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(Yahoo)   Requiring a license to surf the Internet could prevent the spread viruses   ( divider line
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6848 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Sep 2003 at 3:16 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-09-12 11:40:50 AM  
Now maybe if they issued a license to fark, it would stop itching...

/got nothing
2003-09-12 11:48:02 AM  
Ah yes, the elitism of the Internet. Fark that. Where would AOL humor be without the rampant spread of new users by Free CD? One of the biggest things about the Internet is that it's such a broad marketplace of ideas. Who'd pay for this, ISPs? The government? And what would Cam Whores do?!? Won't someone think of the Cam Whores?
2003-09-12 11:55:27 AM  
Yeah, and if they issued a license to drive, maybe old people would stop mowing down people in farmers markets.

If I cared enough to find a decent image hosting site, I'd post a picture of 007, License to Kill.
2003-09-12 12:00:27 PM  
Worst. Idea. Ever.
2003-09-12 12:04:41 PM  
Yeah, and if they issued a license to drive, maybe old people would stop mowing down people in farmers markets.

Exactly. All this would accomplish is give the government authority to snoop into your internet habits. Haven't we had enough freedoms stepped on lately?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-12 12:05:32 PM  
Heil Ashcroft!
2003-09-12 12:11:28 PM  
This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard and I spew out some really stupid things.
2003-09-12 12:31:10 PM  
First a license. Then they will demand you buy insurance.
2003-09-12 12:34:54 PM  
If this were the case, my liscense would have been revoked 10 times today already.
2003-09-12 12:39:28 PM  
Yea, that could work. No really, it could. REALLY!
2003-09-12 12:49:58 PM  
I think it's a crappy idea. Although I do think we should contain AOL users to one portion of the web, the one with all the pop-ups and annonying midi loops.
2003-09-12 12:52:22 PM  
Hmmm our leaders seem less like statesman every day... and more like corrupt prison wardens
2003-09-12 01:20:44 PM  
But nobody gets their head crushed from somebody's computer virus......YET! Mwahhahahaha!

That article was

[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-12 01:24:14 PM  
Would it be illegal to drink and surf? Damn, we all would be in jail.
2003-09-12 01:33:36 PM  
"The spread viruses"? Do they include Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Herpes?
2003-09-12 02:02:30 PM  
"Minimum competency requirements could include schooling in how to update anti-virus programs, install firewalls and obtain security fixes for your computer's operating system."

does anyone else hear the sounds of crickets chirping?
2003-09-12 02:15:26 PM  
Operating System?! I ain't no doctor, I just wanna look at Boobies!
2003-09-12 02:42:57 PM  
I know stupid...I've seen stupid.

This is brutally stupid.
2003-09-12 03:02:57 PM  
Anick Jesdanun? WTF type of psuedonymn is that!

Some people need a license to breath, Anick comes to mind. Also think of all the helpdesks going bust if people have a little knowledge, and all the headaches for the techs.. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Can't wait for the sandal brigade to pipe up :-).
2003-09-12 03:19:12 PM  
And yet, the idea of obtaining a license to have a child is offensive to some people.
2003-09-12 03:19:44 PM  
2003-09-12 03:20:01 PM  
When surfing the 'net is outlawed, only outlaws will surf the 'net.
2003-09-12 03:20:03 PM  
Only the spread ones?
2003-09-12 03:21:18 PM  
What's that rumbling? Oh yes, it's the sound of a tectonic shift in the growing class divide.
2003-09-12 03:21:24 PM  
Hahahahahaahahahahahahaha!! *breaths* Hahahaha!! Hahahaha!

Ah, ok. Better now.

Oh, and exick beat me to the point I was going to make.

And yet, the idea of obtaining a license to have a child is offensive to some people.
2003-09-12 03:22:04 PM  
You know, I could be wrong but it would make more sense to require those that sell (instead of those that buy) operating systems to maybe tighten up the security a little to make it harder for bored idiots to write successfuly virii. Just a thought.
2003-09-12 03:22:35 PM  
There really needs to be a license for procreation before online recreation.
2003-09-12 03:23:13 PM  

This would be awesome, then maybe we could start arresting people who are PUI (Posting Under the Influence).

But then again, when I got my first computer, I thought downloadind Comet Cursor was the coolest thing to have.

2003-09-12 03:23:27 PM  
2003-09-12 03:23:32 PM  
Stupidest. Idea. Ever.
2003-09-12 03:24:02 PM  
"So why not institute mandatory education before people can go online? After all, motorists must obtain licenses before they can legally hit the road, and computers are much more complicated. "

The difference here is that when I crash my computer no one dies.
2003-09-12 03:24:16 PM  
Yes, and obtaining a license to breed might stop people from having children who come up with ideas such as these.
2003-09-12 03:24:20 PM  
Do you have to have a license to buy a gun yet???

OK, then.
2003-09-12 03:24:39 PM  
two words:

Fark That
2003-09-12 03:25:11 PM  
You know I think this is a great idea. Surfing can be dangerous. Undertows and riptides can really catch you by surprise if you are not knowledgable enough to react to them. Just because you buy a board does not mean you are a surfer. I don't know where this Internet Beach is but it sound like the water isn't too clean either if you can catch a virus while surfing. Yep this is a good idea this surfing license.
2003-09-12 03:25:43 PM  
A fine for spreading a Virus? Good idea! Let's start by fining Microshiat for making such a farked up OS!

Ah, I remember back in the day when I was frolicking around on my Atari 800.... goodtimes.
2003-09-12 03:25:44 PM  
Yeah, and getting a license to run linux would be a bytch. I wonder who would teach that? Nope, our licenses only cover Microsoft Windows, if you don't know how to use it, you don't go online.
2003-09-12 03:25:51 PM  
Don't be ignorant you idiots! everybody thought the Wright brothers were crazy, and now we have them to thank for the lovely microwave.

biatches! don't do!
2003-09-12 03:25:59 PM  
I believe this is a government conspiracy that's sole purpose is to be able to track me to all the good free porn.

/wraps computer in aluminum foil
2003-09-12 03:25:59 PM  
Where's the [image from too old to be available] tag???

Next we'll have to get specialized training to drink a cup of coffee, or eat McDonald's.
2003-09-12 03:26:01 PM  
Just do what I do and wear a condom while surfing the web.
2003-09-12 03:26:05 PM  
Hear that? That is Big Brother creeping the hallways of civil liberties.
2003-09-12 03:26:05 PM  
we're all going to have to give up a little of our freedom to be sure none of us gets hit with one of those "non-system disk" viruses...
2003-09-12 03:26:52 PM  
I like the frugality of the link submitter. Waste not, want not with those extra words.
2003-09-12 03:27:15 PM  
You can have my intarweb when you pry it out of my cold dead hands.
2003-09-12 03:27:16 PM  
lets just skip to what people really want and have a license to live
2003-09-12 03:27:16 PM  
Next thing you know the broads will want to vote...

Say wha-?
2003-09-12 03:27:24 PM  
An internet license???

In the words of jake blues NOOO.......FUC>KING........WAY.

im sure anyone who has seen blues brothers can hear belushi saying it in there heads.
2003-09-12 03:27:33 PM  
NarcisisticRage, over my cold, dead, cable router.
2003-09-12 03:28:13 PM  
This is a brilliant idea! I'm going to try and contact this guy and see if he has any thoughts on retrofitting navy submarines with screen doors..
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