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(BBC)   Mystery of massive 1908 blast from space in Siberia solved by Italian scientists   ( divider line
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8737 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Oct 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-31 12:06:38 AM  
We've known it was a meteroite (spelling?) for years
2001-10-31 12:06:48 AM  
Gotta hand it to those Italians..
2001-10-31 12:07:19 AM  
I don't understand how this is obvious.
2001-10-31 12:08:17 AM  
That's exactly what I thought it was too........
2001-10-31 12:08:40 AM  
We knew it was a meteorite for years? I think we just guessed it was a meteorite for years. But if there is no crater it is harder to tell.
2001-10-31 12:18:16 AM  
Theories? Fact? Whatever?
2001-10-31 12:33:20 AM  
This was said to have been a low density asteroid years ago. What's new about this?
2001-10-31 12:36:01 AM  
Its Obvious that the Italians are coving up for the Aliens.

When the NEW WORLD ORDER takes over the Italians will be spared from the carnage for protecting their masters crashes.
2001-10-31 12:39:14 AM  
Ah it is simple what it was. My great grandfather farted.
2001-10-31 12:59:55 AM  
Hmm...and here I thought it was Islamic extremist stealing airplanes and attacking the 0-zone
2001-10-31 01:01:57 AM  
Only a few hunters and trappers lived in the sparsely populated region, so it is likely that nobody was killed.

it was unknown whether this was a comet or an asteroid, that is new, but the writers didn't do much research. a hunter named Kulik (which, coincidence or mistake, they name as the geologist to reach the site first) lived very close to the blast site - this has also been known for a long time. I am holding, right now, in my hand a xerox of a map of Kulik's hut in relation to other markers of the blast zone, including ground zero. Kulik's hut was less than 2 km from ground zero; he was killed. the xerox is part of a packet on asteroids that i was given yesterday by my space exploration professor.
2001-10-31 01:23:11 AM  
What? You mean it wasn't Tulsa's death ray?
2001-10-31 01:45:29 AM  
His name is Tesla...

And in one of the ghostbusters cartoons, they say that the Tunguska blast was actually the result of this cross-dimensional rift, releasing this mammoth supernatural being that must engorge itself every couple of thousand years. Other sites caused by this rift are: Death Valley and the Sahara Desert.

Now, really folks, who am I going to believe? The Ghostbusters, or the Italians? I believe the choice is obvious.
2001-10-31 01:47:05 AM  
Zaq, It's TESLA....And yes it was his death ray.
2001-10-31 01:51:19 AM  
Every single impact crater ever studied extensively revealed remnants of a celestial object, but the largest explosion in 'recent' history reveals nothing.

I have my doubts, Italianos. The jury is still out, and Tesla looks more credible everytime I look into the matter.
2001-10-31 02:00:35 AM  
Maybe the Aliens, the Italians and the Ghostbusters are in this together.

yes thats it.

Wait, dont forget Pink Floyd. He created the cross-dimensional rift with the throbbing bass lines and catchy riffs.
2001-10-31 02:01:19 AM  
because Pink Floyd is one man, and they dont want you to know that..
2001-10-31 02:22:03 AM  
If 60000 trees fall in the russian forest and there are no hunters or trappers around, does it make a noise?
2001-10-31 02:30:05 AM  
Ah, another alien conspiracy bites the dust....Or not. I bet a year from now Hoagland anounces the remains of blasted pyramids in the rubble. You can lead a person to reason, but you can't make them use it.
2001-10-31 03:41:05 AM  
2001-10-31 04:44:49 AM  
I've read that after Tesla's death,the FBI swarmed his apartment and took all of his notes.If he was considered important enough to attract the FBI's attention,I wouldn't doubt it if he had some potentially dangerous projects in mind that could be brought to fruition.This is the guy that developed the Tesla coil after all,which seems to be a semi-controllable lightning generating device.Fear Tesla...

2001-10-31 04:52:04 AM  
It was actually BOB speaking to us through excremeditation.
2001-10-31 04:52:47 AM  
Nibbles: Why don't we say "religious extremists"? All the religions have their extremists, and all their extremists are sad, ignorant people. Can't specially pick on the Muslims for walking down the road that every religion before it had well-worn.

Hell, the Christians have been killing abortion doctors for years. The Catholics and Protestants have been blowing up buildings and killing civilians in Ireland for almost a century.

But I've gotten off the subject...
2001-10-31 04:56:04 AM  
As for the blast....couldn't it have been caused by the energy released from (instead of an object exploding in the atmosphere) an object being propelled upwards into the open air?

The only problem I have with this theory is the size of the supposed "explosion".

After all, it could just be early attempts by aliens at creating crop circles gone bad. You see, they had to start with the larger crops, the trees.
2001-10-31 05:54:10 AM  
I've always wanted to use "hitherto" in a sentence.
2001-10-31 05:57:36 AM  
Is Russia so bad that even meteorites don't wanna hang around?
2001-10-31 06:20:53 AM  
Bionicjoe: hahahahahahaha, are you really that dumb, or are you just pretending?

