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(BBC)   Christopher Columbus ship found off the coast of Panama   ( divider line
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2001-11-01 12:15:52 AM  
2001-11-01 12:19:02 AM  
2001-11-01 12:20:42 AM  
2001-11-01 12:22:25 AM
2001-11-01 12:24:08 AM  
Sheeshum. this code don't work. Just cut and paste.

~ Pinky ~
2001-11-01 01:07:46 AM  
Dang, still cool discoveries to be made.
2001-11-01 01:18:17 AM  
For some reason, the theme from Pirates of the Carribean pops into my head when I think of this article.

"Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A priate's life for me..."
2001-11-01 02:37:29 AM  
Now, THIS is news. And very cool!
2001-11-01 03:30:45 AM  

Researchers in Panama say a sunken ship found off their coast could be one of the vessels used by Christopher Columbus

. it may be
. there is a possibility
. there is an unknown degree of chance
. but nobody really knows for sure

but what the hell, why not get all excited about a pile of coral encrusted timber anyway. In fact, crack open a beer or two to celebrate.
2001-11-01 03:39:39 AM  
Beer tastes better at sea. Everything tastes better on a boat. Ever see a charter fishing boat without a one week supply of beer in the cabin fridge?
2001-11-01 04:16:33 AM  
what the fark would one of Columbus's ships be found sunken in Panama?......unless those garsh darn pirates were to blame!
2001-11-01 04:25:23 AM  
Now the US can fight with Spain over the rights to the ship. ;)
2001-11-01 04:32:25 AM  
i'm sure there is money to be made off this, who's got the best idea?

Do you think Columbus is a villian at the flat earth society? Betcha they burn effigies of him every tuesday night after bingo
2001-11-01 08:38:07 AM the port of Portobelo in the department of Colon

um... yeah.
2001-11-01 08:38:37 AM  
Sewage tastes better at sea.
2001-11-01 08:40:20 AM  
2001-11-01 09:18:27 AM  
Um...question. Can wood survive 500 years underwater? The Titanic was made of iron and steel IIRC and they think it'll be totally disintegrated long before it's been there 500 years. Of course Titanic is rusting away. Just wondering about wood....
2001-11-01 09:31:17 AM  
If it's submerged and covered with mud, gook, and coral (hence no oxygen), wood'll do fine. It's only when you bring it into the air that it disintegrates--and very quickly. That's what they always say on TLC, anyway.
2001-11-01 12:36:14 PM  
Poor Columbus died in poverty and isolation. Too bad. Too, too bad...
2001-11-01 01:32:06 PM  
Thanks, Grand Inquisitor. :) (Yeah I knew who that dude was)
2001-11-01 02:52:36 PM  
Probably thought he was in Japan
2001-11-01 07:28:39 PM  
Didn't make that left turn at Albequerqe....
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