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(Lycos)   MIT geniuses paid $1 million to discover world's transporation systems headed for gridlock   ( divider line
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2436 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Oct 2001 at 9:12 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-31 09:17:23 AM  
I could have told them the exact same thing for $50
2001-10-31 09:21:17 AM  
I don't want to imagine what the exhaust smells like on that soybean-powered bus.
2001-10-31 09:30:42 AM  
Like soy sauce?... probably not.

What I have to say to this article:

It doesn't take a genius, just a college student or two...
2001-10-31 09:50:49 AM  
Get out of your damn cars!
2001-10-31 10:20:11 AM  
If all of you damn farkers would get off your rear, turn off your computer and walk to work where you would only use a pencil then everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) would be ok.

I, of course, am exempt from all of that since I thought it up.
2001-10-31 10:44:09 AM  
make the check payable to "BUG On Your Lip"
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-31 11:19:33 AM  
Same geniuses, I believe, that once did a study that said every car in Boston would come to a complete halt within 30 minutes if only seven routes out of the city were blocked.
2001-10-31 12:08:19 PM  
Freight transportation using tractor-trailer rigs uses energy and produces carbon emissions

Energy used in transportation? Nawwww, couldnt be.
2001-10-31 12:24:55 PM  
Hell.. If they could come up with a decent public transportation system in LA I'd be all for it. Right now what we have sucks.. I just ride my motorcycle instead.
2001-10-31 01:19:59 PM  
How the heck is this asinine? "common sense" answers are often shown to be false by research, and you can't tell if its the case without doing some real research.
2001-10-31 01:36:31 PM  
Reminds me of all the newspapers that say

"Experts say Bin Laden could be anywhere"

You can just see 12 of the world's smartest men at a table, hands on their heads, concentrating. Suddenly one of the jumps up and shouts "Of course! He could be ANYWHERE!"
2001-10-31 01:44:13 PM  
just more pork barrel sooooooooo glad i pay taxes
2001-10-31 01:45:26 PM  
Sounds like a waste of money better spent on recreational drugs.

We'll have reverted to mid-1400's technology in another 5-6 years if anyone is left alive.
2001-10-31 01:45:27 PM  
SnipDaddyDad - I use my computer to telecommute for work (live appx. 500 miles from the "office") - so if I use my home computer and crayons, can I skip walking to work and using a pencil?

Wonder if the Mr. Potato head/cloning/opiates article was what MIT *REALLY* did with their time while they came up with the obvious (and paid for) study.

2001-10-31 01:49:14 PM  
Xanthier: "Decent public transportation in L.A." That's the funniest thing I've read on here today so far! Stop! You're killin' me!
2001-10-31 02:11:52 PM  
Yeah, but do they feed the bus Beano to reduce those "embarassing emissions?"
2001-10-31 02:47:59 PM  
I got a better idea- get these companies to quit locating in the middle of farking nowhere. then you wouldn't have to commute hours to some godforsaken farmland with a 4 story building in the middle.
I work in a urban area. I gots transportation OPTIONS.
2001-10-31 03:03:36 PM  
Yeah, crowd together. Make a better target ;-)
2001-10-31 03:15:42 PM  
After all of the global warming we can all use boats to get everywhere.
2001-10-31 03:20:40 PM  
Business allowing flexible hours for their employees would help too, I think. Then everyone wouldn't be on the road at the same time, therefore taking less time for everyone to commute.

My city really hasn't figured it out. I live on a major road, which goes directly to the University (12 min drive). Parking for me costs $1.50 However, if I take a bus, I have to go down two different roads, and change buses once. It can take me anywhere from 40 min - 70 min. So why the hell would I ever take the bus?

Besides the point, there are literally NO roads that allow you to quickly/easily get through the city. Furthermore, some areas are expanding, and it's obvious the city isn't trying to ensure new roads are planned and build adequately.

Bad planning = longer time cars are on the road = worse for the environment.

Ideally, the oil companies should stop dicking around with the new means of transportation... so we start getting used to the idea of hybrids, etc. Only very few, very large centers seem to be getting exposure or have access to these types of things.
2001-10-31 03:46:37 PM  
they say trains have smaller environmental footprints. does that include the herbicide they use along the tracks?

and all this assumes that transportation will not evolve in the next 50 years, right?
2001-10-31 03:53:06 PM  
Katmbca--Where do you live that parking only costs $1.50?

I have the same situation, but use public transportation because parking is $16.00/day.
2001-10-31 05:56:37 PM  
Oh, if it's so farking obvious, then why are we all driving?

Well, Einstein?
2001-10-31 05:58:03 PM  
Parking at the university costs $1.50/2 hours, unless you're really cheap and park for free, then walk.

And my university is not downtown, so...
2001-10-31 05:58:56 PM  
Until I look over to the carpool lane, and see it stuffed full, and get on the bus and have trouble finding a place to sit, then we are all DOOMED!

That was fun.
2001-10-31 06:47:28 PM  
Was there a point somewhere in there?
2001-10-31 06:53:07 PM  
sooooooo, basically, we don't really give a flying burrito brother...

2001-10-31 06:59:39 PM  
Where do you sign up to be an MIT genius? Damn!
2001-10-31 09:14:03 PM  
Hmmm... I think this is a pretty broad, and dumbed down version of what the MIT cats came up with...

Something does need to change though, I'm just not sure where we can start at...

Till then, I'll just ride my bike to school... Takes me 10 minutes to drive or about 15 minutes to bike to school... Nevermind I don't have to pay a ton (when available) for parking downtown... The bus is ok here, but not as quick as me biking.

I knew a kid who biked to school everyday in Fairbanks, Alaska... Cold... I think he was a bit crazy, cause that just ain't right.
2001-11-01 04:56:56 AM  
Simply Amazing what people will pay money for.
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