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(Yahoo)   Ann Coulter calls liberals eunuchs   ( divider line
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4480 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Nov 2001 at 10:16 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-01 10:19:50 AM  
Ann Coulter would rule except she can be a coont sometimes.
2001-11-01 10:20:12 AM  
As long as the first strike of conversational terrorism has been launched....

I have a special part of the crack of my ass for Ms Coulter to kiss.
2001-11-01 10:21:12 AM  
Ya know something? I think a true mystery of life has suddenly been answered.

Ed Anger = Ann Coulter
2001-11-01 10:21:26 AM  
Hmm, leaves a distinct taste of anti-intellectualism in the mouth...
Club, club, think, no question. Fall in line. shut up.
2001-11-01 10:21:34 AM  
What a bunch of rambling crap.
2001-11-01 10:22:22 AM  
(mist) I see ... i see a Fb- post coming soon.(mist)
2001-11-01 10:23:27 AM  
And what exactly has Ann been doing for the war effort? I doubt she's been landing planes on the decks of ships at night. Oh wait, complaining about people complaining must kill Taliban soldiers.
2001-11-01 10:26:26 AM  
This is why I refuse to consider myself a conservative. Falwell's an idiot. Comparing him to the Taliban is stupid, but its equally stupid to give him any more air time. Both he and Jesse Jackson should be muzzled.
2001-11-01 10:27:32 AM  
I see...myself totally avoiding this comments thread.
2001-11-01 10:27:41 AM  
She sounds like a real War Slut.
2001-11-01 10:27:43 AM  
For the record I'm independent, which to means to me that I'm openminded but not to the point where my brain leaks out like a lot of liberals.
2001-11-01 10:28:12 AM  

I'd like to go hug a tree right now.

Then rip it out of the ground and shove it up your ass, you condecending fark.
2001-11-01 10:28:14 AM  
Well this can be expected from the only Blonde Conservative, Coulter has all the political acumen of Dirty Duck and less class
2001-11-01 10:28:21 AM  
I don't even know what that word means.
2001-11-01 10:29:36 AM  
It appears that Ann has really gone off the deep end, finally. She seems to have dispensed entirely with any efforts to make a coherent defendable argument, opting instead for ad hominem attacks. I figure since no regular media outlet will carry her stuff anymore, she has to write like that because only the Far Right outlets will.

Still, she's hot, and she can bite my nutsack anytime!
2001-11-01 10:29:57 AM  
I really wish these forums had an edit function to correct typos.
2001-11-01 10:30:07 AM  
Right on! (Ann)
2001-11-01 10:32:05 AM  

It does - don't hit the "add comment" button until you're ready. Or did the evil right wing force you to send it?
2001-11-01 10:33:12 AM  
That crap she said about Falwell was just pointless, but she's right about those idiots whining "we've been bombing for 3 weeks and we haven't completely stopped all of the terrorism in the world". Get a f'n reality check. Terrorism isn't going away for years, these guys are world class nut cases in the worst way and are going to be as hard to track down as the unabomber was.

Her article was definitely overmachoed - It's simply a job that needs to be done. Just like garbage, terrorism is just something that needs to be taken out.
2001-11-01 10:33:16 AM  
What a total ass. I dislike Conservative viewpoints, but I don't lower myself to namecalling.
2001-11-01 10:33:21 AM  
Nuke the unborn.
2001-11-01 10:34:01 AM  
You go, Ann!

Love her or hate her, you've gotta give her credit for one thing - she tells you exactly where she stands and pulls no punches in the process. I find that to be very refreshing in a world of hedging, hemhaws, and "categorical" denials.
2001-11-01 10:34:32 AM  
she's real purty
2001-11-01 10:34:46 AM  
I agree with WorldCitizen. She complains about the far left while she's in the far right. Her political views blind her and don't promote intellectualism. She couldn't write an objective piece even if she wanted to or if her life depended on it.

Let's sum up her writings so we can ignore the rest of them:
Liberals bad. Conservatives good. They're wrong. We're right. Blah. Blah. Blah.

And before you conservative supporters jump on me, I have the same problem with liberals who follow the same blind allegiance. Give me the objective opinion of moderate free-thinker rather than one from a far-right/far-left drone.
2001-11-01 10:34:47 AM  
To all the conservatives (and others as well) who are coming out to laud the contributions of the blue collar grunts in our society:
Where are you when their labor contracts are up...when they demand decent health care, and fair wages?
Oh that's right, you were in the boardroom trying to do them in the bum.
2001-11-01 10:35:24 AM  
Hmmm.. I agree with the point that liberals have contributed nothing other than whining.

I disagree with the Falwell comments. He's a fundie fark that needs to be euthanized for the good of the world.

