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(Fark)   What were the best and the worst Halloween costumes you ever wore? (discussion)   ( divider line
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1963 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Oct 2001 at 8:56 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-29 08:58:22 AM  
My worst was a stcik I tied a bunch of condoms to, and called myself a rubber tree.
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-10-29 08:58:31 AM  
Best: Glinda the Good Witch of the North as part of the whole Wizard of Oz cast

Worst: Glinda the Good Witch of the North as part of the whole Wizard of Oz cast
2001-10-29 08:59:45 AM  
The best ever was Cobra Commander. I had it down even to the face plate. The only thing missing was a hole in my back to keep the backpack on.
As for the worst, I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it involved jams.
2001-10-29 09:00:45 AM  
Best: Astronaut - bunch of boxes covered in space blanket.

Worst: Stove - bunch of boxes covered in space blanket.
2001-10-29 09:00:58 AM  
just a matter of time before best=worst
2001-10-29 09:02:34 AM  
When I was a kid I was a jawa. Everyone thought I was a monk.
2001-10-29 09:02:36 AM  
I was a bumblebee, complete with little antennae. (Is that how you spell it)? Black tights, painted face. How hideous, now that I see those pictures.
2001-10-29 09:02:51 AM  

Lamest = worst? A bag of jelly beans

Best: An Acid Trip. I painted myself all different colors, added glitter and wore a multicolored metallic wig.
2001-10-29 09:05:44 AM  
Best = The "Inquisitor" from Monty Python's "Spanish Inquisition" skit

Worst = The Construction Worker from the Village People (hey, it was a 70's theme)
2001-10-29 09:06:00 AM  
I went as a pimp when I was 12. My sister's friends were all going as hookers and they needed somebody to 'handle the business end.' They were all 16, 17, and 18 -- and the legal drinking age was 18, so they were drunk, made up like harlots and scantily clad.

I was a happy, happy young man.
2001-10-29 09:06:26 AM  
best= a sign around my neck with Y-O-U written on it

worst= i went as a mummy *about a pound of toilet paper wrapped around me*, and then it rained...
2001-10-29 09:06:54 AM  
The best was this year, I was Cat Woman. I wore PVC vinyl thigh high 5" heel boots, a vinyl mini skirt, vinyl tank top, vinyl cat mask, vinyl long gloves, and carried a whip. It rocked. There will be pictures of it up on my site along with other crazy costumes and other shat from Halloween in Madison WI.

My worst costume would have to be every year that my mom dressed my sister and I up as cats :( every farking year!!!
2001-10-29 09:07:48 AM still went as a cat...hmmm
is that an oedipus complex or what?
2001-10-29 09:08:44 AM  
My worst was I had fake blood on my face and arms, a big stick, and called my self "Escaped Maniac"

On a more positive note, I've discovered that to get a yamaka I don't need to find a jewish wedding... I'm told to go to the local jewish place, and to worship there you have to have a yamaka... they pass them out at the door!

If I can't get one because I'm a gentile, oh well, always next year.
2001-10-29 09:09:16 AM  
best - dracula

worst - dunno
2001-10-29 09:10:36 AM  
My best ever was in college...I planned on going to a party dressed as a bunny, but after a few drinks (ok, a lot of drinks), I ended up going as a roadkill bunny: complete with tire tracks, broken ear, and blood. I won an award for that one.
2001-10-29 09:11:06 AM  
best: a ghost...because my girlfriend called me condom-boy for the week and would laugh everytime she saw me

worst: a ghost...because i was supposed to get laid that week
2001-10-29 09:14:18 AM  
oh yeah, by the way...i was called a condom because it was just a white sheet, in case ya couldnt guess
2001-10-29 09:14:23 AM

Dr. Rocket's costume #4 Girls Gone Wild Super Star

Best costume I ever wore.....
2001-10-29 09:14:28 AM  
best- Shredder (tmnt)

worst- Sub-Zero (Sub-Zero mask + Blue Sweater)
2001-10-29 09:16:32 AM  
this actually was my roommates but i thought it was funny... they wore garbage bags and taped paper and assorted shiat to themselves and went as "white trash"
2001-10-29 09:20:33 AM  
worst dyed my self green, went as a martian. . .

