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(channel cincinnati)   Police arrest 119 high school morons painting their school colors on a rock   ( divider line
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10474 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Oct 2003 at 9:53 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-04 09:23:27 AM  
Whatever happened to the good ole days when kids would write messages on other schools' football fields with grass killer?

Yeesh, kids these days...
2003-10-04 09:24:03 AM  
Good lord, cops getting all bent out of shape over kids painting a fripping rock. Don't they have anything better to do, like raid a doughnut shop.
2003-10-04 09:48:04 AM  
"disorderly condfuct"
2003-10-04 09:55:20 AM  
2003-10-04 09:56:09 AM  
Good thing they didn't get to paint that rock. We all know how horrible that would be.
2003-10-04 09:56:52 AM  
The idiots deserved it when they started throwing crap at cops and the cruisers.
2003-10-04 09:57:51 AM  
The idiots deserved it when they showed up to stop some kids from painting a rock.
2003-10-04 09:58:07 AM  
We are crushing their creative spirit. Shame.
2003-10-04 09:59:49 AM  
they're going to be condfuct when their parents find out.
2003-10-04 10:01:30 AM  
Could this be classified as illegal paint disposal?

Seems like the enviro-nuts should be defending the police. Maybe that rock was the home to some endangered beetle?
2003-10-04 10:02:37 AM  
I thought it said mormons.
2003-10-04 10:03:19 AM  
"spirit rock"?
2003-10-04 10:04:21 AM  
The rock is a landmark and should not be painter. Kids shouldn't throw spray-paint cans at police.

Stupid tag well-deserved.


/FarkTag Review Force
2003-10-04 10:05:22 AM  
how do two cruisers arrest 119 kids? Don't they know how to run??
2003-10-04 10:05:57 AM  
You guys really need to adopt 1930's German as a national language.
2003-10-04 10:06:37 AM  
I wish we had police in prehistoric times. Then we wouldn't have that annoying grafitti of animals and hand prints in all of those caves.
2003-10-04 10:06:54 AM  
Unluckyimmortal: I'd respond with a witty statement and then say you were owned, if I didn't agree with you on that point.

Somebody probably saw 100+ students and called the police. They were trespassing, and even though it's noe of those mild things the police still would have to do something about it. And the teenagers were stupid to start throwing crap at them.
2003-10-04 10:09:07 AM  
Did anybody else go through the slide show and see all that damage?

Oh, the horror! Those terrible, terrible children, putting yet another coat of paint on that painted rock! How dastardly!

Hang the little fiends! Hang them I say!

(Okay, painting the sign was kind of stupid, but aside from that, who gives a hairy rat's patoot?)
2003-10-04 10:12:01 AM  
Actually, I just read the article again... at first, it sounded like some kind of school spirit thing, but then I realized that they were from a different school.

The cops shoulda dispersed the crowd with tear gas, arrested a bunch, and made them sit out the night in the police station. Why do I say that? I delight in the suffering of others.
2003-10-04 10:16:18 AM  
The better question is, why were 119 students there to paint that rock? Judging by the pictures, it was big, but not that huge.

This is why when you do a prank, you have five people and if you get caught, you all flee in 5 different directions.
2003-10-04 10:23:59 AM  
I for one found the slideshow to be much more moving when accompanied by this.
2003-10-04 10:25:21 AM  
Bring back the chain gangs! Put the little bastards in jail and let them enjoy the joys of forced anal sex. The parent's wouldn't miss'em, they didn't even know they were out running around loose.
2003-10-04 10:27:52 AM  
Go rock? wtf?
2003-10-04 10:31:03 AM  
2003-10-04 10:31:48 AM  
It takes 119 kids to paint a rock?
2003-10-04 10:33:25 AM  
This is an annual event and the police wouldn't have bothered anyone until they started throwing paint at them. In my high school we used to burn our logo on the rivals football field with gas. We uesd walkie talkies to look out for the cops. Those were the days...
2003-10-04 10:34:36 AM  
Wow, this was my high school! *EVERY* year the Hilliard kids come up and paint the rock. They've been doing it since before i went there (graduated in '95). Then again, throwing the paint at the cops is a stupid move.

The Spirit Rock is basically a big rock right outside the entrance of the football stadium. The cheerleaders would paint it during the week of the game with misc. slogans. I thought it was dumb too...

2003-10-04 10:34:46 AM  
They broke the law. They went out with the intent to vandalize school property and then resisted the police when caught.

