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(Pravda)   McDonald's uses spy satellites. Tastes like McChicken.   ( divider line
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5242 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Nov 2001 at 9:38 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-05 09:41:19 PM  
Wait until they burn an ad onto the moon with a laser.
2001-11-05 09:41:39 PM  
He's eating Burger King!!

2001-11-05 09:45:17 PM  
Tipi siete tutti stupid maledetto, in modo da dimostrarlo errato voi scimmie dell' asino!
2001-11-05 09:47:08 PM  
If I wanted to eat charcol, I'd buy a bag of it, not go to a "Burger" King!

Likewise, if I wanted to eat completly fake food, I'd go buy some plastic play food, not go to a local McDonalds.
2001-11-05 09:47:55 PM  
shaddup, joe! =P and put down that carl's jr.!
2001-11-05 09:52:46 PM  
Did anyone actually finish the article?
Pretty damn scary stuff.
I'm not so sure I like FDR any more.
2001-11-05 09:53:07 PM  
is it just me, or is the grammar in this article superb for Pravda? It must have been picked up from another site or something...
2001-11-05 09:55:02 PM  
Maybe pravada pulled an Ananova (that is, stealing from other sites, for you newbies)!
2001-11-05 09:59:20 PM  
What was wrong with the Aborigine article that got it deleted?
2001-11-05 10:01:27 PM  
We should be aware of the stealthy manner that US imperialism has spread over the globe.

It seems like someone is still pissed off that we crushed the soviet union with Mc Donalds and a Star Wars program that never existed.
2001-11-05 10:02:53 PM  
"The US agreed to sell to the UAE advanced 80 F16s,..... in return, the US will be able to build military bases there with improved access to the only deep-water port capable of housing aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf. "
Seems pretty damn smart to me. Better than our tax dollars pay to fly bomber from Missouri to the middle east for a run.

LordPeterWimsey I'm not sure I'd believe so much of that article. Much like the one comparing afghan situation to WW2. There are some definite points but It's quite lacking in facts department.
I don't know if I buy any of that stuff about FDR. Not saying it's not possible but i doubt it seriously.
2001-11-05 10:03:05 PM  
Why would McDonalds use satellites to place restaurants, when individual owners purchase the franchise and are responsible for the success or failure?
2001-11-05 10:07:04 PM  
As someone who has a friend that owns a large franchise of Schlotsky's Deli and A&W stores, I can tell you Mundar that the parent franchise strongly suggests where you put the store. I've heard him talking about it more than once.
2001-11-05 10:10:48 PM  
Total propaganda. This article is worthless.
2001-11-05 10:11:06 PM  
Is Pravda using more new, more correct translators? That not funny as is usual, with beer!
2001-11-05 10:11:43 PM  
Mmmm Schlotsky's. I wish there were more of them in NYC, but the only one I know of is up around 56th street somewhere.
2001-11-05 10:12:20 PM  
Uh, everyone?

This is the site the article came from originally:

It's an English translation of a Russian translation of a Pakistani article. Note that the article is written from the Pakistani perspective.
2001-11-05 10:13:48 PM  
Ronald: Ah, this child eats the Burger King? Perhaps an evil clown head will lighten his spirits... *drops the decapitated head of Bobo the Clown into child's lap*
Child: Ronald! Imma kill j00! Bobo was my friend yo! Yo daddy, kill dis muthafarka!
Ronald & Coptermen: shiat....
2001-11-05 10:21:31 PM  
What? No one will respond to my messages? Grr...
2001-11-05 10:33:19 PM  
The article is definitely anti-US. And has nothing to do with hamburgers. And the US does not place military bases in order to sell weapons. Although the Pakistani who wrote this article seems to have caught on to the Military-Industrial-Complex, American motives in Afghanistan are not hardly profit driven.
2001-11-05 10:38:25 PM  
"Borrowing FDR's most famous quote; the people had more to fear than fear itself."

Baaahaaa haa haa. And to quote Gandhi "All your base are belong to us."
2001-11-05 10:53:49 PM  
MightySausage post something worthy of a response
2001-11-05 10:53:56 PM  
Examples of some other fine "articles" :

- Can Islam alleviate world poverty?
- The Anglo-American war against Islam Why Bush and Blair are murdering Muslims
- Bush: the new Urban Rebel
- Not a War on Islam? The Facts State Otherwise!
- US special forces beat retreat as enemy 'fought back like maniacs'

And my favourite :

- Muslims in Uzbekistan eating US garbage
2001-11-05 10:57:28 PM  
Eli, you mean Australian Aboriginals?

If that article's grammar was superb, I'd hate to read any others from that source.

I don't believe that FDR had advance knowledge of Pearl Harbour, but some do
2001-11-05 10:58:04 PM  
...And is it just me or does that article read just a bit like the Unabomber manifesto ?

2001-11-05 11:01:32 PM  
In recent years the US has treated the whole country of Iraq merely one great big riffle range. The Baghdad has been treated as if it was a gigantic disposable paper-shooting target.