Dye washed out about three (school) days later.

best, never got over dye job.
2001-10-29 09:21:48 AM  
My best one was last year when I cross-dressed as Mature from King of Fighters... the thing was, though, I had brown hair, so I kinda looked like Vice in Mature's outfit ^^;;;;
2001-10-29 09:25:13 AM  
One year all my friends and I went as assorted minorities. We had the woman with her apron and cupcakes, the Jew with suit and yamulke going around complaining about how much everything costed, the Mexican with sombrero and everything and just lazing around most of the evening, and the handicapped one in a wheelchair speaking unintelligebly. I was the gay one in tight hip-length jean shorts and a little scarf and everything. We had to stay together that night because if any of us did it on our own it would have been TERRIBLE but together it was funny.
2001-10-29 09:25:56 AM  
The best Halloween costume I ever wore was the time I went to a WFO (wide farking open) party as a Vulcan. I had a spikey hair cut at the time and I found these terrific pointy ears at some costume shop and viola! The makings of a terrific costume were right there!
Needless, to say, with the bonfire, booze, doobage and 500 of my closest friends, I had a blast! Sigh.....memories...
2001-10-29 09:31:43 AM  
A Dryer - I pinned a sock and a laundry sheet to my shirt.
2001-10-29 09:33:55 AM  
Mr. Whipple--The "Don't Squeeze the Chamin" guy. Walked around with a role of toilet paper all night...
2001-10-29 09:36:11 AM  
Best and Worst - A few years ago, I went as a woman. Wore one of those new skirts, yanno, the kind that the flappers used to wear, some control top pantyhose (my poor member :(), and a see thru shirt (the bra had balloons stuff in it, with the tied end sticking out, so that the headlights were on, so to speak). It was damn gusty out that night. But I did get a compliment on my legs.

That's also the last time I let those girls dress me up like that again
2001-10-29 09:36:25 AM  
The worst costume ever was when I was in second grade and I wanted to be a pirate. I was convinced that pirates were manly men and that they should have hairy chests. So my mother glued some fake hair to a t-shirt (that I was already wearing) and the glue bonded to my skin. When we realized this at the end of the day, my mother didn't even hesitate before she pulled the shirt, and a very large patch of skin, right off. Farkin' Halloween.
2001-10-29 09:37:27 AM  
Favorite - I rented a santa clause suit and got a fake axe (Silent Night Deadly Night)

Most boring - wore a black cloak with some black and some white makeup and was a devil worshiper
2001-10-29 09:37:57 AM  
Worst: My parents dressed me up as a speedbump.
2001-10-29 09:38:55 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-29 09:39:08 AM  
Best - I took an idea from MST3K and built a huge milk carton with a hole cut out for my face and went as a missing child.

Another best - I was dressed in black and pinned Barbie dolls and baby chickens all over me and went as a "chick magnet"

Worst - Went as a group of ghosts in a minority neighborhood. People thought we were Klansman.
2001-10-29 09:39:25 AM  
i went as Wonder Woman's invisible jet
2001-10-29 09:41:48 AM  
But seriously folks....

Best: I went as Data from Star Trek. I did the whole makeup thing, etc. But I also took a plastic shell, painted it like a futuristic printed circuit board, and pushed led lights through from the back and put them on a random circuit. I had a bald cap, then the shell, then a wig with a flap cut so you open Data's head and see his positronic brain working.

Worst: When I was 4 and went as Dracula. My mother used vaseline to slick my hair. It took weeks to get it all out.
2001-10-29 09:42:09 AM  
Best had to be Santa Clause. Had a lot of chicks sit on my lap.

Worst was A robot. It looked like crap and another kid had a better robot costume. I cried for a week.
2001-10-29 09:42:17 AM  
I put my head thru a "Twister" mat and wore the spinner like Flavor Flav wears a clock. People on the street were constantly spinning and punching whatever color came up...
2001-10-29 09:44:44 AM  
I dressed up like Cocheese from the Beasty Boy's Sabatoge video. (Elvis wig, full 70's suit, mustache, huge reddish tinted shades, cop badge, plastic, yet real looking gun) Pulled it off w/ excellence. I had a microcassette recorder in my front suit pocket and everytime I hit a quiet place in the bar (usually only the bathroom) I'd crank really really cheesey yet funky assed 70's music. (booom waacka waacka boom waacka waacka) Drank beer out of a styrofoam coffee cup all night.

My roommate was the other lead guy from the video. Name escapes me right now. Totally acted out the part. That kid was Whose Line Is It Anyway material for the duration. Totally off the wall funny. Went around arresting people all night, "All right.. let's go, sister. And no funny business."

Damn fun night.

My worst costume that still pulled itself off as fun as hell was last year. I cut a bunch of red pine branches and attached them all over me. I wore a green turtle neck and brown corduroys (lookin' like bark). I was a Red Pine. I had a sign around my neck: "Have you hugged a tree today?" and another one lower and over a certain area of my anatomy: "Beware of woodpecker." Kept making cracks at the bar like: "Geez! What's a tree got to do to get a beer around here? I've been waiting so long I'm starting to grow roots!" or "Hey baby... My bite is worse than my bark!" or "Let's make like a tree and leave." Ahahah... It never stopped. Fun night.
2001-10-29 09:47:07 AM  
Noam Chomsky.
2001-10-29 09:47:22 AM  
2001-10-29 09:49:17 AM  
Unabomber, before he got caught.

