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3970 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Sep 2003 at 12:15 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-09-30 11:07:39 AM  
i don't think I'd call this 'spiffy'

bah I say

Look, I was a huge fan of TV Funhouse and loved Meet the Feebles, but christ -- they better not turn Kermit out.
2003-09-30 12:17:03 PM  

Let's talk about abortion.
2003-09-30 12:17:11 PM  
Duh.. obviously this poster didn't catch Kimmel last night.
btw, I hate Kimmel. I just happened to catch it as I was changing channels. The guy is a jerk, a homophobe and mysoginist.
2003-09-30 12:17:19 PM  
Kermit died with Jim Henson. The current one just isn't right.

Frank Oz is the R0xx0rs
2003-09-30 12:18:00 PM  
Couldn't hurt.
2003-09-30 12:18:40 PM  
Will Jimmy ask Kermit if his finger smells like bacon?
2003-09-30 12:21:06 PM  
This thread could serve well as a debate as to which tremendously gifted and sincere entertainer and educator of our youth is being more thoroughly and crassly exploited post-mortem: Henson or Dr. Suess? I am going with Seuss by a slim margin.
2003-09-30 12:23:24 PM  
what will Miss Piggy say?
2003-09-30 12:27:19 PM

That silly kermit stoned thing haha
2003-09-30 12:30:28 PM  
That song is bizarre, but not as bizarre as Muta's comment.
2003-09-30 12:30:34 PM  
Jimmy Kimmel != teh funny
2003-09-30 12:34:37 PM  
RE: danielscissorhands

"...btw, I hate Kimmel. I just happened to catch it as I was changing channels. The guy is a jerk, a homophobe and mysoginist."

Hey Dannyboy...Who is the one spouting hate here?
2003-09-30 12:35:29 PM  
I liked Kermit better when it was just him in the swamp, bangin' away at the banjo. Back was about the music, man.
2003-09-30 12:41:31 PM  
They should use the vomiting Kermit from Conan.
2003-09-30 12:44:25 PM  
Mr Perspicacious
Answer: Jimmy Kimmel
I'm just pointing it out.
Once on an episode of Win Ben Stein's money Jimmy Kimmel ridiculed two contestants for both being obviously homosexual. And he said "Wait a minute.. you're gay and YOU'RE GAY??!!! What happened, did like a huge homo bomb go off back stage?"
And while that might sound funny, the guy's an obnoxious idiot. And so are you if you find his show at all intelligent.
2003-09-30 12:47:31 PM  
just guessing here got picked on a lot in high school...didn't you?
2003-09-30 12:48:12 PM  
Mr Perspicacious
Let me guess, you're a dumb jock, aren't you?
2003-09-30 12:49:11 PM  
Mr Perspicacious is a Republican. I guess that automatically makes him an idiot.
2003-09-30 12:49:24 PM  
that show is still on?
2003-09-30 12:50:35 PM  
nope...never played sports...just sense a timid personality. I find it odd that you hate Jimmy Kimmel, yet you like Sid Vicious?! That sounds good...lets idolize a murderer.
2003-09-30 12:51:05 PM  
Mr Perspicacious
ps: get a clue. Obviously getting picked on in high school (which I didn't, thanks) has nothing to do with it. Your defending Jimmy Kimmel, therefore you must be a loser.
You feel the need to rush to the defence of some dumbass you see on TV. Get a life frat boy.
2003-09-30 12:52:51 PM  
This is just in case you might have missed Jim Henson's death.

Nothing like giving the casket a few more pounds of nails.
2003-09-30 12:53:42 PM  
frat boy??? You sound like a very angry little man. I never jumped to Kimmel's defense...I don't watch his show...I just thought it to be ironic that you HATE (the word you used) a man that hates others (although I don't know if making light of somebody is the same as hate).
2003-09-30 12:54:00 PM  
Mr Perspicacious
Actually, while Sid Vicious MIGHT have murdered Nancy. That was never proven. It never made it to court because Sid died. But many people think that Nancy's drug dealer murdered her because he stormed out of the hotel that day after they got out in a big fight, and then he was seen hanging around the hotel, quite suspiciously. And even if he did murder Nancy, who wouldn't want to murder to Nancy. Although there is a big difference between wanting to and doing it, obviously.
Btw, I interviewed Joe Strummer from the Clash (you can read that article on my site) and even he thinks that Sid Vicious was set up.
/off topic
2003-09-30 12:54:07 PM  
Kimmel's limited talent was suited for the Man Show, but othwerwise he's a big fat load of crap. The sooner he's off TV and back to wearing out his knee pads in front of Snoop Dog, the better.
2003-09-30 12:54:28 PM  
After reading daniel's comments on Jimmy Kimmel, methinks I'se gonna give him a listen.
2003-09-30 12:54:35 PM  
I am a huge Muppets fan but I will admit the new Kermit voice just ain't right. I think it is Jim Henson's son. I will watch anything that has the Muppets in it. If anyone feels generous enough feel free to buy me the Muppet Show VHS collection by Time LIfe books for Christmas.

