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(Chick)   What kids are saying after reading Harry Potter   ( divider line
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4867 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Nov 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-03 12:04:46 AM  
Hermmm I just wonder if Chick actually believes that witches actually -do- magic. It seems like it. ITS A FAERIE TALE!!!!!
2001-11-03 12:05:07 AM  
6 kids out of millions who have read the books.

this should be assinine.
2001-11-03 12:05:42 AM  
I wouldn't let me kids watch that crap, its bad for the mind... blows goats anyhow
2001-11-03 12:08:44 AM  
harry potter licks my bizallz
if they get more money than lord of the rings, i'm going to kill fifty random children by beating them with hard cover hobbit books
2001-11-03 12:08:55 AM  
Harry Potter made me want to turn into a young british boy. I wonder what I will do when approached by my local sex change doctor?
Isn't he also afraid Jesus will inspire youth to become sadomasochistic and drive nails through thier hands?
Ps, Toriko, Chick used to be part of a 'coven' where he practised 'magic', so yes, he does think it is real. As I have always said, it is pure coincidence he is a christian. He was equally likely in my opinion to go from coven to comet cult.
2001-11-03 12:10:06 AM  
I remember my first trip to the local coven...ahhhh, memories.
2001-11-03 12:10:32 AM  
"After reading I want to have anal sex with a donkey and strangle my sister to death for Baal.(Joey, age 9)

You read it here!
2001-11-03 12:13:02 AM  
Ambercat this new tidbit of information boggles my mind. I'm.... I'm... speachless
2001-11-03 12:13:37 AM  
frankly makes me think of porn sites.
2001-11-03 12:14:11 AM  
Dam typos. we should be able to correct spelling mistakes.
2001-11-03 12:20:13 AM  
Here we have an individual making a good living with poorly drawn cartoons and drivel designed to scare old women and tickle stripe-assed baboons. Probably invented the quotes, too.
2001-11-03 12:20:48 AM  
Good idea, Zeus. Let's all make up quotes so Jack won't have to make up his own next time.

"Momma sez that Harry Potter is THE DEVIL!" (Bobby Boucher, age 32.)
2001-11-03 12:22:42 AM  
I still say "Harry Potter" is a porn star name if I ever heard one....
2001-11-03 12:23:59 AM  
Hmmm...highly doubtful that Chick himself was a witch. One of his 'assistants' claims to be one, but I would think Chick would know the terminology if we was a real witch.

Was Chick a Satanist though? Enquiring minds wanna know...
2001-11-03 12:24:43 AM  
whoopsy...make that if Chick had ever been a real witch
2001-11-03 12:24:55 AM  
What the smart kids are saying after reading Harry Potter:

"That sucks."
2001-11-03 12:26:09 AM  
"boobies!" (Opi, age 10)
2001-11-03 12:26:46 AM  
"I liked it when the bad guys killed the unicorn and Voldemort drank its blood." (July, age 13)

it was stable enough to be taken as the truth until that was said.

i mean, yea kids are gonna say that kinda stuff, its called imagination, jebus.......

that qoute about getting an ugly spell and making payback time..... that was a little scary to me... Id get the kid to the therapist, or figure out whats happened to her(ironicly, you might say jesus got into her)
2001-11-03 12:31:45 AM  
I submitted this with a different tag, let me post here to see if this is one of mine.
2001-11-03 12:32:03 AM  
#201! Yeah baby yeah!
2001-11-03 12:37:14 AM  
Taiketsu LOL

I must be getting senile. Every time I see "Harry Potter" I think of M.A.S.H..
2001-11-03 12:39:41 AM  
I know he ran a D&D one with some other guy who claimed he was an ex-high priest, but I seem to remember reading one about how Chick himself got saved and knew that Jesus was more powerful then the devil, the only true way, etc.
2001-11-03 12:43:29 AM  
Robbie, you mean 301? your way above 200 man...

hey, i for one liked those books, i think Rowling did an EXCELLENT job writing them, and i consider myself quite an intellectual. Do i want to join a witch's coven? no. Does it really matter if some kid does? no. I know plenty of people who are wiccan witches, and i consider some of them close friends. these people are NOT satanists. Hell they dont even belive in the devil or anything similer, they belive in the Goddess and nature spirits. Do any of them want to abduct and rape small children? no. Lay off them Jack, theyre not hurting anyone, and these books ARE protected as free speech
2001-11-03 12:47:48 AM  
lol, atleast i thought you were, but i guess not by your profile... oh well, my bad
2001-11-03 12:48:10 AM  
I would like to be able to drink to blood of liberals but chances are I would get AIDS.
2001-11-03 12:49:42 AM  
MMMK: dont turn this political, or ill spill your gaybashing, women hating, conservative oil-for-blood :)
2001-11-03 12:56:04 AM  
You know when I was last invited to a coven they did not try to lure me with power and magic. No, there was sex involved. A whole lot of sex. With lots of different women. Sometimes at the same time. Oh, and good alcohol and drugs.

Ah... memories of the days of my youth...
2001-11-03 01:06:52 AM  
mmmk: haha
2001-11-03 01:08:55 AM  
" Reading Harry Potter makes me want to stick me finger up me bum and then smell it " ( Nigel age 12 )

2001-11-03 01:19:39 AM  
I have never read Harry Potter, but about a week ago I had a dream that I did. Does that make me the most boring person ever? Probably.
2001-11-03 01:30:36 AM  
I want to be Jack Chick when I grow up. Then I'll be able to make up things that stupid kids might have said and draw cool comics and bash people from places with names I can't pronounce.


