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2688 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Oct 2001 at 7:37 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-31 07:52:42 AM  
Wait, there are stupid, people who panic easy out there?
2001-10-31 07:53:12 AM  
Jesus people are stupid. You don't have anthrax, you never will. Shut the hell up. Why is some terrorist going to put anthrax in a 7 yearold's candy bag?
2001-10-31 07:55:43 AM  
oh comeon mods, i was only being funny :)
2001-10-31 07:58:05 AM  
"Hello Police? Can I have some candy?"
2001-10-31 08:05:19 AM  
Thanks Bork, you beat me to it. People poison politicians, not seven year old brats.

although..... Hallie Eisenberg....
2001-10-31 08:07:49 AM  
What if you're mugged by an enormous chocolate bar, though?
2001-10-31 08:16:04 AM  
What about the 7 year old brat of a politician Flakeloaf?
2001-10-31 08:44:51 AM  
Police beg stupid people not to call them about Halloween candy but welcome calls about suspicious doughnuts, Twinkies or Moon pies.
2001-10-31 08:56:30 AM  
"What your favorite form of anthrax, Cindy?!! Do you wanna die tonight? No..oh well sorry for bothering you."
2001-10-31 08:59:35 AM  
BorkingChikapa, Flakeloaf, two "normal" people with no connection to politicians or mail handlers were diagnosed with anthrax yesterday. Either it's cross-contamination of mail at the sorting office, or random anthrax is being mailed to "normal" people, they haven't ruled out either possibility.
2001-10-31 09:04:47 AM  
I used to llove those "dipping sticks" where you lick a sugar stick and dip it in anthrax.
2001-10-31 09:08:46 AM  
I guess Pixie sticks won't be a big hit this year.
2001-10-31 09:52:49 AM  
Lunatic Tassle...
Or powdered doughnuts.
2001-10-31 10:06:54 AM  
Hallie Eisenberg is a talented actress!!!!!!1

Now that that's taken care of, I can get on with my ranting.

This is almost as bad as all the people calling up the police or post office to have a "specialist" open their mail to make sure there is no Anthrax in it. Too bad there usually isn't, as these people could really do a whole lot of good by dying and not reproducing.
2001-10-31 10:42:07 AM  
These people need to realize that the best thing to do in a situation where you find a powdery substance on your counter is first, Put some on the tip of you finger and taste it. Anthrax is not minty flavored for fresh breath. If it tingles a little, just go ahead and sniff the whole pile. It's probably free crack.
2001-10-31 11:08:44 AM  
AAAAHHHH!! My Sour Patch Kids are coated with.....ANTHRAX! Ummmmmmmmmm, anthrax, ghghgl!
2001-10-31 12:08:58 PM  
And I guess it wouldnt be a good idea to hand out panties tonite either....
2001-10-31 12:22:45 PM  
Borking and Flakeloaf, it depends on what the terrorists want to do. You think people are freaking out about anthrax now? Give some to some kids and see what happens.

If the goal is to kill someone, giving anthrax to normal people is stupid. If the goal is to cause panic, that's exactly what you want to do.
2001-10-31 12:33:28 PM  
i would like to propose a temporary fark filter for today only that filters "candy" to "anthrax."
2001-10-31 02:39:31 PM  
Per RPM's reply -

*I* am worried about this halloween - the cost of all the phone calls from worried parents is just the start.

We've already seen quite a few "hoaxes" by ex-lovers, co-workers, hard would it be for a teen aged store clerk who's miffed at having to work halloween to set off a panic...

How hard would it be for real "terrorist" (either home-grown or imported) to use their handy little stock pile of anthrax sprinkled over pixie sticks...

My boys (10 and 13) are staying home tonight to watch a PG-13 scarey movie and hand out candy.

I can't begin to start thinking about a "terrorist" working at the pixie-stick factory...

2001-10-31 02:51:47 PM  
StarryDancer, I think you pretty much exemplify the problem.
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