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(Boston Globe)   The only ballpark organ player to ever be ejected from a game dies at age 83   ( divider line
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19691 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Sep 2003 at 2:50 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-09-09 02:51:01 PM  
I had the wrong visual there for a moment, sorry...

2003-09-09 02:51:40 PM  
2003-09-09 02:51:52 PM  
were the pipes clean?
2003-09-09 02:52:38 PM  
Ballpark organs, they plump when you... never mind, it was enough of a stretch to begin with.
2003-09-09 02:53:22 PM  
I think the headline was supposed to say "organist", not "organ" and certainly not "orgasm"
2003-09-09 02:53:24 PM  
was my post taken out so quickly??
2003-09-09 02:53:56 PM  
Take me out to the.. Fark you, Ump! Are you farkin' blind!
2003-09-09 02:55:04 PM  


What was the subject again?
2003-09-09 02:55:09 PM  
when playing my organ in public, i'm usually ejected before i ejaculate.

2003-09-09 02:55:39 PM  
Okay, I'll do it...

I was ejected from the ballpark for playing my organ too. Now I have to register with the local police department every time I move.
2003-09-09 02:56:17 PM  
for some people it's probably 3 strokes and yer out, though.
2003-09-09 02:57:15 PM  
Go with God brother Snapp!
2003-09-09 02:59:24 PM  
Guess I should read the article, but I don't feel like it.
Did he get ejected for playing something like 'Three Blind Mice' after a bad call?
2003-09-09 03:01:05 PM  
survived by Ballpark Frank
2003-09-09 03:01:08 PM  
2003-09-09 03:02:58 PM  
Constable Harry 'Snapper' Organs could not be reached for comment.
2003-09-09 03:02:59 PM  
My kind of fella. I'll tip one in his honor the next G-Braves game I go to...
2003-09-09 03:03:32 PM  
It would have been cooler if he played all 17 minutes of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

/still a good jab at the umps
2003-09-09 03:04:33 PM  
Get this outta the way...



yadda yadda
2003-09-09 03:05:11 PM  
I wonder if someone else played his organ after he was ejected?
2003-09-09 03:06:48 PM  
I wonder if someone else played his organ after he was ejected?

I guess the 7th inning stretch was in silence. Either that or someone had a Boom Box and blared some ACDC or Toto.
2003-09-09 03:07:23 PM  

Visiting hours for the wake are to be held during the 7th inning stretch, at which time a sausage race will be held.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-09-09 03:11:02 PM  
That has got to be one of the coolest things I have read lately. That is sooo much better and classier than just yelling obscenities and screaming boo! at the umpires.
2003-09-09 03:12:37 PM  
I'd die too if I had to hear organ music all day long!
2003-09-09 03:13:53 PM  


"Let's call the whole thing off"

2003-09-09 03:14:38 PM  
Wesley, Warren Z. now this .......
2003-09-09 03:16:11 PM  
Too bad the Phillies are moving out of Jack Russell stadium. Great little park (in a not so great little neighborhood).
2003-09-09 03:16:20 PM  
Sometimes the pa people come up with some pretty funny stuff at ballgames if you pay attention. They seem to have pretty sarcastic senses of humor and like to let everyone know it by what they play at a certain time. At Cincinnati Reds games now the PA guy plays a song that goes something like 'He's a man, he's a real man's man' anytime a player is injured and stays in the ballgame. That PA guy is probably a Farker.
2003-09-09 03:18:31 PM  
Snapp played ''Three Blind Mice'' during a game in 1985 after what he thought was a bad call against the Clearwater Phillies at Jack Russell Stadium. Not amused, the ump pointed up at the organist, then thumbed him out of the game.

