "skankily," just so you can get attention without any sexual advances intended. Britney Spears doesn't dress like that to get laid: she dresses like that to get attention. THAT is what I don't like. I am impressed by girls who can dress provocatively solely in the attempt to catch the male, but that simply isn't what she is doing. I don't really mind britney spears, and I don't really mind David Blaine. But there is a common thread to both of them: Lots of people don't like Blaine because he uses cheap methods to get people to pay attention to him (i.e. Acting like hes a master of grandeur and intrigue when he's just sitting in a box for a month); similarly, Spears uses cheap methods to get people to pay attention to her (i.e. wearing more and more skanky outfits so guys will continue to pine over her)
I would also point out that this is EXACTLY the reason why a lot of guys in this thread have pointed out that they like these pics better than most of her others -- she looks pretty, but it is not intended to draw attention (to "attention whore," as it's often called) to herself. And that's quite appealing, I agree.
2003-10-06 07:16:37 AM  
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i wonder y
2003-10-06 07:32:11 AM  
Camel Toe posts the same way ALL THE TIME. Usually begging for some poor unsuspecting shlub's e-mail address (yes, including my own!) She seems to always be in the boobies links too. So my conclusion, she's a HE! Hear that OFCT? You've been found out dude. Sorry, but hot chicks like Sweater Girl don't always (if ever?) hang out in the sex links. But I swear, it is possible... are you SURE you're not Slacker24/7? If not, then she has another evil twin...
2003-10-06 07:41:09 AM  
I hate bandwidth
2003-10-06 07:52:51 AM  
Server sans bandwidth.
2003-10-06 08:01:12 AM  
You ever seen nipples like that thru a bra?

Yes. And they weren't fake. Different materials often do that. Thickly lined, or padded bras are not as popular as one would think.
2003-10-06 08:07:36 AM  
holy jeez i just wanna touch em!
2003-10-06 08:12:19 AM  
Nipples aside, those breasts are clearly fake.
2003-10-06 08:12:45 AM  
Britney looks good in those shots for sure, and apparently the security guy thinks so too - he keeps looking at her and not at her surroundings. He's SO fired....
2003-10-06 08:12:46 AM  
you know... since Brittney's breastses have 'grown'... i dont think she's ever not had nip-ons.

and it seems to me i remember reading about a surgical procedure which can explain both pheonomena.
2003-10-06 08:16:38 AM  
holy moly!
2003-10-06 08:41:53 AM  
Not bad pic, but I'll take Jessica Simpson anyday. Better looking and bigger tatas.
2003-10-06 08:53:01 AM  
I love listening to internet virgins argue about Brit's bra.

/shakes head at the young'uns.

Yoou OBVIOUSLY havn't seen enough breasts outside of the net. She might have had implants once, but those are real by the way they hang when she leaned to the side.

They do have uplifting cresents now, no way to know if a woman has those or not.

/doesn't care either way, would hit it hard
2003-10-06 09:01:51 AM  
yeah, but would you hit it if she confessed to being a hermaphrodite?
2003-10-06 09:06:17 AM  
I am wondering if her ankles will fit through those hoop earrings. Because if they can...
2003-10-06 09:12:05 AM  
Still nothing from the Toe. Obvious.

Spoonfed's Buddy: That is one shat eatin' grin on your face dude. Actually is looks like you are two sheets to the wind too bro!
2003-10-06 09:17:21 AM  
cowman muses:

I am wondering if her ankles will fit through those hoop earrings. Because if they can...

No need...just put her in some "fark me" pumps and slip the heels through the hoops. Of course she'd have to be flexible enough to hold that position and not rip her ear lobes off, but given that she dances (therefore is probably very flexible) and appears to be a good shape, that shouldn't be an issue. Not that I'm envisioning her right now that way. Of course not.

2003-10-06 09:20:15 AM  
I think the boobies are real. Miracle bras and tape are the order of the day for women in the media who want to show (or not show) cleavage. Her tatas hang awfully low when only semi holstered, ala the bikini shots earlier this summer or the see through white T-Shirt she wore with no bra. When she lays back they flop to the side too.

As for THO... some women, especially younger and more physically active or sexually diverse women get THO alot and there are plenty of bras and shirts that let you see em. I have seen much bigger THO on girls back in college and here on the streets of NY. It's not like she is wearing a thickly padded bra and a fluffy sweater in those pics you know.
2003-10-06 09:25:47 AM  
I see her two, and raise by one!
2003-10-06 09:31:11 AM  
Anyone have a clearer picture of this Rolling Stones cover? This is the infamous issue where she had a fierce black happy trail going past her belly button. In this image it has been obscured though...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-06 09:41:54 AM  
From a girls point of view, she looks so much better with little make-up and sans photoshopping.

Sans, what a great word. Almost as good as plethora.

Also, nipples go right through bras, unless they are padded to keep out the cold :)
2003-10-06 09:47:16 AM  
2003-10-06 09:54:28 AM  
Drink Sprite, everyone.
2003-10-06 09:56:53 AM  
Yeah, I'd throw it in her...
2003-10-06 10:01:06 AM  
I'd take my tongue and give her a plethora of licking in all the right places. Of course I'm fantasizing that Britney is sans pubic hair...

That is a good word Sootsy.

However my fave is incorrigible.
2003-10-06 10:10:16 AM  
Incorrigible has been applied to me many times. That one's great too.
2003-10-06 10:19:34 AM  
The mystery of Britney's Breasts.

Sorry don't know how to make it link...lacking basic geek skills.

I agree with a previous FemFarker who said, and I'm paraphrasing here, it's no wonder you're all virgins. You guys desperately need to learn some basic anatomy.

1. Pubes are generally not that high or that thick. As suggested, probably a tat.
2. No bra. If you have any amount of flesh on you...and she does, you will get a bra-line under your arm. Bras bind flesh. That's how they hold those puppies up in that perky way you seem to find so fascinating.
3. I realize it's disappointing, but those of the opposite sex are simple, flawed human beings. Learn to live with it. We have.
2003-10-06 10:19:52 AM  
I feel sorta sorry for her looking at those pictures. Yeah, I know she is rich and this is what she wanted blah blah blah, but I still feel sorta sorry for her.
2003-10-06 10:20:54 AM  
Her eyes are too far apart and she has that vacant stare... her body is still hot though, but those clothes look uber dorky on her.

She needs a new fashion consultant. Seriously.
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