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(SJ Mercury News)   Reason 1 to ask for ID when selling a $125,000 Porsche   ( ) divider line
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9165 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Nov 2001 at 12:00 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-02 12:09:38 AM  
two words:
farking cool
2001-11-02 12:11:24 AM  
What's reason #2? That was pretty slick I must say. He will get caught no doubt though. Shouldve stolen a more common vehicle
2001-11-02 12:11:45 AM  
How stupid! I work at a multi-franchise dealership that inludes a Porsche store and this never would have happened here. No one takes a car from the reconditioning shop. The salesperson always hands the customer his keys and picks up the car from the detail shop.
Oh yeah, they all get Lo-jacked before a sale. About 90% demand it before taking delivery.

Especially a Turbo.
2001-11-02 12:18:45 AM  
too funny..... I agree this guy wil be caught.. but the nuts on the guy... DAMN

Peeler- GET OVER IT!
2001-11-02 12:20:08 AM  
Peeler -- did you lose a lot of money?
2001-11-02 12:31:21 AM  
looks like peeler was "removed"
2001-11-02 12:37:28 AM  

good news. A Porsche dealership is hiring.
2001-11-02 12:39:17 AM  
"The last time this happened was 20 years ago."

Apparently this isn't the smartest dealership.
2001-11-02 12:40:12 AM  
They asked for no more than a drivers' license(they held it)as my mom test drove a Dodge truck without the dealer in the passenger seat.
2001-11-02 12:43:07 AM  
That's fairly common nowadays British. Hell if it's a repeat customer we'll let them take a car home for the weekend to see if they like it(not a porsche though).
2001-11-02 12:46:20 AM  
What did peeler say? well along the lines of?
2001-11-02 01:13:12 AM  
He cussed a blue streak about the Yankees, and posted it on every thread.
2001-11-02 01:13:29 AM  
My god. This man must walk bowlegged, because that took balls the size of cantaloupes. Hats off to this magnificent bastard.
2001-11-02 01:14:51 AM  
can anyone say "inside job"
2001-11-02 01:57:05 AM  
2001-11-02 02:01:19 AM  
Salesperson no Baka.
2001-11-02 02:20:31 AM  
damn lucky bastard, i wish i had that car!
2001-11-02 02:55:00 AM  
washing a dark gray Porsche with souped up brakes, suspension and horsepower.

Damn, I wish my car had souped up horsepower. I just have plain old horsepower.
2001-11-02 03:07:40 AM  
Oh, that is too funny. As soon as I read it, this is what I thought:
1. He is going to use the car to pick up some beautiful, snotty, expensive blond.
2. Said blond will have all sorts of dirty sex with him trying to get her hands on his cash.
3. Blond will brag to all friends, relatives, aquintences about new boyfriend.
4. Police pick up boyfriend.
5. Blond sells story to tabloid, appears on 'Jenny Jones'.

I can hardly wait.
2001-11-02 03:08:34 AM  
No offense to natural blonds. There is a 50% chance hers will be dyed, anyway.
2001-11-02 03:26:24 AM  
Personally, I think within 2 hours of this guy swiping this Porsche it had been parted out and its various parts are probably spread far and wide by now. In any event I agree with those who suspect that this is an inside job. Thieves rarely get so lucky.
2001-11-02 04:07:12 AM  
"... while gently massaging your buttocks."

What advantages does this motor car have over, say, a locomotive?
2001-11-02 04:09:33 AM  
Lesson #2: Don't give the keys to a Porsche 996 to the frickin' detailer in the first place...

And boy, after the real owner found out that the dealer had given his Porsche to the first sharply-dressed schmoe to walk in off the street, you think he's planning on going back? Ha!
2001-11-02 04:29:01 AM  
Suped up brakes? I don't know if that's something worth bragging about. Cup holder in the back seat... now that's worth bragging about!!

Wait this thing probably has no back seat.
2001-11-02 04:36:07 AM  
11-02-01 04:07:12 AM

"... while gently massaging your buttocks."

What advantages does this motor car have over, say, a locomotive?

Which I could also afford.
2001-11-02 05:05:30 AM  
Inside job? Y'all gotta be fakring kidding me! Yes, it could've been an inside job, but any friggin' dodo can pull this one off. It doesn't take much to be walking around the shop, hear a salesman make a phone call to the detail shop, and walk back there. There is no luck about it, excepting the fact that he was lucky that they were putting a Porsche out the door that day.

Not likely a conspiracy here, fellas. Move along.
2001-11-02 05:46:16 AM  
must have been some Suit
2001-11-02 08:05:10 AM  
Anybody wanna bet the thief and the real owner have something in common? Why buy just one car when you can get two for the same price?
2001-11-02 09:13:59 AM  

Furthers my belief that it's all about attitude...

2001-11-02 09:25:23 AM  
I bet that detailer got fired quick-like. This reminds me of the time one of our couriers lost a check for 4 million dollars on the NYC subway.
2001-11-02 09:40:16 AM  
The worst part about this is that this isn't the first time.
"... the last time this happened was 20 years ago..."
2001-11-02 10:11:25 AM  
Why didn't we see a scene like this in Gone in 60 seconds?
2001-11-02 10:24:32 AM  
Its like the time I didn't pay for my big mac and just kept walkin. Man, crime does pay.
2001-11-02 10:38:18 AM  
DITTO:inside job
2001-11-02 10:41:52 AM  
Sprack: ditto on taking the cars home. two weekends ago i took home an Acura TL Type-S..i was thinking about getting rid of the Audi, but decided i'd rather have the money to live.
i dunno if this was an inside job. it very well could have been..thankfully i picked my car up from a salesman, not a detailer. and detailing a new Porsche? i own a small detailing business, and if the car was brand new, its not the best idea. paint is too soft to play around with. good old dealerships, they know best!
2001-11-02 10:44:03 AM  
What? You didn't order the "metallic pea"?
2001-11-02 01:26:46 PM  
Whoa, my dad bought HIS car there -- but he did it the old fasioned way (you know, with money.) Maybe he shouldn't have paid for it either.
2001-11-02 03:21:01 PM  
Dude is probably in his garage right now dropping the engine and tranny into his 76 Corola
2001-11-02 03:27:53 PM  
He's gonna stick it in his civic and go "yo muthafuka, weeeeee!"

This is far too convenient to be an accident. While it may not have involved the real owner, the guy who got away with it had to've known about it.

My problem is, just what the hell did he pay $125,000 for that took two years?
Some of the newer models are up to 3 times that expensive, and they have maybe a 3 month waiting period.
I could buy a house for $125,000, and it wouldn't take 2 years....what's wrong with this picture?
2001-11-02 03:36:45 PM  
There's a 2 year wait because they only build so many per month. Same thing with the BMW M5. If you want one you get put on a waiting list, first come first serve.
This happened with the PTcruisers and I expect it to happen when the POS Minis come out.
2001-11-02 04:40:03 PM  
2001-11-02 06:00:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2001-11-02 07:57:50 PM  
Second hand story...

A fellow test drives a luxo car and drives it to Florida for the week... Gets arrested, but lo and behold, there was no "contract" to speak of, he gets off scott-free...

I think he should of pressed his luck and sued for false arrest too!

No claim on the validity of said story, but it is fun to think about!
2001-11-02 11:53:50 PM  
how to cook rice...indeed!
2001-11-03 02:46:38 AM  
Damn, man! Talk about having balls; THAT guy must need to walk around with a wheelbarrow in front of him.
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