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(Scripps Howard News Service)   Ten percent of Americans are substance abusers, 94 percent of them said they didn't need treatment. Hundred percent said they'd like some drugs, please   ( divider line
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2003-09-07 12:25:24 AM  
Sorry, I missed the logic jump where using an illegal drug at all means you are abusing it.
2003-09-07 01:06:17 AM  
I'm too stoned to think of anything funny to say.

2003-09-07 01:31:41 AM  
The survey...estimated that 19.5 million people had used illegal drugs in the month before being interviewed

Just 20 million? I don't buy it. The others must have missed the survey, seeing as they were stoned or hung over.
2003-09-07 02:32:08 AM  
there was a survey? wow- must have missed it....
2003-09-07 04:51:38 AM  
I can quit anytime. I just don't want to.

Because I'm addicted :(
2003-09-07 05:15:50 AM  
Survey reports 9 in 10 Americans are stressed out tight asses, news at 11.
2003-09-07 05:23:06 AM  
A survey asking if you've done sometihng for which you could be arrested if you answer 'yes' is not going to get an accurate result set, whether or not the surveyer re-assures the person taking the survey.

Also, people who drink are doing the same thing to themselves as people who use drugs.
2003-09-07 05:25:45 AM  
Typical, treat a drug problem, with...........more drugs!

what a novel idea!

Seriously though, I got busted for a weed pipe one time, and had to go to drug counseling. I'll tell you what, it really worked. Not for the fact that I don't smoke weed anymore, cause I do, but for the fact that I never ever want to go back to a self-degrading place like that again. They made me feel as if I was a "bad" person cause I enjoyed taking a few tokes after work in the privacy of my own bedroom. They acted as if weed is a bad drug, while everyone else was there for crack or heoin addiction. I felt really weird around those people, I have never been around crack heads, and don't want to again. But leave it up to the state to put normal everyday people into that kind of setting.
Oh, and it was a plea bargin, I would have rather taken the charge and lost my license for a year, even though I wasn't anywhere near a car when I got busted. I didnt even own a car at the time.
2003-09-07 05:29:38 AM  
"A denial gap of over 94 percent is intolerable," said John Walters, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. "People need to understand the addictive nature of drugs and not presume that they are all right when everyone around them knows better."

I love the way Mr Walters has decided that anybody who has taken a narcotic or consumed alcohol has a problem they need to deal with. Personally, I believe that he is in denial if he doesn't accept that politicians are primarily scumbags who should leave people alone to make their own decisions.
2003-09-07 05:32:19 AM  
And one-third of 19% of Italians don't care about America.
2003-09-07 05:34:05 AM  
being a 'dj' in the rave scene from the early 90's, damn i could tell you that drugs are everywhere.
kids sell e at junior high. kids take heroin before going to school around here.
the bay area has more drugs and they are easier to get than ciggarettes.
i myself had a 40-60 pill a week OC habit. 10mg.
i don't know anyone that doesn't smoke reefa, unless getting tested.
war on drugs. hahahahahaahhaahahahahahahahaaaa
we need help.
just let the addiction take over, it's easier that way.
2003-09-07 05:34:42 AM  
94% of them said they don't need treatment.

I quit amphetamines cold turkey. The experience taught me a few things about surviving hard times. "Treatment" and "rehab" never did a thing for me apart from trigger my "rebel against authority" instinct, thus causing me to do drugs.
2003-09-07 05:35:26 AM  
you all shut the f*ck up and gimme some more xanax.
2003-09-07 05:37:35 AM  
I don't abuse my drugs. I treat them very well.
2003-09-07 05:43:57 AM  
Yeah, like, don't hit your trees, man - let 'em grow.
Sing to 'em n' shiat. Be kind to your kind.

Also, leap of logic asshats shouldn't do these sorts of studies. Whatever happened to scientific studies? When did Assumption studies come into popularity?
War on Drugs? Meh, I haven't words to express my disgust. Selekta's right to laugh, but people are going to jail for this shiat and it's wrong, so laugh some more for me selekta. I'll join you when im less angry.
2003-09-07 05:54:02 AM  
Okay, I admit it, I have a drug problem. I ran out of weed two days ago and can't get anymore till monday afternoon. Now that is obviously a problem.
2003-09-07 06:05:36 AM  
"The vast majority of people with kitten killing disorders _ 94 percent _ said they did not believe they needed treatment."
2003-09-07 06:14:02 AM  
How come I, nor anyone else I know ever get to participate in these studies involving every American in the U.S.?

98% of politicians can kiss 93.7% of my ass.
2003-09-07 06:29:22 AM  
"A denial gap of over 94 percent is intolerable," said John Walters, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. "People need to understand the addictive nature of drugs and not presume that they are all right when everyone around them knows better."