And I found the part about women being nothing but ineffectual, over-emotional babies hilarious. So true!
2001-11-01 10:35:53 AM  
Mme.Mersault. I wholeheartedly agree.
2001-11-01 10:36:24 AM  
Great article! It's nice to read something from someone with half at least half a clue every now and then.
2001-11-01 10:37:13 AM  
"Terrorism isn't going away for years,"

It isn't going to go away full stop. get rid of the Islamic fundies and another group will take there place.
2001-11-01 10:37:13 AM  
I always am amused when I hear women being hawkish. They are not required to register for the draft and are prohibited from combat roles in the service. Kind of like Muslim clerics. They are the only ones who can call for a jihad but are forbidden from participating in it.
2001-11-01 10:37:49 AM  
Oh yeah, one more thing. I'd rather see the bombing go on for another month or two, or three, than to see thousands of American troops shot up.

If bombing for another 3 months saves one American life, it's worth it. Screw the peacenicks and muslims that don't like it. I could care less how many redcross buildings and baby milk factories we bomb on our way to victory!
2001-11-01 10:38:59 AM  
"To all the conservatives (and others as well) who are coming out to laud the contributions of the blue collar grunts in our society:
Where are you when their labor contracts are up...when they demand decent health care, and fair wages?
Oh that's right, you were in the boardroom trying to do them in the bum."

Fenester, I'd like to see you in my office right now!
2001-11-01 10:39:50 AM  

That's a good point. In light of that comment, I vote that we give up and stop defending ourselves. It's pointless to try to prevent people from making terrorist attacks on this country. We should just pull down our pants and bend over cause they are going to fark us in the ass no matter how hard we fight.
2001-11-01 10:39:59 AM  
Eunuch-ize Falwell!!
2001-11-01 10:40:32 AM  
Right on, Fb-- so what if we bombed a Red Cross warehouse? If it was taken over by the damned Taliban, it isn't like the Red Cross was going to get any use of it anyway.
2001-11-01 10:41:57 AM  
You think Ann Coulter wears her balls on the left of right side?
2001-11-01 10:42:01 AM  
This biatch should shut her farking mouth, pick up a gun and either start goostepping off to afganistan or blow here head off. I love how the women in a position of power want to tell all the other women to stay home and have babbies, this ass is just the new phylis shlafley.
2001-11-01 10:42:18 AM  
Majestic sorry, my dance card's full
2001-11-01 10:42:46 AM  
I would certainly say that they hang to her right.
2001-11-01 10:42:49 AM  

Look what happened to the grain storages that we didn't bomb. None of it got to the people, it was all siezed by the taliban for their troops.
2001-11-01 10:44:08 AM  
"Liberal soccer moms are precisely as likely to receive anthrax in the mail..."

All of the Minivan- or SUV-driving, suburban-dwelling soccer moms I've met have been about as conservative as Jerry Falwell. In my neighborhood, the soccer moms were praising his comments and forwarding that email about how Madalyn Murray O'Hare wanted to have "Touched by an Angel" taken off the air. Where are these liberal soccer moms?
2001-11-01 10:45:29 AM  
"Liberal soccer moms?" I thought the GOP was crowing that THESE are their grass roots?
2001-11-01 10:46:49 AM  
I still like what Zell Miller, senator from GA, says:

"We must strike the viper's nest -- even if he's not there. We know that the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan has nurtured Osama bin Laden for years. This diabolical plot was probably hatched there. Certainly similar plots have been - and it's time for us to respond.

"I say, bomb the hell out of them. If there's collateral damage, so be it. They certainly found our civilians to be expendable.
2001-11-01 10:47:41 AM  
I am a militant leftist so i like war it helps people come to grips with there primitive nature, people are sheep and do what there told. We are primitive and not find anything else to d oexcept bomb people this goes for the Fundimentalist muslums and our hawkish nature here in the states, why denie our true nature.
2001-11-01 10:48:06 AM  
I'm just curious what this war (ground or otherwise) is going to get us? Do we stop when we have bin laden in custody or confirmed dead? does anyone really think that removing bin laden from the picture will stop terrorism?

What will we do when the Taliban is gone? replace them with the Northern Alliance? start everything all over again?
2001-11-01 10:48:28 AM  
I was just saying, don't expect terroism to stop just because a small country has been stomped on. I'm not saying the action is wrong. Just don't look surprised when the next big bomb or whatever happens in 10 years time. Bin Laden is 'a' terroist not 'all' terroists.
2001-11-01 10:48:54 AM  
Ann Coulter kicks butt. If all the rest of you liberals out there would have half of her intelligence, then you would earn the right to criticize her..heh.
2001-11-01 10:49:50 AM  
I remember watching Politically incorrect one night and ann coulter was on with Eric Braeden, Braeden was ready to beat the crap out of her. I think he told her to shut up a few times, like that would work....
2001-11-01 10:50:06 AM  
Popo Bawa: She holds her balls under her tongue.
2001-11-01 10:50:09 AM  
I'll agree about 60% with Ann, except for the Falwell part. He's a nuisance. Her point about critics being eunuchs in a harem is absolutely correct. If Ann had a little more tact, I could stomach her more.
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