BTW the best new Muppet is Pepe.
2003-09-30 12:56:12 PM  
ooooh-kay then...I had Sid pegged all wrong. I think it's still safe to say Sid wasn't one of your more upstanding individuals.
2003-09-30 12:56:27 PM  
kimmel actually seems like a pretty nice guy to me. now adam carolla, THERE'S a misogynist, jerk and homophobe. probably rubs off on jimmy a little bit since they work so much together.
2003-09-30 12:57:13 PM  
I got all caught up on the excitement of exploiting Kermit I forgot to go off on Jimmy Kimmel. He has his own show? When is it on and what channel?

Does anyone remember back in the 90's when the Muppets had their own late night talk show? It was hosted by some rasta muppet. I think it only had a few episodes.
2003-09-30 12:57:48 PM  
danielscissorhands You should relax...seriously.

I'll also point out that you are pushing stereotypes just as hard by calling anyone a 'stupid frat boy'.

Anyway, enjoy your angst. I'm sure it will help you get into art school.
2003-09-30 12:58:17 PM  
Jimmy Kimmel's a good writer, and he had great chemistry with Adam Carolla (a bigger talent IMO) on The Man Show. But the talk show circuit rarely works out no matter how strong your following is. The Letterman-O'Brien-Leno trifecta is too powerful.
2003-09-30 12:58:32 PM  
Actually I majored in English. And I graduated. Thanks.
2003-09-30 12:59:58 PM  
Btw, I would be lying if I said I don't watch Jimmy Kimmel sometimes. I do. But that's because I like his guest hosts, like Mr T, etc. It's a fun show sometimes. But that doesn't mean the host isn't an idiot.
2003-09-30 01:00:20 PM  
Did Jimmy Kimmel's mother drink or what's the story with his face? He looks like he should be wearing a helmet.
2003-09-30 01:01:53 PM  
danielscissorhands That doesn't change the fact that you should relax a bit. I mean, dayum! you responded that less than a minute after I posted, what are you doing hitting 'refresh' with conniption like reflexes?

Anyway, feh, carry on.
2003-09-30 01:02:32 PM  
I liked Kimmel on Fox NFL pregames, I liked him on the Man Show, I liked his radio interviews; but for the most part, his show hasn't been that entertaining.
Except Snoop's yard sale...that was hilarious.
2003-09-30 01:02:46 PM  
Kimmel is a homophobe, a misogynist, a proto-yuppy assholewasher and - wait for it

Not funny.
2003-09-30 01:03:18 PM  
Any guy who can get two national shows and surround himself with a lot of beautiful women can't be too stupid
2003-09-30 01:03:52 PM  
Ok. Good point.
2003-09-30 01:05:17 PM  
Well at least someone agrees with me.
Btw, just in case you think I'm Mr. Politically correct, I ain't. But I just find Jimmy Kimmel to be obnoxious. However as I said above.. I do sometimes watch the show.
2003-09-30 01:07:47 PM  
Hey, if you dislike his show, or if you dislike the man, that's fine...just don't go all high-and-mighty-hypocritical on me by saying you hate the guy...because he pokes fun at the way...the guy is very self-depricating at least he's even handed when it comes to poking fun
2003-09-30 01:09:49 PM  
So, when does this come on? Anyone...anyone?
2003-09-30 01:10:14 PM  
Yes, but he has a lot to be self depricating about.
2003-09-30 01:10:23 PM  
12:30EST...I think
2003-09-30 01:10:51 PM  
I don't have a problem with poking fun at people. If it's all in good fun, it is.

Kimmel's barbs tend to have that veneer of desperation. What did women and homosexuals ever do to him? and is it honestly of any value to the community to come up with fun recycled ways to insult and degrade people who belong to a group other than yours? Really.
2003-09-30 01:11:07 PM  
I'm still feeling the hatred there Dan! Let it go man...let it go.
2003-09-30 01:11:11 PM  
Weekdays, like 12:00 or 12:30 EST.
There are some hot women on the show, and some good guesthosts, which is what makes it good.
Uncle Frank.. or whatever his name is, is funny too.
Just not Jimmy.
2003-09-30 01:12:22 PM  
Just curious mutilato...did you ever make fun of the President?
2003-09-30 01:12:35 PM  
Mr Perspicacious..
I guess ya didn't see Mutilato's comments?
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