Am I the only one who hasn't forgot that a.) Sadam invaded Kuwait and slaughtered hundreds of people b.) has been developing weapons of mass destruction including biological agents such as Anthrax, chemical agents and nuclear weapons c.) no bombs have fallen in Baghdad in about 10 years d.) the only bombs that have fallen in Iraq are those that fell on Iraqi SAM sites who challenged the No-Fly Zone e.) The No-Fly zone which was implemeted to prevent Sadam from systematically ethnically cleansing the tribes in the north and south of Iraq.

If America is so imperialistic and uses Iraq as a "rifle range", where are these morons to document how Iraq has been constantly defiant to the UN and to the US about its plans to commit global mass terror with its newly developed weapons of mass destruction?

Don't even get me started on the Taliban...
2001-11-05 11:01:52 PM  
Why didn't they show a pic?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-05 11:15:23 PM  
I would seriously recommend to all of you that you read Fast Food Nation regardless of whether or not you eat fast food. I used to go to McDonald's practically every other day, but after reading that book I have essentially sworn off fast food. They do some scary stuff behind closed doors.

And in response to the satellite thing and about franchises and whatnot, do you really think fast food companies work by the same rules everyone else does? If a franchise is unsuccessful, then they have no problem opening another down the street, or just closing it down, or anything else of that nature.

Go read the book. It's all in there.
2001-11-05 11:27:25 PM  
Wow, who ever wrote this is so bitter and broken. I suppose if I lived in a country who's entire economic power was surpassed by a fast food chain, I would be too.
2001-11-05 11:31:56 PM  
"It may be argued that there can be no McDonald's without McDonnell-Douglas. However from our standpoint we would agree. We neither need nor want McDonald's or McDonnell-Douglas."

Keep on keepin' on brotha' !
2001-11-05 11:32:33 PM  
I smell Noam Chompsky...
2001-11-05 11:33:11 PM  
"Chompsky"! Get it?
2001-11-05 11:43:45 PM  
What do you guys think? Would the carp pic make a good photoshop?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-05 11:46:29 PM  
2001-11-06 12:03:47 AM  
Muslims in Uzbekistan eating US garbage.

Muslims in Uzekistian love the fact that we are there. They have their own extremeists who are helped by Mullah Omar and Osama who are killing other muslems who are not extreme enough for their taste.

No articles on that? Hehe
2001-11-06 12:14:52 AM  
Eli, Statusquo: Schlotzsky's not Schlotsky's. Spelling aside, they still have some damn fine food. I'm glad I live in Austin (home of Schlotzsky's) - they're all over the place.
2001-11-06 12:38:48 AM  
"Tastes like McChicken." = "Tastes like shιt"
2001-11-06 01:13:07 AM  
Hey maybe Bush allowed the WTC's to fall so that he can get at all the oil in Afganistan.
2001-11-06 10:39:25 AM  
I was thinking they were using Orbital Mind Control Lasers to make people want to eat their crappy, unhealthy food.
2001-11-06 12:38:00 PM  
I've got my 'Yellow Pages' out, I wanna find a 'riffle' range near me so I can shoot 'disposable-paper' targets. Exactly how much paper is, in and of itself, indisposable?
2001-11-06 03:29:34 PM  
Hey Feral it seems you haven't read the book yourself then? 'Fast Food Nation' is thoroughly researched, verified and written over a number of years.. This book bares a lot of stuff fast food companies don't want you to hear and if they could've stopped it (they tired) they would've..

It will scare the crap out of you!!

Honestly, go read it then come back with an opinion on it..
2001-11-06 05:12:34 PM  
I nearly got out of my chair and started cheering when I read that.'s crazy-ass propoganda aside, this particular article is some leftist genius. It's funny that you have to go all the way to the Middle East to find someone who hates McDonald's as much as I do.

Check out part one here. The first part focuses more on McDonald's, includes all the stock quotes.

More than anything, I was disappointed to see this article in that forum (anti-U.S. arab propoganda). If it was posted by Communists, I'd be much happier. There's just a bad connatation to anything religious extremists say (especially Christians); by focusing on their "culture" (religion) they insult the real cultural and economic damage being inflicted by McDonald's. As a U.S. native, I see the damage being done, and I feel their actions trivialize the situation.

Just think about this: What if McDonald's gave the "kill" order to all their employees around the globe? Would you be able to stop them? If you worked for McDonald's at one time in the past, would you be able to resist?

McDonald's brainwashes all their employees. Just try getting the phone number for Taco Bell from one of them. Call up your local McDonald's and ask for Taco Bell's number. Or even go in and talk face-to-face. They won't do it. BRAINWASHED.
2001-11-06 05:28:18 PM  
"It may be argued that there can be no McDonald's without McDonnell-Douglas. However from our standpoint we would agree. We neither need nor want McDonald's or McDonnell-Douglas."

errr I'm I the only one that realizes that
McDonnell-Douglas doesn't really exsist anymore? (they merged with/were bought out by Boeing a few years ago thus it is now the boeing f/a-18)
2001-11-06 07:45:34 PM  
Check out the message board under "America Terrorist State" on the right side of the page. A hand full of crazies there boy!
2001-11-07 02:05:13 PM  
fifthcolumn, maybe while mcdonalds tries to burn "charboiled burgers from mcdonalds, only 1.99" the tick will stop them, and itll just say "CHA". that would rules ass.
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