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(eBay)   For sale: a dream weekend to see Britney Spears   ( divider line
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6655 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Nov 2001 at 11:27 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-05 11:31:01 AM  
No really, I don't care! I would STILL have zero chance of scoring, so why bother?
2001-11-05 11:31:12 AM  
I'll take two! :)
2001-11-05 11:31:29 AM  
Currently at $15,200???

Christ, I know a bird that will blow for a tenner! ($17)
2001-11-05 11:34:27 AM  
How much do you think a year supply of Pepsi is worth?
I mean you think you could sell enough of that stuff to make up the money you just spent? hehe

However....if we also got the chance to see if those things were real or not...well hell I'd be up for it :)

(The pepsi of course..what else would I be talking about?)

2001-11-05 11:35:10 AM  
WHAT???? No sex included? F that.
2001-11-05 11:35:47 AM  
For $15,000 she's going to be doing a lot of things with that Pepsi bottle that weekend besides drinking cola out of it.
2001-11-05 11:38:27 AM  
Goatman - how do you know my Mum?? ;^)

Seriously though - for $15,000 youd expect full sex, at the very least
2001-11-05 11:38:44 AM  
Sure it is a dream weekend, but not a pleasant one unless you like nightmares.
2001-11-05 11:40:41 AM  
no doubt, for 15 g's I better get the best farkin lapdance.
2001-11-05 11:41:52 AM  
Docwra: She advertises in Yellow Pages under "Plumming" =;-)
2001-11-05 11:43:00 AM  
I think that this is a gross miss use of ebay. here is a major farking corperation auctioning off time with a star. This is the kinda stuff you win with what is under the bottle cap. And now their thinking that it would cool to ebay the price. Just farking retarted. I think that ebay should cancel the aution. Though with the money they are going to be making off of something like this, i really really doubt that they would.
2001-11-05 11:43:32 AM  
Missinginaction: Lol!
2001-11-05 11:44:04 AM  
I saw a thing on mTV this weekend with some chick that got to dress and shoot a video like Britney, what a farking joke. The chick was bawling her eyes out that she got to dance like Britney and shoot videos in the same high school
2001-11-05 11:52:55 AM  
Vexhex, na, its one of those charity things, the money goes to some kind of relief fund.

But for 15 big ones Britney better put out, and bring along some good looking girlfriends while I rest.
2001-11-05 11:54:42 AM  
Vexhex -- it's an "Auction for America" auction: all the money from the auction goes to benefit the 9/11 survivors.
2001-11-05 11:56:41 AM  
The winner will be lucky if the "meet and greet" lasts
more than 5-10 minutes. Not enough for bukkake or anything
from the Sanchez family of sexual practices.
2001-11-05 11:58:10 AM  
boobies: "the Sanchez family of sexual practices" - you are a poet, Sir.
2001-11-05 11:59:04 AM  
farking filter fark.

That comment was directed at Mr Post, who I understand to be the head of his familial situation.
2001-11-05 12:04:21 PM  
For 15 G's?!?!? I want the whole package.

I want Britney, from behind, while resting that 12-pack o' Pepsi on her butt, with my laptop(with Fark on cable) on the small of her back, an ashtray on her head, while both of us watch the Backstreet Boys get the fark beaten out of them with large, blunt objects.

Oh yeah, and I'll need a webcam for that too. Don't worry, I'll keep me out of the picture.
2001-11-05 12:05:07 PM  
I'd pay her $15K to stay away from me.
2001-11-05 12:07:25 PM  
Berklee: oh man, you almost caused a scene for me here at work, lol
2001-11-05 12:09:47 PM  
FARK: It's not news, it's a Brittney Spears fan site...
2001-11-05 12:10:45 PM  
Weeners, you owe me a new monitor and keyboard. Last time I drink Mello Yello while reading Fark message boards.

P.S. (take that, Filter!)
2001-11-05 12:13:25 PM  
Rabbito: Pop music has made me bitter.

Scenario #2: Foam therapy bats, Britney tied to a stake. Every time I whack her in the farkin' head, she has to respond with "Hit me baby, one more time". I'd run around and belt her with the foam bat, laughing....

