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(ESPN)   Jamal Lewis said he would break the single-game rushing record against the Cleveland Browns this week and did just that on Sunday. Next up: Walking on water   ( ) divider line
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2003-09-15 11:16:36 AM  
This just in - Jamal Lewis predicts Nightsweat at bottom of massive Farkette pile-on.
2003-09-15 11:18:21 AM  

How DARE you give credit where credit is due! This is Fark, not some sort of happy fun house. We DEMAND an appy-polly-loggy.
2003-09-15 11:22:38 AM  
Jbourne: true. Most impressive part of this record-setting day was Lewis' separation speed once he broke into the secondary. Very rare to see someone leave corners in the dust with such ease...and that there's the difference between a 10 yard gain and an 80 yard game breaker.
2003-09-15 11:25:27 AM  
I was none too excited to draft Jamal with the 10th overall pick. But I am pretty excited now.

Priest vs. Jamal in two weeks.
2003-09-15 11:48:20 AM  
I only wanna say that the Panthers game yesterday was way more exciting than last years Superbowl. my wife peed her pants twice during this game she got so excited! and I got some last night. :)

Exciting? Maybe for the last minute of the game. That game was awful (and I would say the same thing had the Bucs won). You must really dig field goals (or blocked field goals).

ps Congrats on getting some.
2003-09-15 11:49:15 AM  
A guy in my fantasy league had Lewis AND Holmes yesterday.

Yes. He won.
2003-09-15 11:51:13 AM  
Buddy of mine was in the pressbox for this game. The Browns coaches pit is directly next to the Ravens pressbox. They were flipping out trying to figure out what to do. He said it was like going to obscenity class and that by the end of the game the only strategy they seemed to be able to come up with was to let fly with the holding.
2003-09-15 11:57:15 AM  

Actually the Browns are considered to be a pretty solid defence with a very fast linebacking unit this year.

They held the Colts to three field goals the week before.
2003-09-15 12:01:31 PM  
thats quite an accomplishment

/retarded comment by retard using a /
2003-09-15 12:04:23 PM  
browns 14-2. no problem.
2003-09-15 12:04:54 PM  
The texans run defense is actually good.... Priest won't be breaking any records against them
2003-09-15 12:06:24 PM  
casaguapo -

A good defensive game can be just as fun to watch as a high scoring game.
2003-09-15 12:10:25 PM  
Priest Holmes is very good at following his blockers, and it's funny that he was a backup at UT (behind Ricky Williams). I bet UT wishes they still had one of those guys!
2003-09-15 12:14:16 PM  
you can all go to hell.

i cant watch sportcenter all week now, and it just has to be on here too.
2003-09-15 12:17:01 PM  

I was really worried after the first few drives, but then I remembered that I wasn't wearing my Lucky Chiefs Cap. I put it on and Dante Hall returns a kickoff for 100 yards.

2003-09-15 12:21:33 PM  
What about Santana Moss? He lead the Jets to victory over the cursed Fish...ok, maybe not, but he finally had a 100 yard game and did better than his brother, Randy.

Who the hell booked last nights Bears @ Vikings game? Neither of those teams were any good last year. How does a schedule maker on a week with Pats/Eagles, Steelers/Chefs, Broncos/Chargers, Squared Sevens/Rams or even Panthers/Bucs, end up choosing that game to feature?

In LA, we are forced to watch the Raiders, Rams, and Squared Sevens, no matter who the hell they are playing, and despite the fact that nobody in LA even liked the Rams when they were here. On the plus side, Bungals Raiders was actually a good game...
2003-09-15 12:25:48 PM  
A good defensive game can be just as fun to watch as a high scoring game.