Today Snapp is my hero.
2003-09-09 03:19:49 PM  
It would be better if he were ejected for playing that gawd awful tag line to Toms Diner - da da dada, dup da da da - sticks in my head for a week after I hear it one....dammit!!!
2003-09-09 03:25:59 PM  
I would like to send flowers. Possibly tulips.
2003-09-09 03:36:18 PM  
looks like now he's been ejected from the world of the living

2003-09-09 03:40:09 PM  
Not a bad legacy!
2003-09-09 03:50:01 PM  
--west e--

The problem in Cincy now is that nobody who gets hurt stays in the game. Or in the dugout. Or on the farkin' team. (Graves and Wilson shut it down today) That leaves exactly TWO guys from the original 25-man roster still playing and healthy. Grrr..
2003-09-09 03:50:11 PM  
A former MLB organist died this week as well. He was a good man, a funny man, and his organ booth was the last place in the Metrodome to go non-smoking. I feel privileged to have known him. We miss you, Ronnie.

Tulips? Organ? Oh, I get it! BWWAAAAAAHAhaha...

/future MLB organist, I hope
2003-09-09 03:57:34 PM  
What is it with all these old people dying lately? Yesterday, we had that 110-year old, today this guy.... there must be something going around.
2003-09-09 04:02:04 PM  
I remember a story once, a streaker ran onto a ball park and the organist played "Is that all there is?"
2003-09-09 04:02:33 PM  
Wow, that article was actually worth reading!
2003-09-09 04:18:39 PM  
He came to in Florida...

Must have been one helluva ejection.
2003-09-09 04:28:13 PM  
Taught himself at 35? Impressive. It's just too bad stadiums use all the recorded music during games now.

Maybe it's a good thing he's not around to see - or hear - it anymore.

I remember a story once, a streaker ran onto a ball park and the organist played "Is that all there is?"

I forget the pitcher, but years ago this happened. He was not happy with the baseball the umpire had given him so he lightly tossed it back. It didn't even reach the catcher. The ump then threw another one out to him, which he didn't like either so he did the same thing. The ump then tossed another ball to him - and so on. After a while there were baseballs all over the infield between the mound and the plate, to which the organist started to play, "I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts."

Helen Dell, we miss you!
2003-09-09 04:36:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-09 04:53:52 PM  
I'd rather hear canned music than one of these idiots who play a keyboard with sounds that he sampled from 80's Genesis songs. Organ, or canned music. Keep your casio crap in the closet.
2003-09-09 04:54:51 PM  

I think they may start asking people to come out of the stands to play for them - can't be worse than what I have seen since the purge (BTW, I was at the game the day they fired Boone & Bowden - talk about surreal!)
2003-09-09 05:09:19 PM  
I never new the guy, but had I ever met him I'd have bought him a beer. RIP, my good man.
2003-09-09 05:09:54 PM  
knew, damn it!
2003-09-09 05:16:32 PM  
I was sitting in the pressbox of a Texas-Louisiana League game four years ago when the public address announcer was ejected by the umpire. There was a close play and the call went against the home team. The PA played the Bob Uecker quote from Major League, "If you ask me, we got hosed on that one," over the sound system. The home plate ump stopped, took off his mask, turned around and tossed out the announcer. The ump made the entire game stop until the guy left the stadium. I, naturally, was laughing my head off. The league owner/commissioner sitting next to me didn't find it so funny.

/Go Mountain Ducks!
2003-09-09 06:28:04 PM  
That guy's a hero. I've heard about Three Blind Mice being banned at all sorts of sporting events. I didn't know anyone actually got ejected because of it!
2003-09-09 06:39:28 PM  
After a questionable call in a hockey game (but I repeat myself)the Blue's PA system plays the theme from Shaft.
2003-09-09 06:48:53 PM  
Par3 you are correct LONG LIVE ERNIE HAYES.
2003-09-09 07:11:26 PM  
yomamsafro - You are certainly right there. That was the answer to a favorite trivia question. Who is the only man to play for both the baseball Cardinals and the football Cardinals? It's an obvious answer in this thread, but a good stumper otherwise.
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