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(Empire Online)   Walken culinary tip: Wash your leeks   ( divider line
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1697 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Nov 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-03 12:04:37 AM  
This is from February...
2001-11-03 12:07:58 AM  
Spend more time doing ANYTHING other than complaining...OK?
2001-11-03 12:09:46 AM  
It's a British Magazine, that means the date is formatted day/month/year.
2001-11-03 12:10:33 AM  
Let me be the first to say...

THANKS CHRIS!! I didn't know that, about the leeks.
2001-11-03 12:13:51 AM  
All your verbs are belong to us....

I have no idea where these people get their ideas....
2001-11-03 12:22:05 AM  
Leek-sorrel soup is the yummiest. I agree. People don't eat nearly enough leeks.
2001-11-03 12:30:14 AM  
...and having spent thirty minutes cleaning leeks for one dish, I know why they don't. They have more dirt on them than your average three-year-old.
2001-11-03 12:37:21 AM  
AggressiveRPG Here is what you do: Cut them in half lengthwise. Then, cut off the top (leafy) part. Throw out the tough outer leaves. Then when you go to rinse the stems just sort of peel back the layers as if you were about to shuffle a card deck. Let the water run through, use your fingers to sort of rub it out if you have to (trying not to sound dirty, failing) then wash the leaves seperately, which shouldn't be that much since you only are supposed to use the pale inner ones. Done right, and I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right, it only takes a few minutes to get squeaky clean leeks.
2001-11-03 12:38:09 AM  
'It's a different sort of part for me,' he revealed. 'I play a lot of villains, but Frank is quite nice...but he is bizarre!'

Just the sort of Role We love!
2001-11-03 12:41:15 AM  
Ambercat: Oh...the leeks! I thought for a moment that was how you clean a three-year-old. D'oh!
2001-11-03 12:42:16 AM  
This deserves the "Obvious" tag. Dude I scrub my leeks hard every day. Only fool walks around with sandy-ass leeks. And yes, I do pity that fool.
2001-11-03 12:49:38 AM  
Mmmmmmmmmm. Leek soup.
Mmmmmmmmmm. French onion soup.
Mmmmmmmmmm. (Damn, now I'm hungry!)
2001-11-03 12:56:15 AM  
AggressiveRPG I guess it depends if they've been naughty or nice this holiday season, doesn't it?
2001-11-03 12:58:11 AM  
We call 'em "ramps" here in West By God...
2001-11-03 01:06:31 AM  
Sparky66wv Neat...those don't look like english leek but I see the resemblance. Actually I always use the native sorrel we have here, called sheep sorrel rather then the french sorrel because it is too mild for my taste. The sheep sorrel has a sharp lemony flavor. (insert favorite france joke here).
2001-11-03 01:06:37 AM  
You know, only a godlike being like Walken can get away with something like this. Infact it's become normal to expect it from him ("You say tomato and i say tomato"). When i come to rule the world i will give Walken a country of his choice.
2001-11-03 01:59:52 AM  

Q: How do you make leek soup?

A: Well, first you take a leek...
2001-11-03 02:39:51 AM  
Nice Fight Club reference there Killio!
2001-11-03 05:57:46 AM  
Leeks and hot dogs?
2001-11-03 02:36:14 PM  
LordSam that's not from Fight Club, it's a thousand year old joke.
2001-11-03 02:36:35 PM  
Oops. Comma splice. :o
2001-11-03 09:36:07 PM  
Hey!! Those aren't leeks! That's my WEED!!! Hey, get that outta the sink!!!
2001-11-04 01:22:20 PM  
Fella, I need More Cow Bell!
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