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(Ars Technica) NewsFlash Steve Jobs has gone to the iCloud   ( divider line
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24441 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Oct 2011 at 7:51 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2011-10-05 07:54:36 PM  
2011-10-05 07:54:41 PM  
iSubmitted this with a better headline.

/not really

Sad day for marketing (i won't presume apples were about computing anymore)
2011-10-05 07:54:42 PM
2011-10-05 07:54:44 PM  
Seriously, what a long slow painful way to go. Wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

/fark cancer
//RIP iDude
2011-10-05 07:54:49 PM  

not_an_indigo: Rest in iPeace, Steve Jobs.

Ditto. Cancer sucks. I hope it wasn't too painful.
2011-10-05 07:54:56 PM  
RIP to a true visionary, whatever you think about Apple that dude had a ideas that drove us to where we are.

In other news I think I just saw APPL come up in the penny stock ticker.
2011-10-05 07:54:58 PM  
RIP Mr. Jobs.

Time to sell that Apple stock...
2011-10-05 07:55:04 PM  
One of the greatest marketing geniuses ever. Not innovators, but marketing. That is what he truly was good at.
2011-10-05 07:55:07 PM
2011-10-05 07:55:08 PM  
generation of the internet age is now officially ending. I wonder what the 2nd generation will bring.
2011-10-05 07:55:09 PM  
Abe Vigoda is still alive.
2011-10-05 07:55:10 PM  
You know Sarah Palin is hating that she got upstaged.
2011-10-05 07:55:13 PM  
Took me by complete surprise. Was on reddit when I saw the headline then moments later Jeopardy was interrupted by a news break and they confirmed it.
2011-10-05 07:55:23 PM  
Tough break.

Let's try to keep it classy, Fark.

Oh, who am I kidding?
2011-10-05 07:55:24 PM  
So... AAPL buying opportunity in the early hours tomorrow?
2011-10-05 07:55:26 PM

/Never liked his product but RIP
//still hoping for an SGI comeback
2011-10-05 07:55:26 PM  
Bummer. The big C claims another.
2011-10-05 07:55:29 PM  
Really? This one?
2011-10-05 07:55:32 PM  
None of the gawker sites are loading for me. They must be getting slammed right now because of this news.

RIP Steve's Job.
2011-10-05 07:55:33 PM  
R.I.P. Turtleneck.
2011-10-05 07:55:35 PM

iWin again
2011-10-05 07:55:38 PM

RIP Teve Torbes Steve Forbes

2011-10-05 07:55:39 PM  
So I guess those pics a couple of months ago weren't fakes after all. Suck it's photoshop nerds.
2011-10-05 07:55:40 PM  
Oh, don't act so surprised, jobs were dead ever since Obama took office.
2011-10-05 07:55:40 PM  
This is the part where every Apple product ever made executes the super-secret code bricking all the hardware.
2011-10-05 07:55:42 PM  
Jobs...Einstein....Galileo....Newton.....Fermi..... Heaven's got a hell of a band.
2011-10-05 07:55:43 PM  
"Your time is limited. Don't waste it living someone else's life."

Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech (new window)
2011-10-05 07:55:49 PM  

vodka: repeat


I just submitted the link with (Steve jobs died, again..) [I didn't see it on fark and thought what the hell?]

It was just on the evening news. What's disturbing is that they had a 5 minute piece already prepared. Vultures.
2011-10-05 07:55:50 PM  
A message for the iCult

Your god is dead, and no-one cares.
2011-10-05 07:55:50 PM  
RIP, you marvelous jackass and industry mover, the tech world may never be the same
2011-10-05 07:55:53 PM  
Don't worry, another Steve Jobs will be out in four months.
2011-10-05 07:55:54 PM  
Godspeed, Mr. Jobs.
2011-10-05 07:55:59 PM  

FishInABowl: [ image 579x579]

RIP Jobs

For some reason, I'm thinking Arby's

/RIP Jobs
2011-10-05 07:56:02 PM  
I was pissed that Jeopardy was interrupted by some 'breaking news'.

/Huge loss
//very sad.
2011-10-05 07:56:05 PM  
Holy crap. Our cat died Monday.
2011-10-05 07:56:11 PM  
Rest in peace, brother. You will be missed.

/apple user since 1983
//damn onions
2011-10-05 07:56:12 PM  
Steve Jobs blue screened at 56.
2011-10-05 07:56:13 PM  
I will just add Fark Cancer, and RIP Steve Jobs. I appreciated all the work from the Apple IIe all the way to my ipad and iphone.
2011-10-05 07:56:21 PM  
From a MS fan, RIP, Steve. You were a cool dude, and a worthy opponent for everyone in the tech industry.
2011-10-05 07:56:23 PM  
There were far better headlines out there, but whatever. (I didn't submit any of them).

RIP good sir, you've accomplished more in your life than I ever will. You didn't cure cancer (obviously) or anything like that, but you brought something new to the table. I saw this coming when he resigned. The man didn't need money, he loved what he did.
2011-10-05 07:56:23 PM  
Cancer: Over 100 Billion Served and still counting.
Steve Jobs: 0

/sad. Atleast he was able to have more time with his family to say goodbye.
2011-10-05 07:56:29 PM  
reminds me what happened to jack layton

top of their careers, steps down from their position cause of cancer and few months later boom dead

sad, thanks for your work man
condolences to your family
2011-10-05 07:56:30 PM  
So will the price of Apple products drop now?

/RIP Mr. Jobs
2011-10-05 07:56:34 PM

/shamelessly hotlinked
2011-10-05 07:56:44 PM

They took our Jobs!

//Good night, funny man.
///LGT Image Source (New Window)
2011-10-05 07:56:45 PM  
First the disappointment of the 4S, now this? Hope you don't have Apple stock.
2011-10-05 07:56:49 PM  
They took our Jobs!
2011-10-05 07:57:01 PM  
wowo.....sad to see him go. Goodnight, turtleneck man.
2011-10-05 07:57:02 PM  

Godspeed, sir
2011-10-05 07:57:02 PM
Godspeed fellow acid head,.....

Never liked Apple,....but it's a helluva competitor...
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