Of course, we'd have wild, sweaty, crazy jungle-sex too.... but after the beating.
2001-11-05 12:16:08 PM  
I want to know what 'the Sanchez family of sexual practices' means! (me, naive?)
2001-11-05 12:18:01 PM  
Londongirl: What are you doing Friday night? :)
2001-11-05 12:18:32 PM  
Do you like Pepsi?
2001-11-05 12:18:43 PM  
Londongirl: No, you don't.
2001-11-05 12:19:01 PM  
well lets see, the next time i'll be in london...i'm checking my calender...
2001-11-05 12:20:03 PM  
My friends and I once dreamt up the ultimate in humiliation. It's a combination Danza Slap/Dirty Sanchez. We call it the Dirty Danza.
2001-11-05 12:20:03 PM  
Nothing involving a Sanchez related activity...I think. come on, someone please enlighten me!
2001-11-05 12:20:03 PM  
this has to be a joke right?
No one in the right state of mind would pay this kind of money to meet BS. (I like that, BS, it works on 2 levels)

Some rich Dad is buying this for his teenage girl and a friend to try and prove that he still loves his daughter even though he lives 1,000 miles away from her and his former wife. He and his new girlfriend (5 yrs older than his daughter) will go with them to Vegas. He will stare at Britneys breasts and piss off the girlfriend. She will refuse sex during the entire stay in Vegas because of it.

Yep the only ones who ever bid on this kind of krap are people with too much money and morales so loose it makes a Yugo look like a highly engineered piece of machinery.
2001-11-05 12:20:34 PM  
Hell,for that kind of money I can get a whole state of crack whores.The only question is which state do I start with?I'd probably start with New Hampshire,lot of whores there.
2001-11-05 12:21:11 PM  
Come on goatman, let's hear it. Extra points if you don't use any filterable words.
2001-11-05 12:21:37 PM  
Whoa, look at the bid history. mjate­b­a­y[nospam-﹫-backwards]lo­a*com REALLY wants to win this one!
2001-11-05 12:24:06 PM  
Well, it's when assuming a ruck imitating dogs, and a digit is inserted into the lower bowel entrance, and wiped quickly across the top lip of the victim (there is no better description), thereby giving her the look of someone who would be called "Dirty Sanchez".
2001-11-05 12:25:19 PM  
Goatman: You were right. I didn't want to know that.

Dear God. And they say Western civilisation is degenerate.
2001-11-05 12:26:10 PM  
The Dirty Sanchez: A time honored event in which while laying the bone doggie style, you insert Your finger into said woman's bottom, pull it out, wipe it across her upper lip leaving a thin, dark mustache. This makes her look like someone whose name would be Dirty Sanchez.

(and i thought the english were all about kinky arse play? hmm)
2001-11-05 12:26:30 PM  
And now I want to know how come everyone else on this list *did* know that.
2001-11-05 12:26:36 PM  
Oh, that's nice! Point to Goatman!

I didn't that something like the Dirty Sanchez could be described so eloquently!

2001-11-05 12:27:33 PM  
I believe it's nothing in comparison to the Donkey Punch, but I'll send that via email when you write me one, as yours isn't working (I was trying to make contact the other day in regard to editing).
2001-11-05 12:27:50 PM  
Goatman--now THAT'S poetry.
2001-11-05 12:28:18 PM  
OK, no one else has done it yet:
The movie
2001-11-05 12:29:34 PM  
Goatman: was that to me? my email seems to be working currently... apologies if that was to someone else!

Having said which, I don't think I want to know about the donkey Punch.
2001-11-05 12:29:44 PM  
Londongirl, you haven't heard? ALL the women are doing
it now. Re the recent DS episode of "Sex and the City".
2001-11-05 12:31:49 PM  
FPost: Hmm. i wonder if you could be taking advantage of my innocent naivety and trusting nature to play a cruel practical joke.
2001-11-05 12:33:49 PM  
boobies: I don't think that's a crazy that needs to sweep the nation.

"That's no milk moustache, baby!"

2001-11-05 12:34:18 PM  
Londongirl - it was to you - I sent one and was told that you don't exist. I got confused and had to go and drink several pints of Guinness as a result (well, that and that it was Friday and I was out with a couple of mates).

Send me a blank one and I'll reply to that?
2001-11-05 12:34:26 PM  
farking filter fark fark boobies.
2001-11-05 12:39:35 PM  
I'd give her $15.00 tops. And she better cleaqn me off with a warm towel when I'm finished with her.
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