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(Rocky Mountain News)   Man does $40,000 worth of damage with BB gun and bicycle.   ( divider line
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5468 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Nov 2001 at 8:39 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-01 08:49:38 AM  
Like I always say, there is no shortage of idiots in this world!
2001-11-01 08:53:03 AM  
Littleton just can't catch a break. We should set up some support agency for emotionally troubled rich kids that have no sense of reality.
2001-11-01 08:55:40 AM  
Oh my god! He's got the same name as my brother! I think i'll go question him now! Maybe he'll shoot me...
2001-11-01 09:04:49 AM  
It took that long to find a guy on a bike with a bb gun....No wonder they are keeping everybody on alert. Otherwise there would be no one in uniform out there!

Dgtgt: I have to agree!
2001-11-01 09:27:07 AM  
Oh no!! we need a federal law to ban BB guns!!
2001-11-01 09:28:43 AM  
Funny story: Back in the day, my little brother (who was about 11 or 12 at the time) took one of my moms pans out to the yard and shot at it with his bb gun, and shot a hole in it (just 1, I guess he's a bad shot). Anyway, my mom goes to cook something in the oven using the pan some time later, something with fat or grease or something in it, and the fat leaks down and ignites in the oven and catches the kitchen on fire. ah....good times.
2001-11-01 09:35:33 AM  
2001-11-01 09:36:34 AM  
I'm surprised they didn't shoot at him 50 times.
2001-11-01 09:57:01 AM  
Didn't he know he could put an eye out?
2001-11-01 10:03:27 AM  
You'll shoot your eye out!
OTOH, maybe a good caning like they do in Singapore is called for.
2001-11-01 10:14:41 AM  
Why cane? Just shoot him.

In 9th grade my brother and I were having a bit of a spat. Well, he kept daring me to shoot him w/ my bb gun. I took him up on the offer from about 15 feet away...single pump, straight to the thigh.

Blue Owl had to leave the house for awhile after that. My god was he pissed! Tried to bend the barrel of my gun into loops...very unsuccesfully. I wrenched it out of his hands and gave him some 'cool down' time. Yes... good times.
2001-11-01 10:17:09 AM  
Reminds me of that Three Investigators novel.

Anyone else read those? Ahh, long time ago now...
2001-11-01 10:18:17 AM  
Blue Owl, that reminds me of this time when one of my step-sisters got ticked at me (I stole her towel when we were at the pool). As she was several years younger than I and much slower, I simply took it an ran. She picked up one of those small gardening shovels, about six inches long. I remarked "what are you going to do, throw it at me? because you sure ain't gonna catch me. ha ha!" And she chunked it and hit me right in the temple. good times...
2001-11-01 10:23:54 AM  
Maybe he was trying to achieve suicide by cop. I bet he's pissed now that his plan failed.
2001-11-01 10:41:43 AM  
Last time someone up in Clarksville Indiana waved a BB gun at a policeman the Clarksville SWAT team (both of them) shot his ass dead.

Funny, I guess, unless you were related. Maybe funny even then.
2001-11-01 10:47:50 AM  
If computer hackers get hired by the gov't. after they hack into networks, maybe we should hire this guy to check small business security....hee hee.
2001-11-01 11:12:04 AM  
love the arbitrary figure they arrive at. Wonder how much of that is insurance markup :)
2001-11-01 11:52:52 AM  
What everyone doesn't know is that the BB's were dipped in ANTHRAX!
2001-11-01 12:18:51 PM  
Too much CNN. Poor kid just snapped into a murderous rage of carpet bb-gunning.
2001-11-01 12:34:47 PM  
did it have a compass in the stock?
2001-11-01 12:41:56 PM  

Settle down there cowboy, now tell me how you managed to rack up 40,000 points with that there peashooter?

How much do plate glass windows cost now, per square foot?
2001-11-01 01:13:37 PM  
now to be "politcally correct" in my wording.... THAT IS FARKIN BADASS! A DAMN DREAM COME TRUE! havent you all ever just wanted to say "FARK IT!" and go shoot some shiat (people not included)? i say ooorahh mother farkers (cops).i suggest you use a professional target BB gun so you can destroy at a distance next time without the havin to worry about those dogs catching ya. YEEEEEEEEEHAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!
2001-11-01 01:39:32 PM  
Send this guy to Afghanastan.The whole country is worth $40,000.
2001-11-01 02:26:14 PM  
He's the one who likes all our pretty songs, and he likes to sing along, and he likes to shoot his gun.

But he don't know what it means.
2001-11-01 03:15:10 PM  
Dude, what the hell is going on with the kids in Littleton? Has the water been tested lately?
2001-11-01 03:24:03 PM  
Littleton's water supply = Satan's urinal
2001-11-01 03:42:26 PM  
Wow..Imagine how much damage you could do with a slingshot and a Radio Flyer wagon....
2001-11-01 04:02:26 PM  
I did some stupid stuff with a bb gun. Except I had a very accurate rifle. Anyways, there was some kids smaller than i was treaspassing above my house on the hill. I said get outa here, and they said "screw you" so i got my bb gun and threatened to shoot 'em. They continued to stay, so I said "Want me to shoot you?" And get this: they said yeah!
So I did and hit one of them in the thigh...hahaha..they ran away after that. I thought it was great, but now I think it was stupid because you never know where that bb could go.
2001-11-01 06:46:48 PM  
Vote # 1: Cane his farkin ass each day for the 2 years days he should rot in a cell.

Vote # 2: Shoot him the ass and/or the nutsack every day for the two years he should rot in a cell.

I don;t think he would repeat this bullshiat if he experienced a bit of "discomfort" above and beyond a comfoprtable, tv-equiped cell for a fewe weeks.
2001-11-01 07:52:30 PM  
If he was using a paintball marker, I'd be pissed. Now, I'm just laughing at his idiocy.
2001-11-01 11:54:47 PM  
Castrate him and exile him to The Island.
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