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4260 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Nov 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-02 12:08:15 AM  
not only that, its also a great movie, but then im a bit biased towards kevin smith movies, because they are all so great :)
2001-11-02 12:13:50 AM  
"Ben Affleck, one of the least dorky actors working..."

I tuned out after that one.
2001-11-02 12:45:22 AM  
Bah.. it might be the best Kevin Smith movie, but that's not saying much. Sorry Kev!

Jay and Silent Bob are the weakest link.. goodbye
2001-11-02 01:05:07 AM  
best movie smith has done. other then clerks i found all others pretty good.
2001-11-02 01:05:54 AM  
Hehe, wow. Here we have someione making intelligent remarks on a subject to be shot down with pop humor(No offense (Someguy)). Jay and Silent Bob -in that movie- provide an interesting insight and a fresh point of view on the dilema. Plus, Kev's fans would have lynched him had he ever dared to make a movie without them.

Anyways, I liked the article. Kevin Smith rocks, and I can't wait to see what he does next.
2001-11-02 01:10:53 AM  
Funny. "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" is more accurate when it comes to the guys I usually end up with. I don't think that's good.
2001-11-02 01:44:32 AM  
fark, the site is broken now. :(
i love W-D.
2001-11-02 01:53:25 AM  
Try to look for people like that. That way, you won't find them anywhere around you. Then, you might find someone of a slightly more mature bent... try bookstores or other places where the semi-intelligent hang out. Or, you could place things in the hands of fate and go wandering about. From the profile pic, I think you could attract a bit of attention...
then again, what kind of attention are you looking for in the first place?
Yes, I'm kinda strange for bringing this sort of thing up, but I'm suddenly intrigued.
2001-11-02 02:05:28 AM  
that was a good read.
2001-11-02 02:07:48 AM  
Another round of applause for w-d, the best collection of Pop Culture essays this side of Syracuse. For the most part, I agree about "Chasing Amy". I left the theater a wreck, because I realized I had committed so many of the male-psyche offenses that are Holden's downfall (although never with a cute lesbian, mind you). Then again, I actually thought "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back" was decent, so maybe I just identify too easily with the Askewniverse.
2001-11-02 02:42:58 AM  
Watching this movie has been on my to-do-list for years or any Kevin Smith movie for that matter. Yes, I am that one person. I also haven't seen Titantic, American Beauty or uh let's see that other movie, the one with the good reviews.

I didn't know Ben Affleck was in this movie. I may never watch this show now. We all have nemesises and Ben Affleck is mine.
2001-11-02 02:43:20 AM  
Bravo! Kevin Smith, while irreverant, is able to perform veritable magic on the screen! I'm a little tired, yes.
2001-11-02 02:55:02 AM  
Excellent article, though.
2001-11-02 04:54:08 AM  
You got to love WD - a shame that B left, but the site will still strive.
2001-11-02 05:17:36 AM  
It's all bollocks. A friend of mine who did film studies at university once tried to tell me that Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a post-modernist comment on middle-class America during the Vietnam war, for fvck's sake...
2001-11-02 05:27:53 AM  
I have to give Whatever-Dude some credit...good article. I only had two...count 'em....TWO discrepancies.

1. "After all, this movie is the third act in the successful Kevin Smith trilogy..." Kevin Smith's series of movies were five in number, not three.

2. As much as the author mention Ben Affleck, and his acting ability, he doesn't mention the fact that Ben got his break in acting because of Kevin. I'd deem it an important fact to mention.

CandyPink: To add to Feralbitey's suggestions on how you can find a decent guy, I propose the following advice: get the hell out of North Dakota. (Translated, so you can understand: "Get the heck outta North Dakoda, eh.")
2001-11-02 06:42:51 AM  
They also overlooked the simple fact that Jason Lee is the shiat.
2001-11-02 06:48:17 AM  
jason will always be brodie to me :)
2001-11-02 06:49:12 AM  
He'll always be the skater to me.
2001-11-02 07:06:39 AM  
I generally like Kevin Smith, but Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is the worst film I've seen in years. Chasing Amy was ok. It's just kind of hard to match up to "Clerks".
2001-11-02 07:54:37 AM  
Jason Lee does rock, but I don't see why Smith wants to cast him as Fletch in the his new movie. I would think that Afleck (*quack*) would be a better fit.
2001-11-02 08:12:38 AM  
"Chasing Amy" wasn't a great film when I initially watched it -- but it got better after considering the cleverness of it in hindsight. I suppose that's what made it noteable -- the creeping aftertaste of a good film. I think the American Public would revolt if this sort of thing was done often. We like our instantaneous fix.

