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(ESPN)   Victim of infamous hockey hit (from Marty McSorley two years ago) pleads guilty to assault in real world   ( divider line
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2001-10-31 06:34:20 PM  
Brashear is an ass. Not to say he deserved that whack across the head, but he's still an ass.
2001-10-31 06:36:55 PM  
who cares?
2001-10-31 06:38:16 PM  
Whether or not he deserved the whack, he faked the fall and the injury. He should play soccer in europe rather than north american hockey, the way that he takes bogus dives.
2001-10-31 06:38:51 PM  
I hated how they tried to make it a race issue 2 years ago. Everybody knows that if you wear hockey skates, McSorley is going to hit you; no matter who you are.
2001-10-31 06:42:04 PM  
McSorley Ownz... nuff said.
2001-10-31 06:56:08 PM  
2001-10-31 06:59:05 PM  
notice how out of all the farkers only 7 know who brashar is?
2001-10-31 06:59:56 PM  
Are we the only ones that care? =P
2001-10-31 07:09:01 PM  
LordWatson: Fake the injury? Are you that farking dumb? He was bleeding from the mouth and couldn't turn his neck. You're an idiot.

Regarding the story... some guy was telling off his pregnant wife: I'd strangle the mofo as well.
2001-10-31 07:09:04 PM  
an idiot like this doesn't deserve to play in the nhl or any professional hockey league. expulsion of marty mcsorley for what he did was a ridiculously overdone punishment, but for real-life stupidity and years of on-ice bullying and beating, donald brashear deserves far worse.
2001-10-31 07:17:41 PM  
Fouff: Its hockey not the ballet. You can't take the hits, take up chess. Brashear is an ENFORCER. He plays hockey even though he doesn't score goals because he beats people up. You reap what you sow.
2001-10-31 07:26:22 PM  
according to his ESPN stats page , he leads the NHL in penalty minutes.
2001-10-31 07:29:01 PM  
Didn't Brashear turtle or avoid fighting earlier in that game? What kind of enforcer is that? Still, that samauri (sp?) like chop McSorely gave him was bush, have fun in Europe Marty.
2001-10-31 07:42:33 PM  
Brashear this season...3 goals....68 penalty minutes. What a farking superstar.
2001-10-31 07:55:17 PM  
You know the NHL is considering suspension of this guy for what they call Unsportsmanlike Conduct, and he's racking up penalty minutes fast. He's being accused of dirty play and of trying to purposely injure other players. So now people see why this guy got his skull whacked by McSorley, now the rest of the league would like to do the same. You can see it all goes to hell when you try to handle incidents in games outside of the games. Let'em play and let'em fight, don't the police have enough to do already.
2001-10-31 07:57:14 PM  
Brashear used McSorley's head as a punching bag earlier in that same game. As Brashear had done in every meeting previous meeting the past few seasons. McSorley routinely gets biatch slapped by Brashear. Marty must only want more or maybe his limited thought process thinks this will
FINALLY be the time he'll be the victor. Not the brightest bulb in the pack that McSorley.

Hey BrassedOff - Marty was suspended for 1 year, his suspension is long over. No team has offered him a contract, most likely because he's old, he's a dirty physcho
and most importantly he sucks!
2001-10-31 07:59:11 PM  
Man, where's Rodney King when you need him..

2001-10-31 08:26:27 PM  
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Vancouver Canucks forward Donald Brashear pleaded guilty to assaulting a man at his housing complex last November.

Can you blame him? If I was a pro athlete and still living in the projects I'd probably be angry round the clock too.
2001-10-31 09:07:44 PM  
A black hockey player? Now I've seen everything!
2001-10-31 09:07:56 PM  
LOL Cranky, yeah, that article made it sound like he was living in the Vancouver downtown eastside.

Brashear is a good player. Maybe if you people watched hockey and watched the Canucks you would know that.

Besides, PIM is a legitimate statistic.

Sheesh, people, if you don't know anything about hockey, don't say anything.
2001-10-31 10:18:31 PM  
2001-10-31 10:21:58 PM  
What Kukuman said.
2001-10-31 10:53:39 PM  
Speaking of rodney king i saw on the like 8th page of the local paper that he has been arrested 3 times with PCP in the last 7 weeks. Just something I thought someone might find funny.

Carry on.
2001-10-31 11:01:35 PM  
2001-10-31 11:11:42 PM  
Skwidd : Have we meet before?
2001-11-01 01:52:19 AM  
LordWatson: So hockey is trying to take someone's head off with your stick? Right.... That's not a hit, that's a cheap dickhead move. McSorley is, and always will be, a cheap good for nothing bum.

Brashear is a well rounded player.. tough as they come, can score, and happened to have won the fastest skater competition for the Canucks last year. Plus, he dusts his hands off after he finishes pumbling his latest victim. Maybe not a class act, but I personally think he should be allowed to keep his head.
2001-11-01 04:16:21 AM  
Easy to seperate the canuck fans here from everybody else. Canuck fans like Brashear, everybody else doesn't. He's a dick is why. Sure he can skate, sees the ice better than some rookies. But his hot doggin shuold be for something like basketball. It's pretty well the same rule set there. All talk shiat, but soon as someone touches you. Foul!! REF!!

Ahhh, I remember back in the good ole days of hockey. Before Gary Bettman came in and changed the game so fox and nbc would pick up the games. And made less violent for a more pussified audience. Every team had a tough guy, and was only used when needed. Anybody remember tough guys sitting out all but 3 or 4 shifts a game?
McSorely was one of those guys, Chris Nilan, Bob Probert, Stu Grimson, and Wendel Clark. Now us old timers have to watch these nancy girls like Brashear and Pilon prance about trying to act tough. When no one can go fight them without Bettman getting all pissy because kids might pick up the violence. First of all, before letting your kids watch hockey, teach them how to play. Without a good hcokey program, there are more people like Brashear, Barnaby, Pilon... all talk, but won't fight a real fight.

Sure the game makes me sick these days, but what am I to watch? Baseball? Basketball? I Am Canadian for chist sakes! lol
2001-11-01 09:07:04 AM  
FastJeff = Big Leaves-Don Cherry fan.

pork collector = Hates Leaves & Don Cherry.

pork collector = Dislikes FastJeff.
2001-11-01 11:34:06 PM  
Mcsorley should have ripped his head off and dumped in it! Then he should have ate it!!!!!!!
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