1) the Tunguska event left no impact crater, so the fact that impact craters always contain celestial material is completely irrelevant.
2) airburst explosions often leave no impact crater.
3) Tesla was a delusional loony. The fact that the FBI got overexcited about him means nothing as the FBI are famously incompetent and exciteable.
2001-10-31 06:44:38 AM  
The only plausible way for such an explosion to occur is by what is known as "Invisible Giant Duck Fury". The invisible giant ducks are angry with the evil trees for preventing surface water accumulating into an invisible giant duck pond. Let this be an example for trees everywhere: If you congregate in sufficiently large numbers in an obvious natural pond location, be prepared to pay the price. Wibble Wibble Lobster.
2001-10-31 08:23:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-31 08:24:12 AM  
I always thought it was the great god Thor's ejaculate.
2001-10-31 08:27:43 AM  
you should make a saturday morning cartoon show
2001-10-31 08:49:11 AM  
Skizza: That's Skizza, as in schizophrenic, right?
2001-10-31 09:10:46 AM  
I'm not schizophrenic, and neither am I.
2001-10-31 09:15:25 AM  
I remember before hearing the Telsa death ray theory and now the asteroid theory, it was the "secret early atomic bomb test" theory and the "alien attack cover up" theory.

This one sounds a bit more reasonable, albeit more boring.
2001-10-31 10:00:56 AM  
In a related story 1000 people still missing after attending Siberian Chili cook-off.
2001-10-31 10:11:18 AM  
Vodka! Vodka always has something to do with weird things that happen in Russia. (And in my local pub too.)
2001-10-31 10:42:19 AM  
Yeah, its a meteorite.. But it must have completely disintegrated.. And there's no impact crater.. And we don't have any higher occurences of iridium in the area or any other meteor metals. So YES it was definitely a meteor.

Freaking crackerjack scientists. Is fark getting desperate for articles or something?
2001-10-31 12:09:20 PM  
I was led to believe said extraterrestrial object detonated before impact... There were demonstrations made with shaped charges and matchsticks that made the same pattern.
2001-10-31 12:13:06 PM  
terron, axias and others: read this.

if a comet falls to earth, it is a meteor. if an asteroid falls to earth, it is a meteor. if a giant pile of space garbage falls to earth, it is a meteor. the debate was whether it was a comet or an asteroid. comets are made of ice, asteriods are made of rock or metal. they are different bodies and have different origins, and there is value to learning which it was.
2001-10-31 12:24:42 PM  
I thought the Siberians ate at my favorite place, Acapulco's Gold!
2001-10-31 12:35:54 PM  
I like the idea of Tulsa's death ray. I think it is controlled by Oral Roberts.
2001-10-31 12:52:21 PM  
I say it was Tesla's death ray as well. Regardless of whether or not the Death Ray experiments were fully documented or not, other Tesla experiments ARE documented, and he's done much much stranger sounding stuff.

I wouldn't put it past him, he was a genius.
2001-10-31 02:53:29 PM  
HOLLYWOOD NORTH: Thanks, I needed that. I am a fart joke fan.
2001-10-31 03:00:56 PM  
It was Tesla's death ray -

Tesla had built the ray as a means to amplify energy and was trying to signal the artic exploration team (as a test) and overshot by a couple thousand miles (thank gawd) took a couple weeks for him to realize where it actually hit and the damage it did (the energy amplification worked considerably more than he expected) - he then decided to bury all his work, he purposely came up with all sorts of crazy ideas so he wouldn't be taken seriously by the scientific community and he stopped inventing.

The gvt. had raided his house soon after the event, took the "death ray", and have been holding onto it since...

Meteorite my @$$...
2001-10-31 03:10:46 PM  
Tesla's one of my heros. :)
2001-10-31 03:59:34 PM  
You guys are all so way off base with your wild theories.

Do the research properly and I'm sure you can find the VERIFIABLE links to this so-called meteor explosion and Stonehenge, Egyptian pyramids, underwater volcanos, simultaneous Aurora, failed Mars explorations by NASA and the funny little ocurrence that will happen in Area 51 next Tuesday that will remain unexplained and completely unreported by the corporate controlled media and Western democratic Governments for the next 50 years.

THINK a little bit harder and all will be revealed.
2001-10-31 04:34:08 PM  
If it is the same guy, then L A Kulik (or whatever his name is), probably had the best theory.

Back in the late 20's or early 30's, a Russian scientist (we will assume it is Kulik) not only surveyed the site but did some work in the lab to determine what the approach path and angle was of the object that exploded. One of the things that the article doesn't mention is that the explosion left an odd, butterfly-shaped blast pattern, as evidenced from the survey of the trees. Anyway, Kulik had a test setup in a lab with small rods on stiff wires layed out in a grid pattern to simulate trees. He then took a small explosive device on a wire so he could control it's approach angle relative to the "ground". Not only was he able to reproduce the exact blast pattern, but he was also able to estimate the explosive power, velocity, and angle of the object. The surmised that since he never found any evidence of an asteriod type object, it must have been a comet.

There is no way to prove the Telsa was a delusional looney since it was rare that he ever wrote anything down.
2001-10-31 04:37:50 PM  
i saw a documentary about this on the Discovery Channel 2 weeks ago. they've known about this thing for a long ass time because the show i was watching was at least from the 70s if not the 60s. they had a nice model to show how it worked and everything. i think the article neglected to mention the butterfly pattern of the trees that fell over which proves the explosion was caused by a falling meteorite.
2001-10-31 04:58:29 PM  
Asteroids my ass.
Cabbage rolls were at the bottom of this blast.
2001-10-31 06:44:00 PM  
Surprised it wasn't OSAMA BIN LADEN.
Can't terrorists travel through time?
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