I consider "Ender's Game" as existing in a similar vein.
2001-11-02 09:00:52 AM  
All I can say is that I was depressed for 2 days after watchng this movie. I suppose that is a good thing in a roundabout way...
2001-11-02 09:22:38 AM  
You got to love WD - a shame that B left, but the site will still strive.

B left? Damn, I didn't know that. That sucks. I was wondering why they hadn't updated for a long time. How do you know he left?

2001-11-02 09:51:33 AM  
Ender's Game farked my shiat up.

So did Chasing Amy.

Ben Affleck had a bit part in "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer," the original movie.
2001-11-02 09:52:54 AM  
Chasing Amy taught me that Kevin Smith was a hack writer and should stick to pot and comic book dialog. It also taught me that 3/4ths into a movie an apparently straight Jason Lee could be reveled as a closet homosexual and that some how this made sense in light of his concern for his best friend's relationship with a lesbian. Give me a farking break! This movie teaches sexually confused people how to whine - and that's all. I did like the Degrassi reference though...
2001-11-02 10:04:56 AM  
When are people going to realize that there is no mystery to men's psyches?

It is so incredibly simple: take absolutely everything at face value (I know, it's an impossible task for most women and gay men).

Basically, with most men, THERE IS NOTHING DEEP. What you see is what you get. What he says is what he means, quite literally. "I'm tired" means, "I'm tired," and does not mean "I don't find you attractive," or "you're fat," or "I'm sleeping with someone else," even if you think you hear that (get your f**cking hearing checked!).

When you ask a guy, "What are you thinking about," and he says, "Nothing," he is being perfectly truthful. He's not hiding anything, nor afraid of anything.

I'm just sick of people creating mystery where there is none, just to unnecessarily add "meaning" and drama to life.
2001-11-02 10:17:09 AM  
Good article, funny movie. I didn't care for the implication that lesbians just haven't found Mr. Right, and when they do they'll settle down like "normal" people and breed.
2001-11-02 10:22:52 AM  
Feralbitey: Thanks for the tips :) Only recently did it occur to me that you meet people in their own environment... and I had been wondering why I was only meeting alcoholics and addicts when I did my "looking" at bars and parties.

MysterSym: Believe me, that's the plan. I graduate in a few months and then I am soo done with this place.
2001-11-02 10:42:52 AM  

You make us sound so boring. :)
2001-11-02 10:43:44 AM  
Banky: "What's a Nubian?"

Hooper X: "Shut the fark up!"

hehe, classic.
2001-11-02 10:44:30 AM  
mole4hire: RIGHT ON
2001-11-02 10:52:26 AM  
I like Kevin Smith movies a lot, but Chasing Amy was just boring to me. If I want to watch people argue about relationships and stuff, all I have to do is step out into the hall (I work at a Univesrity).

Although "Finger Cuffs" was funny.

I just can't stand a movie with a bunch of yelling in it, exception: Raising Arizona

My $0.02
2001-11-02 10:53:43 AM  
hehe. Great article. I agree, W-D rules, except for that crappy writer Jen. The whole page would be perfect if they'd just lose her.
2001-11-02 10:55:09 AM  

