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2003-09-09 04:12:27 PM
Big Ol screen cap, if anybOdy wants it.

2003-09-09 05:05:37 PM
2003-09-10 12:07:09 AM
Before anyone hunts me down and kills me, remember that this is a joke? Thanks :)

2003-09-10 09:07:53 AM
2003-09-10 06:15:14 PM
2003-09-11 12:21:00 AM
2003-09-11 05:35:45 AM
2003-09-11 09:53:40 PM

Click pic for large version.
2003-09-11 11:31:02 PM
2003-09-12 09:34:35 PM
2003-09-12 10:22:51 PM
2003-09-13 07:01:32 AM

I got nuthin'
2003-09-13 07:08:35 AM

nor do I
2003-09-13 07:42:02 AM
I for one dont think it sucks. but oh well. who am I?
2003-09-13 08:53:44 AM
2003-09-13 09:01:23 AM
2003-09-13 09:05:37 AM
2003-09-13 09:23:44 AM

Didn't have time to do the bells and whistles, but you get the idea!
2003-09-13 09:24:13 AM
Ok I'm going to get serious for a minute as web pages are one of the few things I know, being the geek that I am. The page is too top heavy, they don't even need that image header at the top. Nice color scheme and center block though. The inside pages are much more weight balanced, and work nicely. The headers look good there, they just don't fit into the splash page as well.

/design student uber geek

A vote for me is a vote for geekdom
2003-09-13 10:46:24 AM

/click for higher res version (~300k)
2003-09-13 11:08:06 AM
2003-09-13 11:12:25 AM
2003-09-13 11:17:34 AM
click for big version:

2003-09-13 12:09:56 PM

DOH! now with voting....
2003-09-13 12:50:24 PM
2003-09-13 12:55:31 PM
2003-09-13 02:52:03 PM
2003-09-13 04:00:40 PM

a.bertrando:link {font:8pt/11pt verdana; color:FF0000}
a.bertrando:visited {font:8pt/11pt verdana; color:#4e4e4e}

The school could not be funded

The school you are looking for might have been fictional,
had its name changed, or is permanently lame.

Please try the following:

Open your wallet, make a donation, and someday maybe the school will get its charter.
Click the Fark button to try another link.

HTTP 403.14 - School not funded
University Information Services

Technical Information (for support personnel)

More information:
FARK Frequently Asked Questions
2003-09-13 04:03:33 PM
Should have known Fark's HTML would take over. Mods, please discard previous entry; it looks funnier in a browser:

Georgia Southern University
2003-09-13 06:38:45 PM
sorry for last post oops
2003-09-13 06:39:48 PM
there sorry. vote for me!
2003-09-13 10:53:51 PM
Walking Carpet, you just photoshopped my alum perfectly.

Ahhh, it was only yesterday that I was weeded out every weekend in Hendricks dorm living with with my snotty chaste roommate, Shemia.
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