Sure, it's a school prank, but they were caught. Farkin' suck it up.
2003-10-04 10:37:50 AM  
I cant believe 119 of them actually got caught. Don't they teach "run your ass off" in that school?
2003-10-04 10:38:48 AM  
What kind of lame ass school has a "spirit rock?"
2003-10-04 10:39:16 AM  
Why do they have a picture of a dead jellyfish for the article?
2003-10-04 10:42:53 AM  
alright here people, here's the deal with painting the rock. i happen to have graduated from coffman last year. their maascot is the shamrocks, a.k.a the rocks. so for whatever reason there is a gigantic rock next to the football stadium. it gets painted all the time, sports teams paint it, then the evel hillard kids come paint it.

i don't think its actually illegal to paint it, i'm not sure though. you might need some kind of permission. either way, it happens all the time.

now, in the past, when i have painted it, it has been with like 8 kids. having over 100 kids there is absolutely ridiculous (as you can see they painted quite a deal of the grass area around the rock it looks like). especially at 2am on thursday night. so somebody calls the police that these kids are causing a ruckus.

police show up, and probably would have just told the kids to go home. although when police are assaulted with spray paint cans, they aren't happy about it. so they call for backup from the station half a mile or so down the road, and arrest all the kids. everybody is happy, because they are idiots.
2003-10-04 10:43:46 AM  
Errr...looks like you have to copy & paste that link into a new browser window for it to work right.

/stupid non-direct-linking Amazon audio clips
2003-10-04 10:45:04 AM  
so what. let the kids be kids.
2003-10-04 10:47:33 AM  
It is always fun to vandalize a rival school. Especially if it a national landmark that isn't allowed to alter the condition of the building unless its absolutely necessary. Yeah, they used to always kick our ass, but then we got good (at football) and stopped them from become the 8th school in the US history to have 700 wins.

It tough being the biggest rivaly in the state
2003-10-04 10:48:09 AM  

You guys are the ones who hated high school and made lists of people you were going to kill in a suicide attack on the cafeteria, aren't you? My high school and its rival were on the same street in the same part of town, so we would have "The Battle of 119th St" and have midnight runs to each other's football fields/players houses to fark with each other. The best thing to do is to "soap the lawn." If it's scheduled to rain any time in the week, you squirt bottles of dishwashing liquid or powdered soap on the lawn. You don't know it's there till it's rained and your yard is full of bubbles.

good times, good times.

2003-10-04 10:50:14 AM  

I did varsity sports when I was in high school, I am still quite knowledgable in the ways of using property destruction for the purposes of school spirit, and I agree with the kids being arrested.

Am I still wrong?
2003-10-04 10:52:00 AM  
what the fark!! that is so sad! i remember after one of our dances in junior high, me and a bunch of friends climbed on top of the school roof to put up a sign saying our principal sucked. we ended up getting looked at before we threw some rocks at the janitors and running away from the cops.
ah yes, the good ol days. i loved it.
2003-10-04 10:57:26 AM  
Jackson Pollock surrenders
2003-10-04 11:03:20 AM  
linewalker, I didn't say anyone was wrong for thinking they should have been arrested, I was reminiscing about the good old days.

*goes off to look for old cheerleading uniform*

2003-10-04 11:09:20 AM  
For crying out loud, our high school had a rock we could paint whenever we wanted. I'm not sure if it was officially sanctioned by the school, but it was painted about 25 times a year. When someone vandalized the rock by tipping it over, the students created an uproar and the administration even paid to have it put back where it was. So I don't see how a high school could have a "spirit rock" and not expect kids to paint it with school colors.
2003-10-04 11:18:38 AM  
We just set our rival school's rock on fire. 20 years of layered paint makes an impressive conflaguration......

Of course, these days we'd have been charged under the Patriot Act, so DON'T TRY THAT AT HOME... er.. I mean SCHOOL......
2003-10-04 11:41:42 AM  
119 students would have been pretty much my entire graduating class. That's a lot of arrests for painting a rock.

Highschool kids in my hometown still paint and chalk specific downtown streets with their names and logos and pictures every year near graduation but they use water soluble paint and everyone expect them to do it.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-04 11:54:05 AM  
I go to this High School... they come down every year to paint it. Its usually no big deal, we paint it every month or so. The paint on it is at least a foot thick =P

One of the guys cleaning it up looks like a pirate. Its sweet.
2003-10-04 11:57:38 AM  
Oh and to explain the rock... we are the 'Dublin Coffman Shamrocks' Shortened down to Rocks a majority of the time. The girl painting it (heh I know her too) is writing 'Go Rocks' not 'Go Rock'
2003-10-04 11:57:51 AM  
Immature babies should be allowed to do whatever they please because they don't know any better and it's fun.

2003-10-04 11:59:58 AM  
ah tk420 got to it before me... oh well
2003-10-04 12:00:26 PM  
Also in highschool, one autoshop teacher had an 81 Impala that his students got to paint a solid color and then spraypaint graffiti onto. He drove it to work every day.

/grad 87
2003-10-04 12:00:59 PM  
Anne.Uumellmahaye -

My dear, if you happen to actually find that uniform, pix plz kthx.

2003-10-04 12:23:51 PM  
Hahaha, I read the headline and got an urge to call around and see if anyone from my school did this to our rival.
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