The only good thing about "Chasing Amy" was the initial scene shot at the comic book convention.
The rest was about as delightful as a Merchant/Ivory offering.
With the possible exception of the brief cameo by Jay & Silent Bob.
Over all, the movie nearly bored me into a coma.
2001-11-02 11:09:19 AM  
Your mother's a tracer!
2001-11-02 11:15:12 AM  
I found the male characters in "Chasing Amy" obnoxious assholes, and couldn't identify with them at all. So I suppose they do illustrate the typical male psyche, yes.
2001-11-02 12:19:45 PM  
"I'll trace a farking chalkline around your dead farking body!"
you tell'm, banky
2001-11-02 12:40:17 PM  
"(although why he'd ever be taken by the sickly Paltrow is beyond me)"

Sickly Paltrow, are you farking kidding me? She's like one of the hottest chicks I can think of!
2001-11-02 12:41:22 PM  
I liked this movie plenty (although I really only saw it once or twice). I like the idea behind the review, because I've heard/seen it pointed out before when I discuss this movie with other people. However, I've got one big issue with this, that I think tanks alot of the discussion about it.

If memory serves, before holden and alyssa become intimate, they spend alot of time hanging out with each other as 'friends'. The whole getting to know each other phase. During those scenes, I'm pretty damn positive he aks her if she's ever been with a man and she says that she hasn't.

I think the real pain that this movie is about is about the lying and deceit that people practice on each other and with themselves. If the alyssa character were as comfortable with her past as she claims, how come she misrepresented herself to holden? It all comes to a head because holden trusted alyssa, finds out she lied and deceived him and then he has trouble admitting that he was hurt by that rather than the knowledge of her past.

Anyhow, did anyone else notice this?
2001-11-02 12:44:45 PM  
CandyPink: Yeah...gotta love the tatoo...and the tree hugging pic...well, that sent me over the edge. I agree...smiling shows you have good teeth. :)

Oh...and on topic now...Kevin Smith movies all have this lapse of getting from point A to point B at some point in the movie...and obviously, he intends to punt. Examples...the gameshow stuff in MallRats...the threesome suggestion in Chasing Amy. I've dated bisexual girls and this is not a way to turn them on...not necessarily anyway.
2001-11-02 12:58:21 PM  
I think SWINGERS is a great movie to give insight into how the male mind works. My buddies and I are totally like the characters in the movie. Its so money baby.
2001-11-02 02:15:23 PM  
Black rage!!!
2001-11-02 02:54:27 PM  
Ever since this damned movie came out, I can't get guys to leave me the hell alone when they find out I'm a lesbian. Stupid movie screwed up my friendships with straight guys, because they can't accept that I'd rather pluck out my own eyeballs and eat them then sleep with a man. Blechk.
2001-11-02 02:58:24 PM  
fark Lando Clarissian!
2001-11-02 03:41:11 PM  
Hooper (X) La Mont: "What do you call that!?"
Banky: "Intergalactic civil war?"

I love all Askewniverse movies, and I may be in the minority here, but especially Mallrats. But ESPECIALLY Dogma, but really especially Chasing Amy and Clerks. Aww, hell, i love them all, and have all the special edition DVD's, even the Clerks animated DVD. Yes, I'm an anal retentive bastard.

Jay: "I don't care if she's my cousin or not, I'm gonna knock those boots again tonight."
2001-11-02 06:25:21 PM  
Dereliction: B posted his reasons for leaving on their form.
2001-11-02 06:36:31 PM  
Hmm, I like pretty much all of Smith's movies (including J&SBSB... good for a dumb laugh at least, and for the references to the earlier movies), even Chasing Amy. I have to admit, the first time I watched it I wasn't a huge fan. It grew on me when I watched it again, though, and that speech that Holden says in the car is one of the greatest speeches in movie history, IMO. I did like the article, though I do somewhat agree with Mole4Hire.

Ask Apex how he liked the movie... or, the view he got from under a sofa. :-P
2001-11-02 11:39:43 PM  
I liked Chasing Amy, and this is an interesting article. I would just add one thing...

The part about what chicks do in bed. What was that all about? I've never heard a worse description of lesbian sex. So talk about what's in the male psyche, uh huh. Yeah.

Though, no guy has ever used that movie to try to come on to me, especially not my friends. Man. That would suck. But then, I would just point at them and laugh and laugh and laugh, and they've got to know that. So I guess that explains that mystery. :)
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