Sure, a well played defensive game. 33 penalties for 288 yards in that one. It was a mess.
2003-09-15 12:26:58 PM  
Bears p0wn j00
2003-09-15 12:37:39 PM  
My team, Sonic Death Monkey, would like to thank Brian Billick and Tony Dungy for saying "we will give our respective runners the damn ball this week." I got them with the 14th and 15th picks. The result? Well, you know.
2003-09-15 01:16:05 PM  
mattos---Go Broncos, indeed! Portis would've easily gotten 200 yards if he played the second half. And Plummer finally, FINALLY didn't look like as bad a choice as Kordell. Too bad he separated his shoulder.
2003-09-15 01:17:10 PM  
Yeah, as expected... Baltimore gets NO credit for this whatsoever... Anyone else ever notice that whenever the Ravens do something good, the commentators or fans from outside of Baltimore, always blame the opposing team for lack of this, or lack of that, instead of just saying Jamal was running like a farking tank yesterday they have to throw in some snide comment trying to take away from ACTUAL good playing ability. When the Ravens were playing the Titans a cpl years back for the super bowl spot, Dan Marino said "Whoever wins this game and goes to the super bowl will also WIN the super bowl" and the Ravens won, and next week Marino said "Actually I take back what I said last week, the Ravens will not win the super bowl". Coming from a man whose finger never had a super bowl ring on it...
2003-09-15 01:27:32 PM  
Go skins!
2003-09-15 01:58:39 PM  
OutsiderJ - I agree, the Ravens never seems to get any credit. I still remember the day after the superbowl hearing the rest of the country talk about how "violent" they were during the game, yet I didn't remember seeing any such violence when I watched the game myself the night before. Not sure why, but everyone has it in for Baltimore.
2003-09-15 02:01:18 PM  
Just like the Babe's called WS home run against the Cubs - did he or didn't he? Adds to the mystique.
Either way, you witnessed NFL history yesterday and some people don't even realize it. The Bucs'/Panthers game was interesting in a Twilight Zone kind of way - especially the ending - but come on, you may never see another performance like that in your lifetime.
Just think if the Ravens still had Holmes in the backfield with J. Lewis? Holy crap! They play each other in 2 weeks.
2003-09-15 02:21:01 PM  
Outsider and JoeDon Please. Don't pity the Ravens- they give themselves enough credit that they don't need any from outside sources. Just like they talk crap to the Steelers again and again, and keep getting their asses handed to them.
2003-09-15 03:04:39 PM  
Please, LTG, It's been fairly even on both sides. Ward is SUCH a good sportsman. He never runs his face. Nosireebob. Most of the games are fairly even between the Stlrs. and the Rns. With an occasional blowout either way.

BTW, when is the last time the Steelers won the SB? 1979, was it? I would tell you to check the tape but VHS wasn't invented then.

The Steelers won their SB against the Ravens in week 1 and then got a reality check courtesy of the Chiefs in week 2.

Last game of the season. Can't wait.
2003-09-15 03:12:04 PM  
so, how much longer until the r*dskins loose their trademark and have to switch logos? for those of you who are confused, it is illegal to trademark an slur or derogatory term, and therefore profit from it. some organization is suing, claiming that "r*dskin" is covered by this law (kind of like calling your local team "the n*ggers). once the trademark is revoked, they can't make any money merchandising and will have to get a new logo or lose a ridiculous amount of money. 'bout damn time.
2003-09-15 03:27:31 PM  
Not sure how people can stomach the Chief Wahoo and Washington Redskin name/logos. These emblems and names are racially offensive. Its like saying the Washington Chinks, or Gooks, or dropping the N bomb... How can rich white folks get away with this crap with fan support?
2003-09-15 03:44:41 PM  
So what you're saying is that the name Washington Blackskins would be considered offensive and not be allowed?
At the time that the name Redskins was used it wasn't considered offensive. They were going for the fierce Indian brave image, as so many teams have.
I can understand the feelings of the Indians. I might feel the same way if they called a hockey team the Fighting Whities. (The Fighting Irish?) But they have to choose their battles very carefully. If the 'skins change their name, will this improve living conditions for Native Americans? Is this really a problem that needs to be addressed? How will this help them?