Yeah, John, so let's spend millions of dollars of taxpayer's money on advertising to try to defeat a bill in Nevada that tries to decriminalize the private use of marijuana by adults. The same bill that was trying to strengthen the importance of the responsibility of not driving while high or not distributing pot to minors.
2003-09-07 06:39:06 AM  
If only Congress and the Senate would stop voting against mandatory drug-testing for themselves, we could see what models of anti-drug living they are.
2003-09-07 06:49:25 AM  
Unitarder: I think it was a survey on Fark a while back.
2003-09-07 06:58:18 AM  
...I don't nEEd your help, help, help...

...I can quit any time, time, time...

...The nights still young! Yeah, hit me again!...

/remembers that commercial
2003-09-07 06:58:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Speaking on behalf of the drug abusers, spokesman Jim Anchower was mostly wasted and unavailable for any comments.
2003-09-07 07:15:42 AM  
10% use the other 90% lie

Rehab is for quitters
2003-09-07 07:34:51 AM  
Define "abuse".
2003-09-07 08:00:35 AM  
Yeah! I'm finally a minority!
2003-09-07 08:02:35 AM  
Nelno Sorry, I missed the logic jump where using an illegal drug at all means you are abusing it.

That is probably the best statement I've ever heard regarding the "offical" attitudes toward drug abuse. And because of this attitude courts, hospitals and institutions treat any drug case as an abuse case and it's just so very counter-productive. There is definately a long way to travel between use and abuse.

I myself am a genuine 100% addict & alcoholic. I lost my ability to choose and reason. And my compulsion and obsession with staying messed up is what makes me an addict.

That and the withdrawl sickness and dts.
2003-09-07 08:03:25 AM  
If there is a difference between drinking alcohol responsibly and abusing alcohol, then surely there is a difference between taking drugs responsibly and abusing drugs.
2003-09-07 08:22:45 AM  
...officials cautioned against making direct comparisons. "We think that the higher numbers are largely because of the change in survey methods, not because there has been any sudden change in trends of behaviors," said Charles Curie, head of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Good thought, and it should have been promulgated throughout this survey, from the lab rats taking down the results & grinding them through the calculators to the reporters writing about it. Lock, stock & barrel.

This whole deal about "These are the results, this is what they suggest...oh, by the way there's this little thing you should know about the changes they did in 2001" is what's unacceptable. Any scientist, engineer, statistician, system analyst, guy in white coat worth his salt should know that when the parameters are changed, anything that was previously worth reporting should be immediately thrown out.

That said...

Hell yeah there's a problem. Millions of people can't pick up on simple logical statements, or generate any logical statements of their own. They simply lack the brain cells because they do drugs.

"Legalize them, we'll pay off the national debt overnight" is the famous battle cry, dispensed without any thought whatsoever and not so much of an iota of inclination to look up the public debt & do any calcs. It's fun getting in their faces about this. "Overnight??? Like in twelve hours? How many dollars a minute is that?"

And, uh, I don't wanna make anyone mad...but you guys who are comparing illegal drugs to legal "drugs," like alcohol, are shills and are prime examples of what I'm talking about. You're comparing breaking the law to not breaking the law. C'mon. Put the crack pipe down for a second or two.
2003-09-07 08:32:20 AM  
I never abuse my drugs - I like them too much.
2003-09-07 08:47:34 AM  
I will NOT put my crack pipe down until you pry it from my cold dead fingers
2003-09-07 08:58:21 AM  
I'm vain -justified or not, don't give me your opinion I can take a wild stab at what it will be- about my brain. Illegal drugs do some nasty things to your neuro transmitters and your synapses. I do NOT want that. No drugs for me. I don't even like being drunk.

Anyone who needs illegal drugs to feel good (except medicinal marihuana - and if you have to use that you're in a different class of pain anyway) has serious issues. Besides that you depend on some shmuck to provide you with something the quality of which is not at all guaranteed. That alone should be warning enough against it.

Illegal drugs are for losers. It hasn't been said here yet, but that's the way it is. If you have to pound your brain into a stupor so that life doesn't hurt so much, WORK THE farkING PROBLEM, LADIES !!
2003-09-07 09:02:17 AM  
mkfreeberg: Anyone who calls acohol a "drug" is in denial. It's a drug like any other, previously illegal. The only difference is we were smart enough to end alcohol prohibition.
2003-09-07 09:11:31 AM  
"Anyone who needs illegal drugs to feel good has serious issues."

Well duh. Anyone who needs to play football to feel good has issues. Anyone who needs to read a book to feel good has issues. Anyone who who's happiness is based on one single thing (sposes and children excluded) has serious issues.

"Besides that you depend on some shmuck to provide you with something the quality of which is not at all guaranteed. That alone should be warning enough against it."