The people at the school I was attending were not impressed I think.

2001-10-29 09:49:18 AM  
Here is last year's discussion.

10-31-00 08:58:37 AM Jeff
I dressed up as a mummy. Everyone kept asking me if I had been in a car wreck

----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 09:02:21 AM Tomasland
Burlap sack that said


people asked me if I was from Arkansas, no I was a bag of RICE.

Stupid people
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 09:31:58 AM Pwisdom
I went as a member of the Blue Man Group last year (wore a bald cap and painted my head blue, wore all black, didn't talk for the first 15 minutes of the party I was at), and a few years before that I went as Andy Warhol.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 09:48:40 AM Drew
Stupidest: a ghost. I went as a ghost several years in a row. We'd take a sheet and cut eyeholes in it.

Best: The Pope. I even won a prize for it.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 11:21:41 AM Redneck
Stupidest was a zombie get-up at age 3. Worst makeup job ever, complements of my parents. Black and white blotches all over my face, an old ladies wig, and a bathrobe. But at least at that age, I was in a candy trance and did not care. CANDYCANDYCANDY!

Best was last year as a hippie - loud clothes, 3 foot afro.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 11:29:01 AM Scarab
My stupidest costume was when I dressed up as I.R. Babboon the first year that Cartoon Network was up... I stuck my hair straight up in all directions, wore a shirt with I.R. upside down on it, and wore a big red paper mache ass. Nobody got it. I think two people knew who I was.

My best costume is my Big Boy costume. You know, Bob's Big Boy, Shoney's Big Boy... I put a pillow in my belly, mouse up my hair, where red and white checkered overalls and carry around a big paper mache burger... And this was all before Austin Powers came out...tre' cool

----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 11:37:33 AM Seele96
Anyone Remember those costume that came complete with body and mask parts? They where basically a plastic sheat that you put over your body with desings of what ever character you bought it for, alonside a very cheap mask. I loved those. they where cheap, clean and disposable. I probably went trick or treating as Voltron more than I can remember..

Best Costume I Ever whore: All my years going as Voltron during my elementary years.

Worst Costume I Ever whore: The year that I coudn't find a new Voltron costume so I went as SARGENT SLAUGHTER from G.I joe. I thought my costume was so original and mysterious that I went to school thinking everyone was gona ask me who I was. I was dead wrong, I asked my teacher who she thought I was and she clearly said in an unsurprised manner, "Ohh you are sargent slaughter from G.I joe".....that ruined my day and scarred me for life. I sat in a corner and wep all day, then I went home and tore my costume to shreds. Then i found last year's Voltron costume and went happily Trick or treating that night, all though the costume had a big hole in my crotch...
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 11:41:52 AM (uh... account missing?)
When I was 4 months old my parents knocked out arm holes and the two ends of a box from a 12 pack of Coors, and I was submitted to being 'A 12 pack of Coors' as my first halloween costume.

Best costume: 6' penis with eyeholes.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 12:24:38 PM Melba
You ever whore?
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 01:48:04 PM Jane
Once I went as Santa Claus :)
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 02:23:38 PM Benjamin

That costume absolutely ROCKS.

Although you do look like a bit of a poof with the red cheeks and all.

Oh wait, I guess I should clarify. I mean Big Boy's red cheeks, not the baboon.

----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 02:36:56 PM Rebbic
My standard, no effort, costume was black t-shirt with a picture of Mr. Bill on it from the original SNL. People would ask me what my costume was and I would tell them I was Mr. Hands. Guess you have to be an old man AND A GEEK to get that one.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 02:44:04 PM Scarab
Thanks, Benjamin.. that one made me happy...

Although Kaldi's went out of business, and you can see my Kaldi's coffee shirt on underneath my costume... *sniff*... and some old girlfriend of mine stold it!
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 02:47:33 PM Scarab
Oh, and yeah... sometimes people think I look like a poof without the rouge.

You wouldn't believe how many homersect-chuls thought I was in the closet while I was waiting tables for a living.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 02:57:21 PM Fuzzmosis
I've gone as a pumpkin. I'm really imaganative.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 03:38:23 PM Benjamin
Well, the guy standing behind you with a whip and a gleam in his eye doesn't help the argument any.

