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( Video Great-grandmother shows support by burning Afghani flag, but nearly catches innocent man walking by on fire   ( divider line
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4127 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Nov 2001 at 11:26 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-05 11:30:04 AM  
"Grandma, what are you doing out of the home again?"
2001-11-05 11:35:07 AM  
go granny go -
2001-11-05 11:35:54 AM  
A classic example of an eye for an eye, a flag for a flag?
2001-11-05 11:38:21 AM  
That was strange, I could hear director cues in the background audio of the video.
2001-11-05 11:50:12 AM  
Stupid old people. They're useless in practically every way.
2001-11-05 11:52:15 AM  
I think this story falls under the [image from too old to be available] tag.
2001-11-05 11:57:04 AM  
Why couldn't she of burned herself?
2001-11-05 11:57:17 AM  
"wanted to make a statement to the Afghani people"

Two things:

1) We're fighting the Taliban, not the Afghanis.

2) Afghanis don't burn flags, Pakistanis do.
2001-11-05 11:58:11 AM  
Damn, hit the button too quickly.

I meant to add:

Someone needs to put Granny back in the home.
2001-11-05 12:10:30 PM  
Right on, Granny! You're a grand old gal!
2001-11-05 12:19:03 PM  
Hey!, I guess they're right. Senior Citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose.
2001-11-05 12:32:36 PM  
Man, I would hate to be an Afghan right now. First the starvation, then the relentless bombing, and now an old senile women burns some colored cloth!!! Does she think they would even care? Its not like they have a long-standing stable government that they can identify with. Does she realize that the the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, not Afghanistan?
2001-11-05 12:33:34 PM  
Thirdrail you're right on the money.
2001-11-05 12:45:42 PM  
Everyone over 65 needs to take an yearly driving test. Now it looks like we need to add a "OK for use of matches" endorcement as well.
2001-11-05 12:47:35 PM  
Well at least the senile loon didn't burn an old Soviet flag.

"Take that ya Ruskies! An' tell that Stalin feller he's up next."
2001-11-05 01:11:56 PM  
Ash: maybe she didn't burn an old Soviet Flag because she is an evil comsymp!! Someone form a lynch mob
2001-11-05 01:19:34 PM  
Hey! Someone tell her she could start a forest fire. Or is that only with American flags?
2001-11-05 01:29:30 PM  
"innocent man walking by on fire"

I am still laughing...........
2001-11-05 01:32:14 PM  
Fifth: I bet she's got Mein Kampf on her tea table too. Lets round up the good ole boys and give her what for!
2001-11-05 01:53:50 PM  
Ah, flag burning, the lowest form of political protest... Am I the only one who thinks that burning a flag is about equal on the intellectual scale of two guys on a street corner yelling "Oh, yeah??" "Yeah!" back and forth for 20 minutes or so?
2001-11-05 02:13:18 PM  
Asinine is the right tag for this one.
2001-11-05 02:33:40 PM  
Ygdrasil, I'm gonna have to burn out the part of my brain that just envisioned that as I read it...

2001-11-05 03:08:02 PM  
Let me get this straight she hates seeing people burning her flag cause its wrong and imoral so what does she do in revenge? burn someone elses???

Congradulations Grandma you sunk even lower than the terrorists.
2001-11-05 03:08:24 PM  
Oh dear, Mrs. Nesbitt's exploded...
2001-11-05 03:27:34 PM  
Thirdrail ROFLMAO, Oh man, thanx for the dumb and dumber quote, *wipes tear from eye*.
2001-11-05 03:45:41 PM  
It'd be safer if she sat in front of the 'puter and played the Whack-an-Osama game....
2001-11-05 03:51:17 PM  
This reminds me of a very cruel joke I saw played once. This waiter who decided to quit his job, wanted to go out with a bang. The restraunt I worked at had this dinner-theater deal. Go eat buffet food, then go to see local show. And they sold the package primarily to elderly tour groups.

Anyway, there would be like 400 of these cranky old geezers who'd come in and immediately scream for coffee. It was like it was the only thing keeping them going. So, you would spend the whole hour trying desperately to keep their coffee cups filled. And they would claw at you like street beggars in some scene out of Calcutta.

Well, Mr X. decided to "enhance" the coffee one day with a very large supply of Chocolate Ex-Lax. Unbeknownst to us, we began pouring quantities of coffeee like we always did, however, I remember thinking that Mr. X was being unusually aggressive at serving coffee. If I recall, he carried 2 pots aevery time.

Within about 10 minutes, a few people got up to go. Then whole tables. Pretty soon, there was a line snaking down the hallway to the bathrooms. The maitre'd absolutely freaked when he found out. The whole scene was chaotic, not to mention smelly.

I know how terribly wrong and cruel it was, but man, was it funny to watch at the time.
2001-11-05 04:14:46 PM  
If only it was such a world that the worst we ever did to each other was burn flags....
2001-11-05 04:23:52 PM  
personaly i prefer the solve the problem by loading a bus full of elderly telling them its going to an all you can eat dinner buffet. but once they are inside, put it on a rocket and shoot them into the sun. i just hope they dont come back with ray guns and take over the world.
2001-11-05 05:26:40 PM  
sadly, this barely ranks on the scale of stupid sh!t Americans are now doing out of helplessness and stupidity.
2001-11-05 07:05:26 PM  
This web site sucked! It would only play the damn clip in Real-sucky-media. Maybe their bandwidth has been screwed, but realcrap would not even play the thing for me.
2001-11-05 07:06:08 PM  
That was really, really stupid.

Do I have to give up critical thinking when I grow old?

Hmm. Maybe I'll die young. Spare generation Z.

There is nothing so generously portioned in the world as stupidity.
2001-11-05 07:13:58 PM  
POOOOOF! Stupid old lady, doesn't she know that the flag represents the Afghan people. Not the Taliban. You think she at least could of bought a cotton flag instead of polyester one, it would of burnt slower and she could of been on TV longer doing her monkey burning flag dance.
2001-11-05 11:19:20 PM  
The stupidity of people is only rivaled the other people willing to tell them so. The wise man knows the difference,you stupid farks!
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