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(ESPN)   MLB about to lop off the Twins and Expos. France Surrenders   ( divider line
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2001-11-02 11:08:06 AM  
France Surrenders! HA HA! That shiat is funny!

2001-11-02 11:10:20 AM  
Why the Twins? Oh, maybe I should read the article...nah.
2001-11-02 11:11:39 AM  
Get rid of the Devil Rays, not the Twins...
At least the Twins have done something in their history.
2001-11-02 11:16:27 AM  
Go ahead and take the Angels, Marlins and Devil Rays while your there.
2001-11-02 11:16:46 AM  
Woo-hoo another post!

Welstradamus: I agree. The Twins showed this year that they can draw fans with a good team. All they needed is a big bat and an arm in the pen and they could've made the playoffs easily. The Devil Rays are hopeless. Would anyone miss them?
2001-11-02 11:18:31 AM  
Well, at least we(minnesotans) won't have to worry about no darn new stadium!
2001-11-02 11:21:58 AM  
I've always hated Pohlad.
2001-11-02 11:23:58 AM  
woohoo, doug meintkiewicz to the mets baby!
2001-11-02 11:25:12 AM  
I'm gonna love watching the race to see who gets Vladdy from Montreal. I wanna watch him play more, he's a beast!!! Can you imagine if someone like Oakland got him to play left!?!
2001-11-02 11:25:39 AM  
How much fan base do the Minnesota Wild draw?
2001-11-02 11:26:47 AM  
Oh, they have a baseball team in Minnesota?
2001-11-02 11:28:28 AM  
the Wild sold out every game last year, and sold out every game this year
helps that they play in a cool place: XCEL Energy Center
2001-11-02 11:28:37 AM  
The strange thing is, no one here seems to care. The Twins/Vikings are always threatening to leave unless they get a new stadium, so I suppose nobody is taking this seriously. That Metrodome sure is a toilet.
2001-11-02 11:30:54 AM  
Yeah, good thing that the vikings are a good team, that helps get a new stadium. What's that? Moss' contract has taken all the money for a stadium? He wants a stadium just to put his ego in? Hmm... big stadium there!

Randy Moss, has gone from a fav of mine, to a whiny selfish biatch in just a few games.
2001-11-02 11:31:56 AM  
I really haven't paid attention to the Twins since Kirby Puckett left...For those in Minn., do you get bonds coming up every couple of years?
2001-11-02 11:32:02 AM  
The Wild always sell out their games in MN.
2001-11-02 11:37:10 AM  
With the Expos gone Montreal can now concentrate on the more important things in the city, like opening more NUDIE BARS!!!!, and anyone that's ever been there knows what I mean,


that should bring back some memories for those who have been there.
2001-11-02 11:42:07 AM  
TripleR: I live there :) I have memories :)
2001-11-02 11:45:18 AM  
BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Why does Selig have to fark with everything all the time? What a tool.
2001-11-02 11:52:33 AM  
I heard that the yankees are a potential team to be lopped off too.
2001-11-02 11:52:58 AM  
or at least that what a lot of you would like.
2001-11-02 11:57:37 AM  
I remember reading about baseball in history books.
2001-11-02 11:58:59 AM  
Let me know when MLB and all teams are shutting down and then I'll be excited.

Baseball sucks.
2001-11-02 12:02:08 PM  
TripleR, it is "superSexe" Don't forget the 'e' in the end. God I love that e.

But if you go to the bar that is on Cresent (sp?) street that is better, and it has a great Irish Pub next door.
2001-11-02 12:05:09 PM  
GOOD! Expansion was the worst farking idea ever. It killed baseball. Hate to see the Twins go - The Devil Rays seem like a better candidate, But nobody goes to Expos games.
2001-11-02 12:05:48 PM  
Daz, move to Afghanistan you damn non American. I'll drop a bomb on you myself.
2001-11-02 12:09:35 PM  
Baseball as a game doesn't suck. What baseball has become, however, does suck. Big contracts and new stadiums mean only one thing: take more money from the spectators. I don't care who the fark you are, no one should be getting $25 million a year to play a kids game. Plus, a beer and a hot dog do not cost $7. To Donald Fehr: fark you for ruining baseball. To all sport franchises: why the fark should a city spend millions for your team to have a new stadium for you to make more money? If my tax dollars are paying for a stadium I shouldn't be priced out of going to the game by your or your players greed.

sorry about that
2001-11-02 12:10:56 PM  
whew...had to get that off my chest
2001-11-02 12:10:57 PM  
WippuhOh yes, someone hates a slow boring game that Japanese and Cubans love, so they should go to Afghanistan for being unamerican. Baseball isn't the US's sport anymore. Get over it.
2001-11-02 12:16:10 PM  
3M TA3 - Isn't it CLUB Supersexe?

For those who have never been to Montreal, be sure to knock back a few pitchers at Piels Pub before hitting the strip joints.
2001-11-02 12:17:47 PM  
Baseball is still the "American Pastime" just MLB isn't all about baseball anymore.
2001-11-02 12:19:17 PM  

Baseball blows the scrotum pole.
2001-11-02 12:21:12 PM  
By the way,
Football truly is America's sport,definitely not baseball.
2001-11-02 12:21:35 PM  
We should all go down to the drug store for phosphates after we watch the ball game.
2001-11-02 12:27:00 PM  
I kinda wish MLB would switch to a pseudo-British football format.