----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 03:40:23 PM Rollergurl
I went as rollergirl from Boogie Nights, (porn star - played by Heather Graham), for the last two years in a row... this year, I went out on Saturday night, got a little too hosed and fell down like five times. Lets just say rollerskates + lotsa drinks = sore tail bone, let me tell you!
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 03:41:37 PM Scarab
hubba hubba... So do we get pictures? heh
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 03:42:47 PM Rollergurl
hehe, not yet.... :)
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 03:44:21 PM Rollergurl
hehe, not yet.... :)
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 04:20:39 PM Leopold Porkstacker
Stupid as fark costume - no one got it - my sister and I were laughed at by everyone! We were supposed to be stick people. We had white sweats on with black tape up and down the legs, arms, and one solid line through the torso. Looked so god dam stupid! To top it off, our mom made us eat seaweed soup for dinner!!!! WTF mom you nazi whore!!!! Naturally, there was almost no candy left in the neighbourhood. I'll never let that rest. Damn you mom, you hella suck!!

-he who stacks pork!!!
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 05:00:58 PM Siiimmz
We had a halloween parade not long ago.... I dressed up as a sniper, i had the whole ghillie suit going on. Kinda funny... I'm not a guy so people were asking me what i was supposed to be.... It was cool. My worst costume,,, would have to be a clown costume... I hate clowns and they are the scariest creatures ever! I just liked the big multicolored afro it came with.. that was cool.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 05:12:20 PM Farkeater
Hey Scarab,

Is that Matt Drudge standing behind you in that photo?
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
10-31-00 08:03:44 PM Skallas
I painted my hands and face green and used this spray paint like stuff to get my hair green and tried going as the incredible hulk. Oh course I wasnt built nor did I tear up some purple pants so I looked like Sprout on a casual day, the Green Giant's little friend. That's what I told people I was. Yes, this was my best and worst costume at the same time.

The best part was on leaving the party I could see tons of green smudges on white drywall and on other people's costumes that came off my hands.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
11-02-00 03:22:07 AM Edziak
A freind of mine looks like Chris Farley and works at sears. He dressed up as a large TV box. He cut holes out for his face and arms. Instead of actualy doing his job he started dancing with some little kids.

Chuby people dancing with little kids while wearing boxes are funny. So is Matt Drudge.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
11-04-00 05:09:08 PM Rollergurl
A friend of mine went as the hlk this year, but he, too, failed to be recognised initially, so we ended up just telling everyone he was Broccolli.... silly silly.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
11-05-00 10:00:21 PM Fuzzmosis
That sounds like a damn good idea
2001-10-29 09:49:35 AM  
That's this years
2001-10-29 09:52:04 AM  
Best : Charles Manson, when I was 11. I was invited to a halloween slumber party at our local science center. The teenager who had to oversee our room was kinda freaked out that I was Charles Manson. What can I say, I was obsessed with the movie "Helter Skelter".

Worst: A trashbag cut up into strips, put over my head, and calling myself Cousin It. But I did win the costume contest at school.
2001-10-29 09:52:47 AM  
Best - This year went as Hunter S Thompson and a friend came as Dr Gonzo...we even had a gun in a lunch bag. good times.

Worst - I was Elwood Blues and my fat friend never showed up as Jake...damn tubby bastard
2001-10-29 09:55:15 AM  
I was a wearwolf and I let my buddy put on the makeup and stuff. Instead of the scary face he drew a big dick. I walked around with everyone laughing at me and Had NO CLUE!
2001-10-29 09:56:09 AM  
When I was 4 years old in 1969 my family lived in Germany as my dad was stationed there with the Air Force. Anti-Communism was running rampant on the base. With this in mind, my mother thought it would be a good idea to dress me up as Fidel Castro for Halloween. She bought me alittle green fatigue costume from the local base exchange and got me a fake beard and plastic cigar. I didn't know who Fidel Castro was or Communism for that matter. I was only 4 years old. What did I know? Halloween is my birthday and it was my first time trick or treating. I was HAPPY. This will be 32 years ago this Wednesday And I still remember the looks on these people when they would answer their door and who would appear but the visage that ALL military families in the late 60's hated, CASTRO. My sisters were with me and I don't think they got it either. I'll never forget the looks on these people's faces as though I had just done something Terrible too them. They were quite ticked off. Now a days, a kid can show up ashiatler or Osama and it would be considered CLEVER or not considered at all. But back then....YIKES!!!! SACRELIGE (did I spell that right?)


2001-10-29 09:58:18 AM  
The only way a person dressed as osama would survive would be if he had an ax in his head or something like that
2001-10-29 09:58:23 AM  
It's 'sacrilege'. No worries.

Reading last year's discussion on this, it seems that people on the board semed to be a lot less uptight last year.

Damn, why'd I have to wait so long to find Fark?
2001-10-29 10:00:13 AM  
This year I was the pale, bloated corpse of Peter Tosh. Can you believe I lost to somebody in a hood with white makeup who said they were the Grim Reaper? Such shiat.
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