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11292 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Oct 2003 at 5:44 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-04 01:42:04 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-04 02:28:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-04 03:00:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-04 03:01:37 AM  
Heh. I kid.
2003-10-04 05:40:22 AM  
"Captain Electro"? Feh. Give me Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl. They can take over my world anytime.
2003-10-04 05:51:31 AM

you have to see your target first
2003-10-04 05:55:29 AM  
"I didn't spend 5 years in evil medical school just to be called 'mister' thank you very much"

or conversely:

"Have you ever done something really evil? I mean reeeely eee-vil like the fru-it of the dev-il, eee-viil"
2003-10-04 06:01:01 AM  
If it's so easy, why do people keep failing?
2003-10-04 06:01:41 AM  
Oh, wait. It's a -joke-. I get it.
2003-10-04 06:03:54 AM  
Someone photoshop Bush into Captain Electro please :)
2003-10-04 06:17:34 AM  
anyhoo its too late, someones done it
2003-10-04 06:20:20 AM  
Why not you Mr. Password?
To lazy to bash bush yourself?
2003-10-04 06:24:40 AM  
1. Steal Underpants.
2. ???
3. ???
4. ???
5. ???
6. ???
7. ???
8. ???
9. ???
10. ???
11. ???
12. ???
13. ???
14. ???
15. Take Over World!
2003-10-04 06:29:18 AM  
Or perhaps:

[image from too old to be available]

2003-10-04 06:30:13 AM  
I already know how to take over the world.
1) Seize the worlds supplys of chocolate and ice cream.
2) If I have the chocolate and ice cream I can control the women.
3) If I control the women, i have control the men.
4) I control the world!
2003-10-04 06:31:34 AM  
I should put that guy's pic in my profile.
2003-10-04 06:34:54 AM  
I should put that guy's pic in my profile
The image is hosted by tripod pic?
2003-10-04 06:37:55 AM  
Step 1
Get one of These

Step 2
Repeat step one

2003-10-04 06:41:33 AM  
Yeah. I'm such a threat to the world even Tripod conceals my identity.
2003-10-04 06:45:21 AM  
SpeedKillz I would if I had any photoshop skills... Any good online tutorials by the way?
2003-10-04 06:53:01 AM  
theres allways the faq.. thingie..
2003-10-04 08:37:48 AM  
This Guy has some good ideas on how to be and more importantly, to stay an evil overlord.

Unfortunately, it looks kinda boring, too!

Oh, I don't consider George W Bush as the plotting schemer taking over the world. If you see any of his speeches, you'll see he's just a puppet.

The REAL evil is what's pulling his strings (Ashcroft, Haliburton..)
2003-10-04 10:17:39 AM  
Oh, I don't consider George W Bush as the plotting schemer taking over the world. If you see any of his speeches, you'll see he's just a puppet.

The REAL evil is what's pulling his strings (Ashcroft, Haliburton..)

That's what he WANTS you to think...

2003-10-04 10:33:47 AM  
I thiught we were beyond puppets at this point in our electroal history. and that we now elected automitons.
2003-10-04 11:57:14 AM  
why oh why couldn't MUSE have read this instead of releasing Absolution and thoroughly embarrassing themselves..
2003-10-04 12:35:51 PM  
First, the underpants thing is not funny. It was once. Not twice.

And second, this is too much to read.
2003-10-04 12:46:47 PM  
And when you're ready to take over the world, here's the one-stop source to get your secret hideout, superweapons, henchman uniforms, etc:

Villain Supply, your online source for everything EVIL
2003-10-04 01:15:52 PM  
I'm only up to step 3... maybe i should consult the
overlord list...
2003-10-04 01:16:34 PM  
try that again...
Overlord list
2003-10-04 01:17:21 PM  
Forget it.

Someone should visit heah.
2003-10-04 01:20:28 PM  
Way to many words
I feel my interest waning
It's not worth my time
2003-10-04 02:11:57 PM  
Read Atlas Shrugged.
John Galt did it, sorta.
2003-10-04 03:58:15 PM  
Orwell's idea was better - control the language, control the thoughts. Kinda like most lefties I know....

2003-10-04 06:00:06 PM  
Unlike the righties, who will just control the government through fishy election practices, payola, corporate conflicts of interest, controlling women's bodies, controlling what people believe, controlling the police, controlling the media, controlling what people choose to do in the privacy of their own homes...

... to be honest, I really can't see the difference between the far left and the far right. :P
2003-10-04 07:23:40 PM  


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