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(Iwon)   New regulations may require all tequila sold in United States to be bottled in Mexico   ( divider line
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5550 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Sep 2003 at 4:25 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-09-25 04:53:56 PM  
If its not bottled in Jalisco, its not Tequilla.

end. of. story.
2003-09-25 04:54:35 PM  
Huhhuhhuh, "hornitos".
2003-09-25 04:54:44 PM  
I don't know why some farkers are biatching...
Tequila should be from mexico,
Champagne should be from France,
Scotch should be from Scotland.

Honestly, would you drink new jersey Tequila ?
2003-09-25 04:55:43 PM  

Sour mash whiskey isnt where, but how its made: usually by charcoal filtering. Its because of that particular filtering that you cant call it bourbon. And ive heard that some bourbon (10%) is made in Tennesee, but im not positive...

to add to the list of great tequilas:

Don Eduardo
El Tesoro

For a standard bar shot I like Commemorativo - its way better than most others at that price. Just keep that damn Cuervo the fark away from me.
2003-09-25 04:56:38 PM  
2003-09-25 04:56:55 PM  
Gromky, your wrong.

The agave plant takes something like seven years to grow to maturity, and there are only so many of them. The high price of tequilla is simple supply and demand.

The high price of green bud, however, is a different story.
2003-09-25 04:57:18 PM  
Mikacat, you are absolutely correct. A really good tequila can be sipped and enjoyed like a good scotch. There shouldn't be any real discomfort involved (cough.. Cuervo Gold.. cough).

If you want a good tequila, just skip over everything that says "gold" in the label. Look for "anejo" or "reposado" in the description. And generally, anything that's totally clear will be a bit rougher than a darker one, which usually means it's been aged in a barrel so it's a bit smoother (unless they just added coloring to make it look nicer).

Or, a rough rule is to look at the bottle. If it's in a hand-blown bottle, or has a signed number on the label, it's probably pretty good.

Unfortunately, to get a fifth of good tequila these days you're looking at a minimum price of around $18-20. Choice stuff will be $25-45 a fifth. I think that going beyond that range is overkill.
2003-09-25 04:57:20 PM  
God forbid any other country than the US tries to create jobs for themselves.
2003-09-25 05:02:52 PM  
Being a "tequilla snob" myself. I will gladly pay good money for a bottle of that sweet Cabo Wabo if it means saving my stomach from that toxin known as Cuervo.

Take the taste test and learn for yourself. Cabo is smooth and warm; Cuervo is automatic gag reflex in liquid form
2003-09-25 05:04:17 PM  
gromky can stick with the Select or Ralf's Brand.
For me a few ounces of agave before going out is like a stoner having a few tokes first & of coarse all weed has the same taiste & effect.
2003-09-25 05:06:54 PM  
Tequila is spanish for "To Kill" or thats what you force yourself to believe after doing 8-9 shots the night before.
2003-09-25 05:06:56 PM  
Wasn't NAFTA supposed to put an end to Mexico's attempts to create a sustainable economy?

No, wait...
2003-09-25 05:09:10 PM  
Es muy loco.
2003-09-25 05:10:51 PM  

I wouldn't drink bottled water that was driven through Jersey.....
2003-09-25 05:10:55 PM  
I love it when I am being told I am absolutly correct, cept for the sour mash whiskey thing. Anyway are there any spanish speaking farkers out there? I need to know how to say, No I don't speak spanish and You've got the wrong number. I've had about 6 calls today from spanish speaking people. You would assume that they would get the hint when I answered the phone hello and not ola.
2003-09-25 05:15:47 PM  
Hispanic people answer the phone hello too.

No hablo el espanyol: "I dont speak spanish"
Estuviste llamando el numero incorrecto "You've called the wrong number"

My spanish is way rusty so someone correct me if i'm wrong.
2003-09-25 05:16:06 PM  
Mikacat -

just say it slowly and loud.


/american guide to foreign relations manual
2003-09-25 05:16:23 PM  
Mikacat just keep saying "Kay?.....kay?.....kay?... mon day?..... kay?
2003-09-25 05:20:38 PM  
See, the self-delusion continues. This is known as the "congruency principle", when a person refuses to release disproven notions even in the face of contrary evidence. The tequila manufacturers THEMSELVES openly admit that a retail bottle of tequila doesn't cost more than $40. But, rampant demand from tequila snobs for expensive tequila resulted in its creation out of whole cloth.

