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(Via   Hidden camera on school bus captures high school football coach smacking player so hard his helmet came off   ( divider line
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2003-09-07 09:59:48 PM  
This kind of shiat happens all over the country. Believe it or not, many parents support it. Good ol' boys who had some sense knocked into them by Coach Warner now want Coach to do their parenting for them.

The deep South and Texas are notorious for these kinds of attitudes... read Bissinger's Friday Night Lights to really understand why people think football is so vital to "making a boy a man."
2003-09-07 10:50:40 PM  
I played football for some of the biggest jackasses in the world in high school. I couldn't imagine playing for some guy who was real layed back and cool and didn't try to smack the players around.

There must be some law somewhere that states that all high school football coaches must be assholes.
2003-09-07 11:00:04 PM  
I personally can't think of anything that produces more assholes than high school football
2003-09-08 02:52:33 AM  

Wow, now I understand why I'm not a man. I only played Water Polo, Diving, Swimming, Tennis, Golf, Baseball and Soccer.

/high school athletics robbed me of my chance to be a man by getting smacked by some testosterone-laden loser
2003-09-08 02:53:12 AM  
...poor, poor waterboy.
2003-09-08 02:54:49 AM  

Indeed, thats a tough one to beat.
2003-09-08 02:58:01 AM  
Your name isn't William. From now on I'm going to call you 'Willy'.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-08 02:58:50 AM  

little-league baseball!!!!!
2003-09-08 02:58:51 AM  
Smart mouthed, elder disrespecting, juvenile dipshiat deserved the head whack. You kids what to have a say? Try paying the bills, you little ungrateful snots.
2003-09-08 03:00:26 AM  
I'm all for high school jocks getting smacked around.

/bitter HS memories
2003-09-08 03:01:02 AM  
I'm sure us younguns will be footin' the bill when your old arses are crapping yourselves in a nursing home. That shiat aint cheap
2003-09-08 03:01:59 AM  
People...What do you think a helmet is for??? If that pansy arse kid couldn't take a slap upside his head with a helmet on, then he should NOT be allowed to play football.
2003-09-08 03:06:32 AM  
What's that crazy coach trying to do? He could have given him a concussion!
2003-09-08 03:07:04 AM  
Is that it?

We used to have a coach that would stand on the chest and walk on the players during calestenics[sic].

Coach Lenny or Lemmy or something like that
2003-09-08 03:07:25 AM  
The coach was arrested for simple battery. What is complex battery? A kung fu chop? Using pulleys and levers?
2003-09-08 03:09:27 AM  
I think the hidden camera part is a lot scarier than some coach trying to shine his athlete's helmet.
2003-09-08 03:10:01 AM  
If the kid were worried about sustaining head injury, he wouldn't be playing football.
2003-09-08 03:11:12 AM  
I'm actually surprised people haven't tried starting lawsuits involving contact between the players.

I mean football is essentially one instance of battery after another. What, if anything, makes it legal?
2003-09-08 03:13:42 AM  
My frosh football coach killed my love for the game. He was such a farking lunatic that he lost our last game for us -- he continually ran onto the field and cussed out the refs.

Not to mention him standing over a kid during practice, who was on the ground having an asthma attack (who was otherwise strong), and screaming at him for being a "weak pussy". This happened more than three times, with the same kid.

I have deep reservations with any of my younger relatives playing HS sports now. These are supposed to be games which are played for enjoyment; these kids are NOT these moron coach's private army. I can help them get strong with only a few hours of exercise a week, while the rest of the time they sit on their asses and eat.

And if you think that making kids run for four hours in the hot sun without a water break, or that forcing someone to run when they're hyperventilating will make them stronger, check out the bodybuilder's mantra, below:

1) Eat lots of good food.
2) Get lots of rest and relaxation
3) Almost forgot! You gotta go to the gym a few days a week too!

The point is that bodybuilders -- some of the strongest people around -- make absolutely sure to give themselves the rest that they need. There is no reason for people -- especially children -- to suffer needlessly.

Perhaps this "coach" will get his just reward in prison.
2003-09-08 03:17:49 AM  
Should'a stuck to raping the cheerleaders.
2003-09-08 03:18:44 AM  

I'm all for high school jocks getting smacked around.

/bitter HS memories

And you aren't smacking them around now as their supervisor/manager?

What, did you blow that?
2003-09-08 03:20:31 AM  
um...I need to see this video before I make any judgements.

Show us Smoking're my only hope!

