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(Des Moines Register)   Lady Gaga: "There's nothing sexier than a cornfield"   ( divider line
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2687 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 27 Jul 2011 at 7:31 PM (6 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2011-07-28 03:20:45 AM  
Oh hell no...

just no....

Go away... kk thx bye
2011-07-28 03:41:55 AM  

Terrified Asexual Forcemeat: [ image 500x375]

That unfortunate black Cool Nebraska guy on the right looks like he accidentally stuck his head into a golf ball dimplermeme.

2011-07-28 05:51:52 AM  

RyansPrivates: BloodFireDeath: Terrified Asexual Forcemeat: [ image 500x375]

That unfortunate black guy on the right looks like he accidentally stuck his head into a golf ball dimpler.

That's a hat.

Actually, it's a Fark meme that needs to just DIAF.

No, a meme is the oversized robe that fatties wear because normal people clothing won't fit them. The thing on the guys head is a hat.

2011-07-28 12:16:14 PM

2011-07-28 12:17:09 PM  

LewDux: To all the haters out there, Snot Monster from Outer Space, person who put up parody lyrics, lets see you sing that OR play piano, let alone both. It is easy to be a critic. Ask Jay Sherman. It's harder to be an Artist. Ask Jay Sherman.
To all the haters, you may form a line and I will proceed to kick u in the nutz accordingly. Or the Va jay jay if that is your between the legs situation.

Um, it's a joke about some song lyrics happening to look--out of context--as if they are someone trying to remember the lyrics. It's not a comment on the inherent qualities of the song, which I've never heard and have no opinion about one way or the other. The "five gold rings" reply was, I'm assuming, a reference to an Eddie Izzard bit that has nothing whatsoever to do with Lady Gaga--just, again, to people not quite remembering lyrics to songs.

You may now unbunch your panties.
2011-07-28 02:32:05 PM  
I was fairly impressed with her on So You Think You can Dance
last night
2011-07-28 02:33:09 PM  

LewDux: FloydA: Snot Monster from Outer Space: "There's something, something about this place
Something about lonely nights and my lipstick on your face
Something something about my cool Nebraska guy"

These lyrics read like someone's forgotten the real words.

Something something something


Something something something something something
and a cartridge in a bare treeeee!


You know the ones who hate and make fun of something they don't understand are just idiots. Most of her music has a message if you are smart enough to figure it out. I am so tired of people hating what they dont understand and what they can't control in A "FREE Country" ha America not so free anymore. but like i said people hate what they dont understand and control. She is a artist which i suppose most dont get but hey if you dont get it dont watch it and rag on it. just dont watch

Settle down, Bevis.
2011-07-28 02:59:59 PM  
You read my mind, Paka Ono. That was the first thing I though of when I read the headline. God, I miss that show....
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