Folks, tequila isn't like scotch or wine or other snob-appeal liquors. It's not *supposed* to be fancy-shmancy. You're *supposed* to get nasty drunk. The corporate shareholders thank you for buying their idea of "super-premium" tequila.
2003-09-25 05:29:22 PM  
Actualluy, Gromky, Tequilla is exactly like scotch or wine. Just not like Hypno.

You see, it goes something like this- Scotch WAS something that wasnt supposed to be fancy, and just got people F* up like Malt Liquor. Later on, however, poeple began to discover that by subtle manipulations and changes in distillation processes, etc, scotch could become something other than just rocket fuel.

Tequilla is the same. Good tequilla can be just as complex as good scotch, when made from the right ingredients in the right way. And if you cannot taste the difference between Cuervo and Profidio or Corazon, then you should probably not be drinking anymore.
2003-09-25 05:29:46 PM  
Thank you Sauza. I love you.

Oh and Patron you are so so perfect in my margaritta. So tangy and wonderful and an eximious shot.

Oh, and by the way, any good tequila is bottled in Mexico anyway, so there is nothing wrong with this.
2003-09-25 05:30:42 PM  
B0rg9 I agree wholeheartedly. Kylie and I drank a whole bottle, shot for shot over a 4 hour period and we felt great.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-09-25 05:51:58 PM  
Cuervo is not the worst tequila, there are clearly inferior brands. I would say cuervo is about the equivelent of Gilbys Gin or Smirnof Vodka, The best thing around until the producers realized there was a market for the premium stuff (very Oldskool name drop here).

I do have to agree with gromky a little bit though, there is no tequilla that's worth $100 bottle. Of course I also don;t think any bottle of Scotch or Vodka is worth that much either.

/Cheap Farker
2003-09-25 05:54:30 PM  
mem, so demand from liquor snobs is turning an honest liquor into a dandified consumer product, packaged in colorful bottles with individually numbered lots?

Get a clue, they're not selling tequila, they're selling image. The super-premium segment in any alcoholic beverage market is all about profit, not merit. In other words, the stuff isn't priced at $100/bottle because it costs a lot to make, it's priced at $100/bottle because consumers DEMAND a bottle of tequila that costs that much.
2003-09-25 06:04:12 PM  
I wish voting was enabled on this thread so I could vote my agreement with CyberLuddite.

And then I would go back and vote for everyone EXCEPT gromky to show my disagreement with his opinions.

/or I could add a comment saying who I agree with and don't, whichever
2003-09-25 06:04:18 PM  
"various types of liquor from gin to vodka" gin and vidka are very nearly the same thing (juniper, corriander, pine needles)
2003-09-25 06:12:45 PM  
God forbid any other country than the US tries to create jobs for themselves

Because we all know that the US would *never* be so unfair as to impose arbitrary, unreasonable tarriffs on other countries products.

Karma people.
2003-09-25 06:15:37 PM  
Sorry Wumpus, Try again when you are old enough to drink.

BTW, I managed and tended bars for close to ten years, worked as a waiter at a place that was on the wine spectators top 100 rest. wine lists, have done vertical tastings of everything kind of wine you would want to classify. I also have done vertical tastings on my own and with distributors. Trust me, The difference, to the average palate, between Remy Xo and Louis 13Th is not $90 a shot, much less $90 a bottle.

I like top shelf stuff, and I will drink it when ever anybody else is willing to buy it for me, but I personally by the mid level for myself.
2003-09-25 06:40:48 PM  
A couple of thoughts...

First and foremost, Tequila has to be made in the Tequila district in Mexico. Otherwise, distilled agave beverages go by Mescal, which is actually often better than the average tequila you'll find in a bar. Perhaps by keeping bottling restrictions within the actual tequila districts, quality will improve.

Second, the US might lose a handful of jobs in the bottling industry. But if you think about it, it's really a capital-intensive industry. Besides, I am positive the bottling companies don't have exclusive contracts with the tequila companies. Probably a contract or two will be lost. Usually tariffs are calculated based on value-added. In this case, agave sold to the US would have lower tariffs than bulk tequila, which would in turn have lower tariffs than bottled tequila... BUT, there's the whole NAFTA thing, which people biatch and moan about sometimes. But the bottom line is, the US probably has a surplus trade balance with Mexico, so NAFTA is a better deal for Americans (while enabling the growth of Mexican exports).