*puts floppy back into computer aaaaand repeat*

Show us Smoking Gun...
2003-09-08 03:24:51 AM  
I heard my old high school had an incident where some hardass coach made a kid keep playing when the kid was complaining of serious back pain. Turns out he had a torn kidney. His parents were rather pissed.

The phrase "torn kidney" just make me shudder all over.
2003-09-08 03:26:49 AM  
Our school had a girls tennis coach that lost his job because he got piss drunk trashed(puke/feces/etc)a room in the hotel that the team was staying at because they lost.

/He was the most sadistic tennis coach ever, scared the hell out of the players
/He also happened to be a minister
2003-09-08 03:28:34 AM  
Am I the only one who thought of John Madden upon reading the headline?
2003-09-08 03:31:10 AM  
Reminds me of a psychotic rugby coach we had at school. When he wasn't challenging the other side's coach to a fight, he was throwing corner flags at us. Lost his job, eventually.
2003-09-08 03:54:31 AM  
The coach at our high school lost his job after he got caught (in 1991) infecting cortizone and other painkillers into our players and sending them back out on the field, even though we were ranked last in the district. The players all ran to his defense, and said it was for "the good of the game". WTF?

/Texas high school football
2003-09-08 03:55:36 AM  
Man, had I known what kind of stress high school jocks were under I wouldn't have spent the last 8 years tracking them down with a high powered rifle to get even for the abuse I suffered at their hands. Oh well, you live and learn.
2003-09-08 03:56:16 AM are my hero.
2003-09-08 03:57:20 AM  
Team sports suck.
2003-09-08 03:58:03 AM  
somebody fix the link please, I could'nt find it (I tried)
2003-09-08 03:59:35 AM  
I think rugby is the one sport where that should be allowed, fully supported, and accepted. Those guys are insane.
2003-09-08 03:59:54 AM are my hero.

Jon the Bastard you only say that cause I'm crossing you off my people to kill list.
2003-09-08 04:07:13 AM  
NigelTufnel, I ain't worth killin'. Promise. But I would be happy to pull out my yearbook and join you in a heartbeat.
2003-09-08 04:10:34 AM  
Caught you Jon! The FBI is tracking your ISP and has agents in route to your home.
2003-09-08 04:12:19 AM  
Alas, link is no longer available. Damn you all!
2003-09-08 04:15:11 AM  
The story is either farked or has disappeared on its own accord. Doesn't matter. I would have loved to see every self-important brain damaged wigger athlete in my school forcefully taught some respect. These kids are not being forced to play sports. I have no sympathy for them.
2003-09-08 04:17:49 AM  
No, bounty, not insane; coerced.
2003-09-08 04:18:46 AM  
Weee, it's back! It took place in the South, of course. Terrebonne, I like that name. Anyway, this guy teaches special ed? He's obviously just taking out his frustration on the athletes who probably aren't much smarter than his students. Good man. Besides, in my limited experience, couches have a knack for being smaller than the athletes they're directing.
2003-09-08 04:19:37 AM  
Arrrgh, early morning insanity. That's coaches, of course. But "couches" works too, oddly enough.
2003-09-08 04:36:37 AM  
What is complex battery?
2003-09-08 04:37:26 AM  
What is complex battery?

Bah, didn't work.!battery.gif
2003-09-08 04:40:43 AM  
People that openly do a flaming landshark probably could be categorized as both heh.
2003-09-08 05:16:50 AM  
Sorry that my browser doesn't accept cookies, NOLA. You can eat my big fat cock instead.

I couldn't get the link to work, but I found these:

-​/3​0905091 4

-etc. etc. etc.

It would be nice if someone actually linked the frickin video....
2003-09-08 06:47:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Yyou just got your @sses kicked by a bunch of g***amned nerds.....

2003-09-08 07:33:21 AM  
That's my kind of coach!
2003-09-08 07:47:34 AM  
So? Like we care? Like the players aren't already brain dead in the first place, and are so used to getting knocked around they think it's foreplay?
2003-09-08 07:57:15 AM  
what really irks me is these kids keep at it, and they gain nothing from it.

the other disturbing thing is ,as mentioned above, the kids replace fater with coach. and that stays with them for a long time. there is a guy in my college class that referes that way. I guess it is there way to be a part of something.
2003-09-08 08:30:23 AM  
I bumped into the captain of my highschool football team recently and the first thing he said to me after all these years was...

"Would you like some fries with that, sir?"
2003-09-08 08:32:38 AM  
Sounds like that little pussy of a football player can't handle a smack in the back of the head. Hello! You're wearing a helmet dumbass, you won't feel the whole damn impact.
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