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(Strait Times)   Taiwan mayor abandons war on prostiution after one month   ( divider line
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2944 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Nov 2001 at 7:32 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-04 07:57:43 AM  
Imagine that, impossible promises made in the heat of scandal, later broken much to the surprise of the gullible public.
2001-11-04 08:41:10 AM  
George Carlin said it best:

"F*cking is legal. Selling is legal. Why isn't selling f*ucking legal?"
2001-11-04 09:04:26 AM  
Just another political ploy....Same as here in the states every 4 years!
2001-11-04 09:08:56 AM  
<pimp mode>
I think it should be illegal, keeps prices up
</pimp mode>

An interesting thing happened. When I went to this comments thingy, the big boobies girls in the fark shirts was the banner. hmmmmmmmm.
2001-11-04 11:21:55 AM  
Wilbolite--Carlin does have a point. And we have that particular Carlin tape. :)
2001-11-04 11:33:41 AM  
Oh good for them hookers, they've had a hell of a time..
2001-11-04 11:34:48 AM  
I believe Carlin aslo made the following point: It's illegal to sell it but perfectly legal to give it away for free.
2001-11-04 12:33:49 PM  
Me so horny. Me ruv you rong time. Yo want sucky-sucky? $5 make you holler, $10 make you SCREAM!!
2001-11-04 01:06:02 PM  
Yeah,I'm a policeman here in Seattle, and we run a call girl service. Last weekend we got a planeload of girls from Taipai. I sex0red one of them but since I have AIDS i had to tell her after (i think it's illegal nto to or somethign!) and I dont want togoto jail.
2001-11-04 01:12:27 PM  
NEVER underestimate the power of a pimp at your door.
2001-11-04 01:30:20 PM  
Where's Pimpbot 5000 when you need him?
2001-11-04 02:48:29 PM  
Well, you know what they say. Can't keep a good ho down...
2001-11-04 07:23:32 PM  
Sounds like he's going down on prostitution.
2001-11-04 08:00:42 PM  
2001-11-04 10:24:02 PM  
My guess as to why prostitution is illegal is that,while a prostitute can be a free agent and handle all aspects herself,there is also the pimp factor to consider.Considering that pimps do buy and sell hookers amongst each other,it takes on a form of slavery,which is obviously illegal in this country.Also,the supposed corruption of society's morals plays a part in keeping prostitution illegal too.
2001-11-05 05:22:42 AM  
Pimps are the problem and they are a bigger problem when they start buying drug addicts and children of drug addicts from the russian mafia like whats going on in europe right now.

Also tiawan is known as a sex tourist spot so its problems with hookers is ten times worse then any major city. They also have horny pervs from all over the world going there to get kiddie sex.

You sometimes learn more then you need to when watching the discovery channel. :)
2001-11-05 08:13:08 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-05 07:19:50 PM  
Mr. Ma is a good name for a band
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