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(Amateur Photog)   Say hello to amateur bikini babe Aleksandra. Photographed by farker Beavertooth.Safe for work   ( divider line
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41186 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Sep 2003 at 2:35 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-09-14 12:13:32 AM  
Beavertooth, I hate you very very much. Some of us have to work for a living, and you get to take happy snaps of babes.

Do you need an assistant? I can work for free.
2003-09-14 10:26:07 AM  
Topical Tropical Response...

"I'd bang it like a screen door in a hurricane!"
2003-09-14 10:37:50 AM  
Nice little baby cameltoe. Does she charge extra to smile?
2003-09-14 02:37:54 PM  

I would hit that SOOOOO hard!!
2003-09-14 02:38:52 PM  
Perfect ass
2003-09-14 02:39:17 PM  
How in the fark did you get that lucky?
2003-09-14 02:39:57 PM  
nice nice, very nice

Better than some of the boobies links that have been posted recently.

/Very jealous of Beavertooth
2003-09-14 02:40:58 PM  
She needs a thong and a better attitude.
2003-09-14 02:41:54 PM  
I'd only rate the lady below average (for Fark, not for the world at large), but the photography is great. Beavertooth may want to give Maxim a call.
2003-09-14 02:42:00 PM  
just kidding about the attitude.
2003-09-14 02:43:17 PM  
2003-09-14 02:43:52 PM  
I want to lick her vagina and butt.
2003-09-14 02:44:09 PM  
A new catch-phrase has been born with Four Words: "Have A BabeKini-riffic day!"
2003-09-14 02:44:15 PM  
nice, thanks for sharing. i like the toe in no.9
2003-09-14 02:46:08 PM  
it's "low budget" written all over it.. couldn't you at least take her to a real beach?

she's good looking though.
2003-09-14 02:46:48 PM  
I want to lick her vagina and butt.
And they say chivalry is dead.
2003-09-14 02:47:29 PM  
any..... benefits beavertooth?
*nudge nudge wink wink*
2003-09-14 02:47:52 PM  
Lets play the, whats her ethnic background game

1) Scandinavian
2) Dutch
3) German
2003-09-14 02:47:57 PM  
/agree with JackinUSA
2003-09-14 02:48:02 PM  
JackinUSA is always beating around the bush. Just come right out with it, man.
2003-09-14 02:49:56 PM  
2003-09-14 02:50:15 PM  
Is it so hard to get a straight on, standing/lying on the back, facing the camera, eyes visible, full body shot? Or am I some sort of misshapen freak for only desiring that pose and a similar ass shot?
2003-09-14 02:52:19 PM  

2003-09-14 02:52:25 PM  
I was mildly there till I got to the navel piercing.

2003-09-14 02:55:31 PM  
To quote a famous author:

"Goodness. My pee pee exploded!"
2003-09-14 02:56:35 PM  
WOW, someones selling swanky pics on the internet!

I've never, ever seen that before.
2003-09-14 02:56:40 PM  
Good to see more girls going the route of "Jordon whoever" and "Tiffany Teen" and the like. Just what the net needs more of.. cute teases.

and I would like to second JackinUSA's motion.
2003-09-14 02:57:33 PM  
Pretty. Sweet. I'd bang her drum slowly.
2003-09-14 02:57:35 PM  
I thinking #3 myself, but also #1
2003-09-14 02:59:19 PM  
Need a spray boy? (uses water bottle to spritz the models?
2003-09-14 02:59:28 PM  
sackafire:JackinUSA is always beating around the bush

You said bush, huhuh
You said beating huhuhu

/kickin; it gradeschool
2003-09-14 03:01:53 PM  
uh whatever.
2003-09-14 03:02:09 PM's web browser blocking out this url for some reason...can anyone post some SFW pics please?
2003-09-14 03:03:11 PM  
I'd hit it with a rolled up newspaper!
TWX [TotalFark]
2003-09-14 03:03:18 PM  

Thanks... Do you realise how hard it is to find a good toshiba laptop keyboard? I have to replace it now that it's full of Dr. Pepper...

2003-09-14 03:03:31 PM  
Were her parents too stupid to spell Alexandra right, or did she come up with that on her own?
2003-09-14 03:04:39 PM  
potbreath, just use megaproxy...

2003-09-14 03:05:31 PM  
Oh, just copy and paste the link to the story, minus the

2003-09-14 03:05:32 PM  
2003-09-14 03:07:26 PM  
And what do you all rate as the "Spankability Factor"?
2003-09-14 03:10:34 PM  
Alright Hamilton!
2003-09-14 03:13:03 PM  
To get anywhere in this world, she needs a nipple tweaker -- just like J-Lo. I suppose I can do it... What time should I show up?
2003-09-14 03:13:11 PM  
Constructive feedback, and suggestions for your next shoot:

1. The towel has to go. And never a white towel if you have to use one. It looks too hospital-issued. You really needed a fun-looking BEACH towel, since she's in her bikini.
A few cheap beachballs and a beach towel would've gone a long way.

2. Model should've done something with her hair. Parted on the side, and slicked back with water or conditioner. Sunglasses looked good.

3. Her tan's not dark enough for that white suit. Sorry. And those shoes are all wrong (especially when she's on her stomach). No shoes. If she was standing, that's different. Definitely healed-sandals. It elongates the calf.

4. She's frowning in a lot of them; she looks ticked off. She should be smiling or at least not frowning...

5. Simple pieces of jewelry, including a ring on each hand and an ankle bracelet, maybe even a simple toe-ring. Fingernails, painted the same color as her lipstick (or shiney clear), and not nubs. They should be rounded tips.

6. Some photos in a bikini-wrap would've been nicely seductive too. She could've done seductive things with that wrap.

7. The photo of just her cleavage is very low-class. Her face should be in that photo (not chopped off), and she should be smiling (or not frowning), mouth open slightly... it's a seduction thing, lips wet from having just licked them. Strangely enough, the one of her torso is good, and doesn't require her face. It's a good shot.

8. She should've had some makeup on that made her look like she's been kissed by the sun (it's a small shimmer of reddish-brown blush...)

Good first try. Now go back and try it again with my suggestions, and I'll bet you'll like the result.
2003-09-14 03:14:47 PM  
yeah homebrewmaster, it's obvious this one needs a good spanking.

She's a young lass though. Give her a couple of years of late night studying with pizzas and she won't be so babe-rific.
2003-09-14 03:15:35 PM  
for all you too lazy to use megaproxy here is the "mini toe"
2003-09-14 03:17:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-14 03:18:40 PM  
Yup feisty, you hit it on the head. He needs to have a wet bar available to help with her smile.
2003-09-14 03:19:29 PM  
Hey! That's Kristy from DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball. OMGF!!!! Nice-a-spika!!!!
2003-09-14 03:20:21 PM  
She's got a butter face...
2003-09-14 03:21:28 PM  
...but I'd still get all over that.
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