All the more reason to legalize it.
2003-09-07 09:18:33 AM  
save the bales
2003-09-07 09:20:08 AM  
"without chemicals, life itself would be impossible"

/monsanto advertising slogan
2003-09-07 09:29:02 AM  
Everything in moderation... anyting can be addictive: drugs, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, food, sex. It just happens to be that some things are illegal while others aren't. The middle-clas woman addicted to her prescription pills is somehow less of an addict than the crackhead living on the street. Why? The 400-lb guy stuck in his bed is given more sympathy than the Oxy Contin (sp?) redneck in Appalachia? Why? Cos certain things are legal; therefore, we're more sympathetic to their plight.

However, most people who use drugs recreationally - whether it's coke, e, crystal meth, pot, whatever -- hold down fulltime jobs and are (otherwise) law-abiding citizens (meaning, they're not robbing 7-11s for drug money).

People with holier than thou attitudes should look at themselves and see their addictions and thank god they're legal.
2003-09-07 09:39:08 AM  
Legalize it. Tax it. Watch evolution kick in. :)
2003-09-07 09:42:26 AM  
MikeWeath, I think you'll find pretty much everyone is already seasoned with the "flatline" theory that all drugs are exactly the same including alcohol. Had it pushed on me since the sixth grade, I did.

Sorry, but with all due respect, that theory is crap. Drugs are different. Alcohol, qualify for the dictionary definition of "drug" it may, but it's just not the same.

Just for starters, it's legal. Therefore there's a different level of risk to the stability of your life in consuming that drug. There really isn't such a thing as a "social" crack user or pot user, because those people, realizing it consciously or not, are risking going to jail just to have their fix.

Now, you start comparing that to a drunk who likes to drive and "hopes" he doesn't get caught, then we can talk. But to say alcohol is the same as the harder, illegal stuff, is like roping that drunk in with everyone who wants to hoist a Heineken, and I just don't buy it.
2003-09-07 09:48:30 AM  
Well technically, smallonion, there is no "responsible" use of illegal drugs.

Though it sure is fun.
2003-09-07 10:09:13 AM  
10% ?, thats a bit low for my liking, perhaps explains why you are so uptight and obsessed with money that your willing to invade other countries...

you all need to chill out a little bit, smoke the cheba cheba, etc.
2003-09-07 10:10:33 AM  
Oh, and it was a plea bargin, I would have rather taken the charge and lost my license for a year, even though I wasn't anywhere near a car when I got busted. I didnt even own a car at the time.

sorry but I have to call bullsit on you there.
2003-09-07 10:15:48 AM  
Speaking as someone who doesn't smoke, and doesn't drink, and basically doesn't have enough disposable income to have a drug problem...

Lucky bastards.

The whole "I'm too good a person to do drugs" doesn't wash. Most of the scum I've met in my life are the people who make self-rightous statements like that. Statistically speaking, you are not a special person. No one will care whether you live or die. The vast majority of people go through their entire lives without accomplishing anything of importance and will be totally forgotten soon after they die. So, just thinking about this logically - why not? Hell, alcoholics and drug "abusers" have become president before...
2003-09-07 10:18:33 AM  
I've been smoking weed for 28, I've been smoking weed for 28 we're we talking about?

Wait someone is at my door...OMFG!
2003-09-07 10:20:43 AM  
repeat after me, STILL NO CURE FOR CANCER.
2003-09-07 10:24:01 AM  
Denial, It ain't just a river in Eqypt.

Trace it, face it, and erase it.

That attitude of grattitude, it's not just a platitude.

/ go stewart

On an other note, I've always been a little unsure of the terminology here about "abusing" a drug. It's not like abusing a child, where the child is harmed. (going to now) . . . ahh, I guess there's just two different meanings, the one pertaining to this discussion being "to put to a wrong or improper use".

Still seems strange, these two different meanings.

But it ain't worth a dirty sink over.
2003-09-07 11:02:57 AM  
Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a disease and they have no control over themselves! What a hunk of bull shiat. A person needs to put the bottle to his lips or needs to stick that needle in his arm, so there is voluntary action there. People use drugs and/or alcohol because they want to. Addiction plays a part, but in the end, the person has to choose to use the drug. Rehab works for my brother in spurts, probably so he can sober up long enough for someone to take pity on him so he can find more drugs. And have you ever known a woman that sticks with a loser alcoholic husband for years and years? I don't even get why you would put yourself through that - Alanon seems like a support group that helps people stay with their loser spouses.
2003-09-07 11:18:03 AM  
Yep they change the survey parameters to get better results.
Binge drinking got defined as more than 3 drinks in one time period (4-6 hours?). So go to one party and have fun and they label you a "Binge Drinker"

The DEA War on Drugs is the one war I don't support. Because that is the definition of a no win situation.
2003-09-07 11:21:43 AM  
If all you abusers would get off your dead asses and vote John Walters would have to go get a real job.
2003-09-07 11:22:47 AM  
The attitude that people need treatment because they get high is bullshiat. Roughly 15 years ago I decided it was time to grow up. I don't use drugs anymore. And I never needed "treatment" to quit. That probably would only have made me want to use more drugs.
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