Of course, considering we have Dubya disgracing the Presidency, you can expect a retaliatory measure soon, such as the time when he stopped Mexican trucks from entering the country under the pretense of environmental damage (ironic, eh?).

What I meant to say was, stick to drinking beer.
2003-09-25 06:49:30 PM  
Another vote for Sauza.

Boy, Sammy Hagar can't hold together a musical career, but he's one hell of a marketing whiz.
2003-09-25 07:04:42 PM  
A good tequila tastes like butta....

I like Tres Alegres Compadres Reposado...100 percent agave and under 20 bucks a bottle.
2003-09-25 07:15:39 PM  
'Celebrate diversity' by flying in cannibals for an all-you-can-eat illegal mexican feast.

and this gem forever:

"Here I sit, cheeks a-flexin', giving birth to another mexican."
2003-09-25 07:43:49 PM  
Of course advertisment, bottling, etc. is about image.

Yes, $100 for tequilla is probably too much.

The idea that the super-premium market for alcohol is ALL about profit and has nothing to do with merit at all is a gross oversiplification. Patron Anjeo cost more than Sauza and Cuervo because 1) It is made with %100 blue agave, 2) there is less of it, and 3) it tastes better, it is more complex, more enjoyable and is less filling.

I did like your use of "danidified" however. Wish I could buy you a sip of the good stuff...
2003-09-25 08:42:27 PM  
Nice try, Chevron, but that little ditty was written about Texans. I think you will find that it fits better, both in the meter, and in the people.
2003-09-25 09:05:17 PM  
How long before somebody figures out a way to import the blue agave, and distill it in in say, phoenix, thereby eliminating the whole mexican bottling mess? Just another facet of economics clashing with politics....
2003-09-25 09:14:24 PM  

Then it won't be tequila. Tequila is like Cognac, Bourbon, champagne, scotch, etc. Trade treaties and international dictate what you can call what.

Of course, in the product isn't any different; there is tequila made in Mexico many hundreds of miles from Jalisco, just south of Texas. Good stuff, too.
2003-09-25 11:16:08 PM  
Facts of life:

1) If it doesn't say "100% blue agave", it ain't tequila. Not in my world, anyway.

2) Cuervo is to tequila as Wolfgang Puck's smoked salmon "pizza" is to authentic Neapolitan.

3) The worst drunk you can get is not cheap Tijuana border tequila. It's Captain Morgan mixed 50/50 with Everclear. Yes, I'm aware I knew some sick farks back in the day.
2003-09-26 12:23:18 AM  
Anyone else think of James Doohan doing a version of this line?

"There's not enough capacity there currently to handle all of this tequila," he said.
2003-09-26 01:28:22 AM  
First and foremost, Tequila has to be made in the Tequila district in Mexico.


As long as it's from the Altos region of Jalisco, it's considered tequila. It's not like champagne, which has to be from Champagne. The town of Tequila and the surrounding area is where most of the mass-produced crap tequila comes from (with the exception of Herradura and one or two others).

Besides... Tequila is barely in the Jalisco highlands, which is where some of the best stuff comes from. Mexicans like and appreciate Herradura and some of the ones popular here in the States, but Mexicans by and large will have a bottle of Cazadores in their liquor cabinets, which is from the town of Arandas (two hours east of Tequila). It's a versatile tequila that's great for shooting or sipping, and makes a mouth-watering margarita.

BTW... Arandas is also famous for Cabrito and Corazon de Agave tequilas, and for having blue/green-eyed, raven-haired women that are so God-damned hot, my balls ache from just thinking about them. Could be why my girlfriend has blue eyes... :D
2003-09-26 04:48:23 PM  
Of course, considering we have Dubya disgracing the Presidency, you can expect a retaliatory measure soon, such as the time when he stopped Mexican trucks from entering the country under the pretense of environmental damage (ironic, eh?).

Umm, if you examine this a bit closer, you will find the the Bushies were trying to allow the Mexican trucks into the US. It was Democrats at the behest of their union buddies who were making a stink. Had nothing to do with actual environmental concerns.

I myself prefer the reposado and the anejo style. Mmmm.
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