(FarkerFarker, age 9.3)
2001-11-03 02:24:56 AM  
What adults are saying after reading Harry Potter:

"God, I hope I don't have to pay for the kids to see this as a movie."

"I don't want my kids reading this. No, it's not the occult references - it's just tripe."

"Get my gun."
2001-11-03 02:27:58 AM  
I was seriously considering submitting this as "Chick vs. Harry Potter." I would have given it an "Interesting" tag too.

I just hope the fad's long gone by the time my baby is old enough to read....

Ya know, sometimes I wonder what Chick woulda said about Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle....
2001-11-03 02:47:19 AM  
I'm sure there will be some new annoying fad by the time your child will read.

Oh least this gets many kids to read and use their imagination. And hopefully reading other books.

I got into a discussion about that with some teachers.

I'm sure Chick has a great opinion on Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. Let's just hope we won't have to hear about it.
2001-11-03 02:48:02 AM  
need sleep...not sense make Mac
2001-11-03 03:01:03 AM  
Speaking of Englund.. I've been meaning to say this for some time: 'you bloody wanker!.. i'm watching the footy game on the telly!'
2001-11-03 03:35:22 AM  
Call me crazy, but I'm going to read those books. From what I've heard, they're really good.
2001-11-03 04:45:18 AM  
BuzzW-You aren't missing much.Harry Potter starts out good,then the series dissolves into a sordid,perverted tale of homoerotic British schoolboy sexual escapades.At the end of every book Harry dies from an STD,or in the latest book,an asphyxiation sexual experiment gone awry.Say it's sick,whatever,it the honest-to-my-God truth.
2001-11-03 04:46:55 AM  
Some of my fondest memories are at a time when I was in a coven. We were all so close, open, loving, principled and we shared things no one else knew or could. I truly love those guys.
Ultimately, there are higher sources. Its like riding a bycycle when there are busses and jets but its a fun start. Anyone who joins a coven at least has some protection from becoming a fundamentalist Xtian w/ an "our Way or hell" monopoly on truth and God. At the very least they could graduate to an open minded spiritual Christianity which does not blindly accept the interpretations of the Word that is common but makes his own mind. Anyone who is weak enough to fall for that "I know I am saved, I know I believe and when I die I am going to Heaven" -making a judgement that is not theirs to make- BS might just deserve to be "protected" from real progress.
2001-11-03 05:20:56 AM  
I've always had a hard time believing Jack actually exists. I mean, he's just such an exaggerated characature of your stereotypical raving, bible-thumping apeshiat lunatic. There's the oh-so-rational-and-coherent logic with which he debates "theory"(fact) of evolution, the myriad articles entitled "Should A Christian(insert any activity besides praying, voting for Buchannan and maybe self-flagellation)?" whose answers range from "no" to "no, you hellbound blasphemer"
... and the cartoons. Those wonderfully, beautifully, spectacularly retarded cartoons.
Either Jack Chick is the most incredibly elaborate satirical creation ever or this world is a much darker, uglier and stupider place than I care to live in.
2001-11-03 06:20:02 AM  
Yes, but were Frodo and Gandolf ever able to
destroy the One Ring?
2001-11-03 07:23:22 AM  
Typical Christian. Lure the kids into your house with promise of Harry Potter stuff, then molest them.
2001-11-03 07:27:32 AM  
Willy- i hate Chick just as much as anyone, but i dont belive in evolution :) how everything interacts with each other doesnt seem like chance to me :) im not strictly creaionist, either. My beliefs go along mostly a dively guided evolution, like Gods still perfecting the earth and species. life didnt spring from nothing, but it didnt show up in all its forms.
2001-11-03 07:46:33 AM  
The problem is that kids naive enough to think Harry Potter is real are sure-fire candidates for Chick conversions, and Chick is upset that he didn't get to them first.
2001-11-03 08:21:34 AM  
"Pederasty,anyone?"--Nigel,age 11
2001-11-03 08:28:28 AM  
When i grow up, i wanna be a firemen!
2001-11-03 08:53:08 AM  
Anyone who says they wouldnt let their kid read those books because it's bad for their mind is an idiot. I mean it can't be any worse than say letting them read the Bible. After all, isn't Moses really the first wizard.
Now if you said you wouldnt let them read it because it was stupid as shiat and they should read real books like Lord of the Rings I would agree with you.
2001-11-03 09:01:59 AM  
After reading the Bible gawd said:
"If I was a Christian I'd be able to drink poison and handle dangerous serpents. I'd like to go to the magic school Jesus went to so I could learn to change water into beer. I liked the part where Jesus sent the pigs possessed with demons rushing off a cliff to their deaths. My other favorite parts include: God crushing the Egyptian army in the Red Sea. God sending the Angel of Death to destroy babies in Egypt. The armies in the old testament committing genocide against their neighbors. Oh...and I liked the blood."
2001-11-03 09:52:14 AM  
Yeah, like Mask says,

"life didnt spring from nothing, but it didnt show up in all its forms." (sic)

Phew. I was waiting for some kind of authoritative word on the origin of Man.
2001-11-03 09:59:38 AM  
Chick is only pissed because J.K. Rowling brainwashed the kids before his Church could. Better luck next time!
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