Place the top 16 teams in one league (say National).

And the bottom 14 teams in another (say American).

At the end of the year have a playoff in the National between the 4-8 best teams for the World Series title.

Also, in the National league, send the 4 worst teams to the American league.

In the American League, at the end of the year, promote the 4 best teams. 1-3 get automatic promotion. And then have a tourney with the next 4-8 best teams to see who gets the 4th promotion.

I know, it'd never happen, and I'm not sure how cool it'd be to begin with, but this way, just about every game would mean something all year long.
2001-11-02 12:28:41 PM  
NICE!!, only those who have been there would know that the "e" was left off, good job boys. Also what makes these places great is that some of them have slot machines and video poker games, last time I was there my friend and I went into this place and they had the machines, so for a goof we played and won $30 (canadian), now for those of you that know, that's like a bucket of beer and a table dance at Club SuperSexe which is right where we went after we won

3M TA3-what's the name of the place on cresnt?
2001-11-02 12:35:57 PM  
I still think baseball is beautiful. Further, the Twins were just making themselves into something again. They're the opposite of what many of you hate about the game. There aren't egos. They aren't quadrillionaires. They work hard and enjoy themselves.

The reason they're not yanking a team from Florida, it seems, is that Florida's governor, Jeb Bush, may not approve. MLB has a rare immunity to anti-trust laws that the owners don't want to see challenged as they renegotiate a labor contract this winter. MN doesn't have much political clout. Further, their owner wants out.

The Metrodome isn't a good ballpark, but it was the first to draw 3 million fans in one year. It held the attendance record until Skydome.

Yeah, baseball games are long, but so is Lawrence of Arabia. If you have the attention span, though, it's good stuff.
2001-11-02 12:36:34 PM  
What do you expect? Stupid Canucks couldn't support a basketball team, either. Good. Now Elvis's home town has a franchise, and it's about damn time. Let those pesky papist froggies have that other game with the ice skates where they hit each other with sticks like a bunch of barbarians hopped up on crack.
2001-11-02 12:40:45 PM  
Opinions are allowed, of course. But to say Football is America's new pastime is heresy. In my opinion.

Baseball is a great game. But the death of the American attention span was the death of baseball.

But I still love to watch. There is possiblity for magic in baseball - more so than any other sport. No rigid boundaries or time limits allow for said magic: as was proven again last night - and countless nights before for a hundren years.

I dislike sports - but I love baseball.
2001-11-02 12:44:20 PM  
Cowboy: with the introduction of the new strike zone this year, baseball games have become much shorter than the average football game. The fact that the games are long is no longer a viable complaint - some people just need action every thirty seconds to hold their attention.
And you are right, baseball is beautiful. It is poetry.
2001-11-02 12:44:21 PM  
So, the whiny owners are gonna fold the team if the public doesn't fork over bazillions of dollars for a new stadium.

I say let'm. If there's no MLB to watch, they'll watch Triple A. Or not. Or do something constructive, maybe.

So, take your silly ball and go home. We don't need ya.

All hail Minnesota, where sanity is finally beginning to prevail!
2001-11-02 12:49:19 PM  
2 down, 28 to go! hehehe
2001-11-02 12:49:47 PM  
I gave up on watching football a long time ago. Big, stupid lineman makes a routine tackle, he gets up and does a little dance on the field. Isn't it your job to make tackles? Offensive players are just as bad...they score a touchdown, and they react like they just discovered the cure for cancer.

I can see me doing that at work....I write a program that generates a report, go into my boss's office, and jump up and down and spike the report on the floor.

Football players are nothing but a bunch of candy asses anymore.
2001-11-02 12:51:59 PM  
Used to like baseball until it got boring for me. But I have always loved football. To me that is my favorite "pasttime sport".
2001-11-02 12:54:46 PM  
You mean there are other teams in MLB besides the Yankees? Wow.
2001-11-02 12:56:19 PM  
I think baseball as a whole has gone downhill, but near as badly as football has.

I mean, when's the last time you saw a player trotting the bases after going yard clucking like a chicken??
2001-11-02 12:58:38 PM  
It kills me that many of the same people who dismiss baseball as boring will defend the NBA with their last breaths. That game, Jordan or not, is a farking travesty: Plod around for three and 5/8ths quarters, then feed the ball to your marquee guy and clear out so he can either travel or back in and make a layup. Defense? What's that?
2001-11-02 01:03:41 PM  
Kosh, I think you have such a good point there about football players being candy-asses that you should run down to your local college, find the practice field, and share your opinion there. Then ask if you can play a couple downs with them. I'm sure they'd be delighted to accomodate you! Make sure your insurance is paid up.
2001-11-02 01:07:02 PM  
Montreal is for strippers

Minnesota is for freezing your goddamned balls off

Real grass, open parks.

put it in a dome, stick it in yr ass
2001-11-02 01:10:27 PM  
Right with ya on that one Boorite.

N.F.L. FOOTBALL RULES(especially Da Bears)!!!
Hockey is cool too.
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