Won't it sort of make their culture even more invisible to the average American who doesn't really give a rat's ass anyway?
2003-09-15 04:07:34 PM  
"BTW, when is the last time the Steelers won the SB? 1979, was it? I would tell you to check the tape but VHS wasn't invented then."


you guys are all right about the ravens getting no credit, they never have.

oh and fark the steelers
2003-09-15 04:41:40 PM  
LawtalkingGuy Yeah, the trash talking is equal on both sides, the only person you don't hear talkign trash from the Steelers is Jerome Bettis, and I'll give you a reason for that.. It's because he's afraid of Ray Lewis, last sunday was the FIRST time he's ever shown up to play us, and how long did he play for? Like 10 minutes? Every time we play Pittsburgh he has some sort of ridiculous excuse for not playing us. The Higher ups have always had it in for Baltimore, it took us what, 20 years to get a new team after the Colts took off? How long did it take CLEVELAND to get a replacement team? 2-3 years? Give me a break. Baltimore would STILL be without a team if it wasn't for Modell. We'd still be going to watch the CFL Colts play, which was actually pretty damn entertaining. We should have had a team years ago, if it wasn't for Tagliabue and his weird hatred for Baltimore.
2003-09-15 06:57:48 PM  
Go Packers!
2003-09-15 06:59:46 PM  
You guys that have said the Ravens never get credit, you're absolutely right. No one gave them the time of day during their run to the Superbowl where they played amazingly and they still never get credit for anything. I think it goes back to them being bigmouths during their run, but they had to since no one else was giving them any respect. And the Steelers are just as bad. Their games against the Steelers and Browns are just too good with all the animosity.
2003-09-15 07:05:30 PM  
If you are going to give the Browns a single compliment, it would probably be about their d-fence. Anyways, I didn't see the game, just the 82 yard run and the 41 fantasy points he amassed. Jamal is the real deal, prepare for a career season.

/going to see Raiders @ Browns in a couple weeks
2003-09-15 08:00:28 PM  
Who tackles a guy named Priest?
2003-09-15 08:10:32 PM  
/finally done masturbating over thought of drafting Lewis in sixth round and starting him this week.
2003-09-15 08:46:17 PM  
I passed him up in the draft for Eddie George. Did I get robbed or what.
2003-09-15 09:04:55 PM  
"It's because he's afraid of Ray Lewis"

Everybody should be afraid of Ray Lewis.
2003-09-15 09:28:00 PM  
Hartford_Whaler - I know exactly what you mean. I have Faulk and Tomlinson on one of my teams, and they can't do Shiat. Tomlinson only has 150 total yards and 0 Td's. I might just cut him

Gimpynip - Squared Sevens? Do I smell a reader of TMQ?

Congrats to Jamal for a big game, but what about poor Corey Dillon? He broke the record three years ago, and got absolutely no hype. The one good thing in his life was taken from him. Poor Bengal.......

Lions - Super Bowl Champs - 2006 - Guaranteed
2003-09-15 09:58:05 PM  
Everybody should be afraid of Ray Lewis.

2003-09-15 10:47:39 PM  
Ravens get no credit? I've heard/read tons of people list that 2000 defense as the best ever, and a lot of people gave Billick props for the job he did last year w/ a young team and w/o Ray Lewis.

One thing I must say, Ravens fans are the oddest fans in the NFL. They came to Tampa a few years ago (2001 I think) and it was a bizarre scene. The Ravens fans near our seats were all older guys (like 60s) in purple camouflage overalls. One of them brought a REAL dead, stuffed raven in a paper bag. Every time they made a good play he'd take it out and wave it around, and they'd all scream "CAW! CAW!" Very odd.
2003-09-16 10:59:09 AM  
What kinda of lame, 2 person fantasy league are you in that you can get all three of those running backs? heh Lucky bastard.

BTW I am happy for Jamal. He got hurt after that great rookie year and people wrote him off. Its nice.

Priest Holmes too. He came back from his hip injury and proved everyone wrong. They cram more balls down peoples throats than Ron Jeremy.
2003-09-16 01:02:42 PM  
OK, no one is reading this anymore, but OutsiderJ and Yosarian: Take note- the Steelers SHOULD be trash-talking. They have won the last 5 meetings, with three sound thumpings in there. (Combined scores 92-43.) That great Ravens Defense has given up an average of 30.2 points to the Steelers over those 5 meetings. It is seriously like if the Washington Generals started trash talking the Globetrotters. I would think the Ravens might try putting up a fight on the field a little more before they start throwing out quotes.
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